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A picture of food from Thrive Foods DirectA picture of food from Thrive Foods Direct

Review: Brendan Brazier's Vegan Thrive Foods Direct

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Are you someone who hates to cook, but loves to eat? Are you looking to go vegan or start eating healthier? Then, the answer for you is Thrive Foods Direct.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “yeah I’ve heard this before.” Seriously, this is the next vegan fad that will surely change the food and health world.

Take it from someone who has never tried vegan food or doesn’t eat organically. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t just sit around eating junk, I eat healthy and exercise, but my point is I could eat vegan and organically everyday thanks to creator Brendan Brazier and Thrive Foods Direct.

Launched in December, these nutrient-dense, plant-based whole food meals aren’t your typical meal delivery system. Basically, Thrive Foods delivers meals directly to your front door five or seven days a week, depending on the plan you choose (three are offered, with plans from $45-$75/day).

Meals are provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. The great thing is the food is delivered nationwide to your home, office or hotel in a chilled box with the meals prepackaged and vacuum-sealed. All meals are made and shipped fresh with ingredients from certified organic farms.

Are you thinking that shipping meals across the country might not taste so fresh? Well, then I’d have to disagree and say yes they do! You wouldn’t believe how fresh the meals taste and the flavor in every bite. Let’s just say the meals were shipped from the West Coast all the way to my home on the East Coast and the freshness maintained was remarkable.

The meals come in containers made from recycled PETE (number 1) plastic and are easily recyclable. Something also to look forward to is Thrive Foods is implementing a program for customers to send back their packaging, for free, so it can be reused. More details are to come, but those who choose this service will receive a credit for a free day’s worth of food.

Thrive Foods was created by Brazier, who has been a vegan for 21 years and is a former professional Ironman triathlete, so you can say he knows a little something about being and staying healthy.

For years, he wanted to create Thrive Foods Direct after receiving feedback that people enjoyed eating this way. He wanted to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and find the time. As we all know, time is an issue for all of us, so Brazier wanted to provide a system where people would have the time to eat fresh, vegan, organic meals.

“It kind of really helps people, who have said to me many times, ‘I would eat this way all the time if someone made food for me. I’d be vegan if someone made this food for me all the time,’ so this was kind of my response to that,” Brazier said.

The menu includes a variety of choices including Italian Garden Ragu, Moroccan Quinoa Salad, Apple Cinnamon Cereal, Blueberry Chair Pudding, Hearty Vegetable Stew and Risotto Primavera to name a few.

A picture of vegan stew from Thrive Foods Direct

Brazier admits not everyone will like it, “And it’s not for everyone, you know people who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, go shopping for the food and all that stuff, like I understand those types of people and they have a different relationship with food, but this I think definitely fills the void for the busy person, who wants the benefits of plant-based whole foods, but also wants convenience of having it show up at their door each day.”

Brazier’s work is not taken lightly; he has worked with some prestigious people like Hugh Jackman, who even wrote the forward to Brazier’s book “Thrive.” He also currently works with NFL players on the Jacksonville Jaguars, like Montell Owens and has worked with Toronto Maple Leafs Matthew Lombardi.

Providing this service is important for Brazier because of nature and the environmental food implications of food production. “[We need to] look to choose food that uses less of each natural resource, so I think because our food choices impact the environment so much, which should impact all of us, I think it’s important for that.”

If I, Brazier and these beautiful pictures cannot persuade you to try Thrive Foods Direct, then I don’t know what will. Well, here’s an incentive; because Brazier is such a nice guy, he has provided a discount code for our readers. The code is “BB1,” meaning you will get 20 percent off your purchase. Can’t go wrong with that!

Check out a video below of Brazier introducing his new Thrive Foods Direct:

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    I’ve had the blueberry chia pudding…..so good!

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