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Paul McCartney Narrates "If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls.."

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Hot on the heels of his hometown of London being named the most vegetarian-friendly city in the world, Paul McCartney has teamed up with PETA to narrate a new video on factory farming.

“I’ve often said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian,” the legendary rocker opens the exposé.

The video offers a brutal and graphic view at what happens in slaughterhouses everyday around the world. Check it out below:

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  • Rikusdarkangel17

    For those of you who are trying to be witty with “why don’t we criminalize wild animals for killing other animals?”, wouldn’t you consider yourself to be above the intelligence of a wild animal? What sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom? Our wits… our ability to show a wide range of emotions.. and our humanity. We have the ability to be sympathetic to the needs of those who do not have the capabilities that we have. Isn’t that enough?

  • A guest

    Wow! i recently decided to become a vegetarian and due to unsupportive friends had trouble sticking with it, so my vegetarian friends recommended this video. im not sure i can eat meat ever again. it really shows you how horrid animals are treated.

    • adrian

      Wow, so you’ll go veg, but cant stay with it because your friends sway your way of rational thinking? Don’t be so weak minded, everyone including myself will go through that type of naive joking around, but they’re just joking with you and they haven’t seen the light, doesn’t mean they’re necissarily bad friends, but don’t be so weak to let them control you into just cause they’re joking and you can’t take it shouldn’t mean you should go right back into eating meat haha.

    • Hinata Darkheart

      to be honest NOT all farms are like this in fact many animals are loved and cared for in the best way I should know i raise goats chickens horses cattle and many more but my animals are treated the best they ever could be but its nothing like this because we care the sad part is EVERYONE SEES THE BAD VEDIOS IN STEAD OF THE TRUTH LIKE REALLY COME ON PEOPLE NOT EVERYONE ARE LIKE THIS

  • a guest

    there is a difference between nature and and mankind being so greedy that we slaughter animals in mass numbers just for “good” food

  • kalisa

    What a load of tripe…. Of course lions kill ‘zebras’ or whatever because they are biologically carnivores and have no option . They have flesh -tearing teeth , not the bite to cut then grind teeth humans have similar to vegetarian animals. Research the length of carnivores’ intestines and the time taken from ingestion to elimination ( short time ) to length of human digestive process and vegetarian animals. Humans have no claws to hold prey …. opposite for carnivorous animals …. so many biological indications . Humans with long intestines and slow digestive process apart from anything else dont need to have dead flesh rotting inside them…so unhealthy. As a clear indicator , don’t put your meat in the fridge and see how long takes to go rotten .. and then think if you would like that stinking inside your body . All this is of course apart from the ethics of processing animals for food despite their suffering in the process even prior to slaughter ,when it is not neccessary for human health . The strongest animals in the world are not the carnivores .. buffalo, elephants and so on .Look up a list of notable athletes who were vegetarian …. no- one needs to eat corpses to be strong…. and actually with all the chemical IN the farm animals born for the slaughter house , it is anything but healthy or advisable to put them in our body also, a step along…With all due respect you need to become more informed before you make ridicoulous analogies that have more holes than a Swiss cheese
    Reada book .. Food For Peace for starters and floow that with “The Folly of Meat Eating “… use your dictionary or google words like ‘trichinosis ‘ ..

  • Suusssaaaannnnn

    Excuse me Matthew, i just recently seen this video. I had no idea what was going on to the animals. And it is a shame that we all know but have yet to do anything about it. And for you to even say criminalize a wild animal for hunting it’s prey is beyond stupidity in many ways. The lion was in the wild as well as the zebra, they both have the chance of surviving, the lion to catch the zebra and for the zebra to escape the lion to not be diner. The thing is with the farm animals is they don’t have a chance! From the minute they are born they are kept caged in a horrible place and raised to be eaten. I understand that we need to eat meat for nutritional reasons, but we are producing more chickens and cows and making them suffer in caged places for companies like McDonald’s and any fast food places that sell an enormous amount of both chicken and beef. To sell meat in a grocery store for families to eat and make dinner with is one thing. But to have meats in fast food places is disturbing to me now. Only because they don’t sell that meat to you for you to survive they do it for money! it all comes down to money in the end.

  • chinmay

    Matthew, I get this logic every time and also my meat eater friends’ fear that if they don’t eat these animals then there numbers will grow uncontrollably. I can’t help but sympathize with their ignorance and plight of poor animals who are born and raised like industry to be killed and eaten. Have you ever heard about lion killing a zebra just for fun or overeating or eating for the taste? Even animals in the wild or domestic kill and eat only the amount they need to sustain, governed by the laws of nature of what they can eat. Human being is bestowed with supreme intelligence and versatility to grow its own food through agriculture which can feed far more population. Of course now people like you will ask – Isn’t eating plants (vegetarian diet) is also a killing same as killing animals as plants also have life? I will leave the answer to your honest intention. if you introspect little hard and have understanding of Science you will find answer to that.
    I am born vegetarian in a family who has been vegetarian for generations as far it goes. People do die in the family but most of us have been blessed with good health and IQ, and no test ever showed lacking in any kind of nutrition.

  • DM

    London is not Paul’s hometown, just gotta remind you of that… !

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