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Ke$ha Urges Fans To Use Cruelty-Free Feather Extensions

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America’s obsession with feathers as hair extensions is leading to a ramp up in the amount of animals exploited for the craze.

Celebs like Ke$sha and Steven Tyler have often been spotted sporting the look – and fans everywhere have been hitting salons asking for the same thing. It’s gotten so out of hand that at least one farm in Western Colorado is now killing up to 1,500 roosters per week just for their backside “saddle” feathers.

Ke$ha must have caught wind of the cruelty because she recently tweeted that she was concerned over the deaths and abuse and wanted fans to look elsewhere. “I’d love to give u guys my own personal feather contact. she’s totally animal friendly + recycles bones + feathers to make all my accessories,” she tweeted.

Of course, all of this attention has thrown the spotlight on the fly fishing industry, which genetically breeds roosters for their plumage to be used in lures. “It takes years and years and years to develop these chickens to grow these feathers. And now, instead of ending up on a fly, it’s going into women’s hair,” Matt Brower, a guide and assistant manager at Idaho Angler in Boise told the AP.

Can’t say we feel sorry for the guy.

As Meghan Joyce over on ThisDishIsVeg commented after learning about the animal cruelty and removing her extension: “Let’s recognize the rooster-butt-feather-in-your-hair thing for what it is: as ridiculous as it sounds.”

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  • Doc

    The feather trend is a cruel one, unless you can take the animals out of the equation. Doctored Locks has done just that! Synthetic and Human hair faux feathers! Get the same great look, only VEGAN! http://www.doctoredlocks.com

  • NDNgirl4ever

    You do realize that an animal had to die to produce the piece of leather you tie the feathers to, right? So your statement that “nothing is harmed in the process” is FALSE!

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