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Victoria Beckham To Launch New Fur Collection With Marc Jacobs?

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Get those guns warmed up PETA!

The new rumor mill that is Twitter hooked a bloody one yesterday with news that Victoria Beckham is in talks with Marc Jacobs to launch a new fashion collection with fur. While visiting in Paris last week, Posh met up with Jacobs to discuss the new collaboration — or so tweeted LVMH exec Edo Jao.

“Well hanging with Vic B and MJ is going real well, I think they’re talking about a line with fur. Launching pre-emptive PETA strike now.”

There are a couple ways to approach this rumor — but the only good way is to revisit Posh’s furry past. Or anti-furry past. Back in 2005, she had a brush with PETA who accused her of wearing an animal pelt. Becks turned the tables and said it wasn’t true and that she’s “supportive of its high-profile anti-fur campaigns, she has pledged never to work with fur in any of her own fashion collections.”

Fast-forward to earlier this year — Deceiver.com did a little digging on a faux-fox number Posh was wearing and, after calling some furriers, settled on it being the real deal. Was Posh just using her anti-fur stance as a cover-up for her love of the real thing?

Then last month, in what may be indicative of her direction with Jacobs, Posh was yet again accused of “turning to the dark side” after she was spotted with the latest Louis Vuitton handbag — which is usually adorned with a real fox tail as an accessory. According to an aide, however, that too was faux. “It was a one-off faux fur gift made especially for Victoria by designer Marc Jacobs,” she explained.

Ah ha! So even though Edo Jao may have overheard discussions of fur between Jacobs and Posh, we’re feeling good that it’s most likely of the faux variety. That, or she’s been completely full of shit this entire time.


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  • Filio

    People like you are just psychopaths

  • Filio

    I bet you look like an asshole in fur

  • Elizabeth Aspen

    Let me tell you something, Aimee. I have experienced an NDE – a near-death experience, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that when you cross over – whether you believe it or not, it’s true – you will experience something referred to as a “life review” (Google it) and it will consist of you feeling every hurtful thing you have ever done to a living thing, human or animal. The difference is you will feel it from the other’s point of view. If you killed an animal for its fur – for pure vanity – you will literally FEEL the physical and emotional pain that animal suffered as its skin was being ripped from its body so that YOU could look good in it. Understand this – God did not put animals here on earth for us to use and abuse. They were put here to teach us empathy, love and compassion for our fellow living beings. You can dismiss me as nuts – people who don’t want to face the reality of an NDE usually do – but this is what you will experience when you die. It’s in your own best interest as well as the animals for you to re-evaluate your pro-animal abuse stance before it’s too late. Trust me on this.

  • Elizabeth Aspen

    All I can tell you is to read my post about my NDE and what you will experience when you die and face God during your life review. I hope you can handle it. It’s not going to be fun, sweetie.

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