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Olivia Wilde: PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian For 2010

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Why do each of these well-known public entertainment figures deserve the illustrious title of Sexiest Vegetarian for 2010? In addition to their obvious good looks and pop culture status, PETA says that by following a vegan diet, Bob Harper and Olivia Wilde are each responsible for sparing the lives of 100 animals annually. Here are some more details highlighting why that they deserve to savor their current reign(s).

Bob Harper:

  • The 44 year old personal trainer  — who has transformed celebrity bodies such as Jennifer Jason Leigh, Selma Blair, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Stiller from (hardly) flab to fab – is a huge proponent of addressing the root causes of poor dietary habits and implementing positive behaviors and holistic fitness techniques that boost confidence, balance and whole body healing.
  • A fixture alongside of fellow trainer Jillian Michaels on NBC’s weight loss reality show The Biggest Loser, Harper is responsible forhelping the contestants, many of which are morbidly obese, to revamp their bodies (and ideally their lives and personal outlook as well).
  • The former vegetarian ultimately kicked the animal product habit altogether after reading the New York Times best-selling book Skinny Bitch, claiming that in addition to helping him have a clearer mind, consuming a 100% plant based diet has helped him to drop his cholesterol levels by 100+ points.
  • Harper has also been quite outspoken about puppy mills, stating: “It just kills me when people spend money on a dog when there are dogs in shelters waiting for someone to take them” and is currently the proud guardian of a black and white pup named Karl Lagerfeld.

Olivia Wilde:

  • Gracing the covers of countless magazines such as Organic Beauty Magazine, GQ, and Elle, the blue-eyed beauty says that she makes a conscious effort to channel her dollars toward purchases that support worthy industries, citing that “this is a huge reason why I have chosen to adopt a Vegan diet…I don’t eat food that comes from animals.”
  • The daughter of an Irish journalist and a 60 Minutes producer, Wilde’s literary roots paved the way for her early awareness of social and political causes, prompting her to serve on the advisory council of the youth voter organization 18 in ‘08 and work alongside of fellow actors like Kal Penn to campaign on behalf of President Obama.

All hail PETA’s vegan king and queen — may they live long and prosper!

Via PETA.org

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