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Jolie Says Vegan Diet Nearly Killed Her

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Angelina Jolie has thrown some negative light on the vegan scene with some comments she reportedly made during a press briefing for her new movie SALT.

“I joke that a big juicy steak is my beauty secret,” she quipped. “But seriously, I love red meat. I was a vegan for a long time, and it nearly killed me. I found I was not getting enough nutrition.”

As we’ve seen here on the ‘razz, every person is different when it comes to choosing a diet that works for them. There are many, many extremely active vegans who made the switch long ago to drop all animal products and never looked back. There have been some that have gone back and forth — and others that tried it and felt that it wasn’t the right thing for their body. Ok, cool — everyone is different.

As one medical doctor wrote, however, such Jolie’s comments can lead many, many people to believe that going vegan means sacrificing health in the process. “The real truth is that a total plant-based, or vegan, diet has been shown in peer-reviewed research to be the most effective method of not only preventing, but also reversing the chronic diseases that are killing 75% of Americans every year,” says Dr. Stuart Seale.

“The nutritional truth is this – there is no macro- or micronutrient found in animal products that couldn’t be better, and more healthfully, obtained from plant foods. For anyone who chooses to follow a well-balanced vegan diet, his or her health will certainly benefit from the decision.”

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  • Otto Roth

    I have tried to be a vegan for a little less than 2 years, and I failed. Why did I fail? My health deteriorated. I got ill 4 / 5 times a year. Full recovery from the illness took me 2 weeks (1 week of illness, 1 week recovery to full health). Recovery from sports also went very slow; if I had a 2-week of 4-5 hours a day of training for a perfomance (dance), I had to recover for a week. Beans & legumes, necessary for my proteins, were (& are) very hard to digest for me and therefor very uncomfortable.

    Luckily for me, the social pressure factors that made me go vegan went away, and I started eating eggs, fish & meat again. And oh boy, that felt great! I’ve been eating lots of those now and in a year I have been ill once for only 3 days, and 3 days recovery, while even training several hours a day for a dance performance. It took me 1 day of recovery to get my full strenght back again. I was really amazed that such a thing could happen!

    So yes, you can live on a vegan diet, and I’m certain for some people it’s a good health choice. I like the philosophy. But there are people who just thrive much better on eggs/fish/meat, and will get poor health on a vegan diet, and I believe Angelina completely. I hate the social pressure that generalizes everybody and to push to follow their philosophy without taking in account that all people are different, and even if you wanted, it won’t work to go vegan for everybody (or should I say: for most people). It would not say I ‘almost died’ on a vegan diet, but I felt 20 years older: slow, ill, weak, grasping onto the fact that I was doing ‘the right thing’, because I didn’t harm animals. I have let go of that fact. Now I feel great again, and I can say I tried and found your statements to be untrue.

    • Blomhåret

      If you go vegan just over night and stop eating all animal products just like that,you can get sick because what happend there was that your body was detoxing. It’s alot like if you’re trying to stop smoking and you feel awful and sick for a couple of weeks because suddenly you stopt feeding it poison and now it just works on getting it out of the system.
      When going vegan or vegetarian,don’t just do it over night. Ease in to it,or else things like this happends.
      Also,beans and legumes is not the only sorce of protein on this planet you know. Did you try quinoa? Did you have the basic understanding of what you need in a diet (vitamins,minerals etcetc) and how to obtain these?
      Honestly i feel that you might not have known what you where doing at all.
      Veganism works wonders for your body and prevents lot of decises, but that is if you know what you need to eat and make sure to fill all of your bodys needs.
      And it’s not even hard,it just takes some basic understanding of what food contians what and what your body needs to be healthy. (and that sure as hell ain’t fish,meat,eggs and milk etc.)

    • Madeline Elizabeth Hutton

      You did it wrong.

    • dmgstuff

      He said it… he did not like the social pressures of being vegan and he just decided he would rather fall back in line with society and continue killing innocent animals. People educate yourself on plant based nutrition and you will not fail!

  • Tbader2004

    People who experience discomfort on a vegan dietary are already sick; the unease is their body experiencing detox. The animal food industry is degenerate from the word go; it reeks of financial corruption, and can never be trusted to fulfil the optimum health of the populace, period.

  • Madeline Elizabeth Hutton

    Please look into the environmental impact of your dietary choices that are not in fact “personal,” but affect us all.

  • Rebbecca Mullooly

    before saying that everyone can go vegan, you might want to do some research. and i can only pray that you dont have to find out how ignorant you are the hard way as many people like myself have. you need to grow up,how dare you compare a person who eats meat to a rapist! do some research!

  • Rebbecca Mullooly

    maybe vegans wouldnt be looked at so badly if they didnt make ignorant statements such as anyone can do this! there are hundreds of reasons why many people cannot be vegans! i have never thought badly about vegans, some of my closest friends have been vegans, but they understood that not every one can be vegan. reading some of the comments her have opened my eyes about the ignorance of some people. i actually used to have a lot of respect for people who could cut all meat out of their diets, and i still do , but only the ones that show atleast minimal intelligence .

  • Cidalia Martins Pimentel

    Talk about oversimplification in some of these “everyone can go vegan” replies. I have tried to go vegan and got really ill. Not because of nutrient deficiencies nor “detox” but because my IBS-D is particularly aggravated by legumes (beans, peas, lentils, soy), soy products, fats (including too many nuts or nut butters), wheat, whole grains, and many fruits and vegetables (if high in fructose and/or fiber). I am not one who feels better vegan. I’m now trying a pescatarian diet to get some non-land-animal protein without getting sick. Because I prefer not to spend my life doubled over on the toilet.

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