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Kate Middleton Opts Out of Hunt After Letter From PETA

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England’s royal family isn’t exactly known for their compassion for animals. For example, Prince Harry‘s birthday gift from brother Prince William this year was a group of 250 birds – to shoot and kill. PETA wasn’t too pleased, and sent Kate Middleton a letter asking her to put a stop to the plans.

Now, the Duchess of Cambridge has been sent another letter, from PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. According to PETA, Middleton has chosen to opt out of the annual pheasant hunt that takes place on Boxing Day. The organization says Kate’s decision followed the letter sent by Newkirk. She asked Middleton to follow the example of the late Princess Diana, who did not agree with hunting for sport. She went on to explain the cruel nature of the hunts and the pheasants that are raised in “intensive confinement” and either killed during the hunt or have their necks wrung later, while some are left to bleed to death.

Newkirk says that Middleton “rather than emulating Diana the Huntress, is taking after Diana, the Princess of Hearts.” Maybe if Kate, a hunter herself, chooses to give up her gun for good she’ll have some influence on the rest of the family. No more hunting and fur for the royals, maybe?

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  • Guest

    Kate is not giving up hunting. She’s hunted before many times and even holds the dead birds that William kills.

  • crwler

    I love how PETA claims that Kate “made her decision” after getting the letter from Newkirk. They have no idea if that letter ever got to her, nor do they know why Kate chose not to participate this year. Newkirk just assumes that it was her letter. Kate grew up in a hunting family, the Royal family has a long tradition of hunting, I doubt a letter from PETA would have much influence on her one way or the other.

  • Geez PETA, let her live her life and follow her own traditions. She doesn’t have to do or be the mirror image of Diana!

  • PeTA refuses to answer questions about the impact of nuclear power on animals because it receives funds from the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors who sponsor Exelon nuclear industry educational programs for children!!!

  • iangb

    Monarchy is a backward way of choosing a head of state. They follow backward traditions.
    No surprise there. Oh, and they’re not just England’s, they’re the rest of our country’s too.
    Princes and princesses belong in fairy tales, not in public office.

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