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Ginnifer GoodwinGinnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin Says Goodbye To Veganism

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Ginnifer GoodwinLast year, Ginnifer Goodwin was our girl.

We reported on her “Jimmy Kimmel Live” appearance where she talked about her efforts to save turkeys from Thanksgiving slaughter. This Wednesday, she returned to Kimmel’s show to talk about animal food — like, how yummy it is.

(Say what?)

As you’ll see in this video clip, the “Something Borrowed” star seems content with dropping her plant-based diet. “I’m actually not a vegan anymore,” she giggled. “I’m always learning and growing and changing, and there were some boring health issues that no one wants to hear about. So I had to work some animal products back in my diet.”

So what did she leave the world of veganism for? A “humane” scrambled egg.  “It was the most delicious thing I ever tasted. I felt like a hypocrite and I cried. Then I scrambled up another one … it was perfect.”

Looks like animal flesh has also made it to her diet. Goodwin told Kimmel that prior to the show, she had just prepared meatloaf with bacon on top.

Ooph. I’m a bit taken back. How about you? What are your thoughts on Ginnifer’s “change?”

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  • Duodenum

    well, you have to realize, veganism doesn’t work for everyone. just be glad she is keeping it human and is feeling better. There is nothing wrong with eating meat.

  • designby

    Personally, I don’t care what someone else does or doesn’t do. This is why 12 step programs don’t want ‘star’ endorsements…because when someone falls off the wagon, it is a PR nightmare. I tend my own garden and mind my own business. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  • FindVegan

    If that’s true then she was never a vegan. Vegan is a lifestyle. There is no one that can point to a magic nutritional substance that meat or dairy provides that isn’t already available in plants for humans to survive on. Look at how the vegan community is continuing to grow as proof. Look up the vegan bodybuilders and record holders. I hope she watches “Earthlings” soon.

    • Karl Malloy

      This story is 2.5 years old. What are your thoughts on the Kennedy assassination?

      • Komit


        • Karl Malloy

          You’re pathetic… your comment was deleted, just as I predicted when I flagged it, and just as I predicted when I flagged it, deleting it took a long time.
          So you wrote it again? You are one of the more dedicated bigots out there, congratulations.

          • Komit


          • Karl Malloy

            You are the living example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

          • Komit


          • Karl Malloy

            What competence? If you were competent you wouldn’t be slamming someone you don’t know, unprovoked, beginning “this”, by telling them they shouldn’t be slamming someone they “don’t know unprovoked”.

            (Comment below this one deleted due to incompetence)

          • Komit


      • Komit

        My apologies

        • Karl Malloy

          Apology accepted.

          • Komit


  • Bryan

    Sounds like she came to her senses.

  • uworoju

    Sorry, the whole attitude of a lot of vegans/vegetarians, (as in judgemental, respectles, superior) is one of the reasons I would never want to be 100% part of this group . Ginnifer is a grown up woman who can do the fuck she want.

  • Christine Ohara

    Meat-eater; omnivore ; vegetarian; vegan; I not against anybody; I am vegetarian ;by the way.

  • Freddy THOMSON

    We (vegans) say goodbye to Ginnifer !

  • pixiemom

    Stop placing these idiots on a pedestal any time one of them announces “I’m vegan.” It always turns out the same way and ends up truly hurting the message and the movement.

    • bean420

      That’s right! If you’re gonna fail, especially as a celebrity, don’t even bother trying! All those lives she saved when she wasn’t eating, totally meaningless now. Her health issues? What good does it do her to live, while baby and full grown animals die? Just take her out back already.

      god forbid we use it as a way to educate people.

  • Brendle

    I’d really like to know what health conditions require bacon!

    • bean420

      quality of life issues

  • Jillian

    Seems like she became vegan to be cool.

  • Mike

    Eh. Veganism isn’t the stupidest idea that people have ever had, but it’s up there. Once someone over the age of 12 does it once, I automatically assume they’re a moron, so changing back doesn’t really make a difference.

  • EcoCowsAreYummy

    Good for her!

  • EcoDoesNotMeanA-hole

    It’s called “being homo sapiens”, which is an omnivorous species. Do I need to explain that too?

    • PD

      Yeah, not a health issue though is it?

      Omnivorous means able to digest plants and animals. Omnivores can obtain all of the nutrients they need from either source. This, allows us to make a choice.

      Throughout history, most appeals to ‘nature’, when talking ethics, have hidden faulty arguments (eg. blacks are inferior, women less rational etc.). “Being homo sapiens” is another weak argument.

  • Hugh Mason

    Some people simply can’t be true to the courage of their convictions. And sad to say, I feel that a lot of these “celebrities” try ‘Vegan’ b/c it’s a fad or the latest trendy thing to do. They don’t care about the real reasons that most TRUE Vegans care about Animals and our planet.
    Let’s face it, being Vegan is extremely difficult in the middle of this society, and to stick with it is the true measure of a REAL Animal lover.
    But once you start on that path it is incredibly fulfilling and enlightening.
    This ridiculous notion that Vegan’s don’t eat “proper food” shows ignorance, there are amazing ways to cook and discover vegetables, plants and nuts from many resources with healthy decisions.

    And I am sick of hearing about ‘this celeb is now Vegan blah blah blah…’ only to see images of them wearing fur!!! … WTF is that message sending?
    NO, they are NOT Vegan.

  • Kat


  • She’s Learning …We ALL need Protein! I love her!! Bless her! There’s room for everyone to Learn! 🙂

    • Guest

      Yes, we do all need protein. And that protein is readily available in plant foods.

  • Well, I sure hope she chokes her own chickens! I do!

  • louise mollot


  • louise mollot


  • Shroudwoman

    I am Buddhist and part of a large International sangha with many Monks & Nuns. Buddhists are by nature vegetarian but many Monks and Nuns must eat animal protein for their health. Veganism is an intellectual construct that is not the basis of any cultural group on Earth ( try being a vegan in Alaska.) If it works for some people that’s great but it certainly does not work for every human body.

  • Leslie

    Who? I just looked at her resume. It says, “Soon to be a has-been…will do anything for attention!”

  • beenthereatethat

    The medical issue was probably that eating soy made her bleed like, well, a stuck pig.

  • Allen2013

    She sounds like an indecisive punt: not sure what the hell she wants. But it’s Hollyweird so I’m sure she will be a lesbian meat eater in the near future.

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