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Alicia Silverstone Admits She ‘Cheats’ Sometimes On Vegan Diet

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I think most everyone can relate to this one — no matter what diet you’ve tried or are living.

Alicia Silverstone let slip to US Weekly that she sometimes “cheats” a bit on her vegan diet; with dairy being her main weakness.

“If I was at a party and there was a tray of cheese sitting there and I had had drinks, then I might have a bite,” The Kind Diet author said.

“It’s human,” she added. “It’s a really good reminder that sometimes you need to have what you remember is this good thing. Because then you have it, and you’re like, ‘Actually that wasn’t better than the recipes in my book’. Being flexible that way makes more people comfortable. If I’m rigid about it and I’m perfect, then no one is going to be able to be like me because I’ll be this icey, rigid thing.”

Something tells me the “icey, rigid” comment isn’t going to go over well with vegans who don’t give in to the occasional dairy craving. Poor choice of words there.

Silverstone added that thanks to her all-plant diet, she hasn’t seen a doctor in over 13 years.

via USWeekly

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  • Cheryl Ann

    I would much rather buy books from a vegan who admits to succumbing to temptation on occasion, especially if alcohol has affected her judgement, than someone who turns their back on veganism, (Alex Jamieson) with full knowledge of what conventional practices entail, just because they want to bow down to their tastebuds.
    Alicia is a kind human. Still.

  • Puk

    One of the greatest comments I’ve read in a long time. Some vegans love to shame others which does no good at all, other than push people away, not only from you, but your way of life – its preachy and unnecessary. I am a vegan as well, and I HATE all the vegans who make the rest of us look like maniacs who will cry if we spot cheese at the supermarket.

  • Puk

    I don’t think so. Its all about perspective. She was at a party, she did not buy a carton of milk, so she did not support the suffering of cows and cattle by eating a piece. The store won’t buy more milk to make cheese because she ate a piece at a friends party.

    It might be going against YOUR beliefs as a vegan, but vegans actually often don’t have the same beliefs. For example, I am not a vegan because I think eating animals are wrong, I became a vegan because of my experiences working at a factory farm, my problem is not an animal being killed, but their right to live a decent life. I don’t think lions are wrong for killing gazelles either. I also don’t think meat does the human body good, so I also avoid it because of that.

    Anyway, that is my point of view, and my point is Alicia might be a vegan with a different view than you. So eating a piece of cheese at a friends party might not go against her beliefs, although you wouldn’t feel right doing it.

  • Puk

    My thoughts exactly. Also, for some reason all vegans believe we all chose the lifestyle for the same reason. Which is not true.

    If you don’t go against YOUR beliefs, how exactly are you a hypocrite? Don’t listen to this sour pus.

  • Danielle Tran

    No ones perfect. If she eats cheese that doesn’t make her a horrible person, it does, however make her a Vegetarian, NOT a vegan. Veganism is not a diet you can cheat on, it is an ethical lifestyle. You’re either 100% vegan or you’re not a vegan at all. Vegans don’t consume animal products, ever. It’s that simple.

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