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Matt Damon Calls PETA About Attending Bullfight, Wants the Fights Banned

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The recent news and photos of Matt Damon attending a bullfight in Mexico were bound to get a response from PETA and animal advocates. Animal lovers and Matt Damon fans, rejoice – it turns out the actor didn’t like what he saw at the event and is voicing his support of a bullfighting ban.

When PETA contacted Damon, the actor called the organization back himself to explain. According to the Daily Mail, Damon said he attended the bullfight with friends and his belief that the events should be banned has only gotten stronger.

PETA’s Jane Dollinger said, “We wrote to Matt Damon as soon as pictures of him at a Mexican bullfight surfaced – and within 24 hours, he personally telephoned PETA Vice President Lisa Lange to correct the false impression that he had given. Matt said that he went to the bullfight believing that bullfights should be stopped but felt that he should see the cruelty for himself while he was in Mexico. He said that seeing with his own eyes what these tormented animals go through only reinforced an already strongly held belief that bullfights should be relegated to the history books.”

Good news! Dollinger said, “He also said that he was upset to think that his attendance was in any way construed to be an endorsement of such a barbaric activity.” Okay, so he had us worried there for a minute, but it sounds like the guy behind Water.org’s work to get people safe drinking water is also sticking up for animals.

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  • Jen

    I think that the mistreatment of animals for entertainment or becase it “tastes good” is what everyone is concerned about. Not “this extreme liberal agenda”. How can we “respect each others rights” and then mistreat an aniaml for pleasure. It doesn’t make any sense. If I am stronger and smarter than you, then am I entitled to confine you, mistreat you, then slaughter you because I think you would taste delicious smothered in bbq sauce.

  • I do not believe this excuse for one second. I do not support as they do enough shady and cruel things of their own so I certainly don’t believe they are this stupid to accept his garbage. He didn’t look too traumatized in the photo. And he didn’t leave after the first sight of heinous cruelty.

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