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Liam Neeson and 'The Grey' Cast Ate Wolf Meat

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‘The Grey’ raised concerns among many that the film would give wolves a reputation as blood-crazed human-killers, much like “Jaws” did with Great White sharks.

Now comes the news that Liam Neeson and others cast members of the film ate wolf meat while filming in Alaska. According to Contactmusic, Director Joe Carnahan wanted the actors to really put themselves in the shoes of the characters, stuck in the frozen wild. So, he had frozen wolf meat flown in, because that’s what people stuck in the snow and ice and fighting for their survival do, right?

Carnahan said of the meat, “I knew how bad it was gonna be and I knew what we were facing so we just all went through it together on the day. We all communally ate wolf and it wasn’t appetising. It was one of those necessary things because I wanted them (actors) to have a sense of the movie we were making. We’re gonna eat wolf and we’re gonna go out in the tundra.”

He also emphasized that none of the cast or crew killed the wolf, saying “Some guy had him in his basement. I don’t know if it was a trap line wolf but it was a wolf that had been up to a misdeed of some sort. They were preying on cattle. We had asked if there was one we could eat and sure enough this guy had one in his freezer for six months which probably didn’t help the taste! The permafrost didn’t help the layer underneath. Maybe we just had bad wolf, I don’t know.” Neeson agreed with the director’s take on the wolf meat, adding “It tastes like chicken but really gamey!”

The wolf was “up to a misdeed?” More accurately, one might say the wolf was up to preying on animals that he or she would eat to survive, unlike the stars of “The Grey.”

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  • wolfkrazy

    How disturbing and demonic of them!!!! Are they that ignorant in their knowledge about wolves!? They out to ban the movie!

  • Sharon Collette

    I think this film is going to be the worst thing to happen to wolves in years we need to be conserving our wild life not demonizing them

  • Laineynield

    PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS FILM !!! The producers should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves churning out such rubbish I m very disappointed in Liam Neeson These beautiful creatures do not deserve such portrayal Disgusting !

    • Guest

      Too bad they all didn’t suffer serious illness from eating Wolf Meat. Wolves are almost EXTINCT again due to them being unfairly taken off the endangered list in April 2011 and movies like this haven’t helped their plight. They were all killed til extinction in USA by President Theodore Roosevelt on his Blood rampage of hunting where he leveled the West even of Buffalo back almost 100yrs ago. Wolves were JUST re-introduced again in 94 in USA and now You Hollywood dumbA#$es are helping to spread undue Hysteria….There are NO documented Wolf Attacks here even, they say one woman in Alaska was chewed on in Alaska after she died. Yeah well even your hamster will feed on you if hungry if you die and around a body long enough! Why do people believe such Fiction? Thanks Hollywood(sarcasm) for helping to Bring on the second extinction of a much needed member of the wild that brought Yellowstone ecosphere back alive again as restored balance.

      • Radical Rob

        have u ever looked at the population of wolves in Alaska???
        far from extinct, yes they are beautiful amazing creatures but so are Deer IMO

        Good thing Liam Neeson isn’t hurting for sensitively sentimental fans….. You do you Liam!!!! f*** anyone trying to dictate how u live

        • Radical Rob

          didn’t know what wolfs do to ecosystems…….NOW I DO

  • tina

    No one should judge until you yourself have been in a predicament. If you have never been in a bad situation count your blessings. By the way Liam Neeson is an awesome actor. By bad mouthen someone it just means your jealous and that’s just sad.

    • Tanya Barnett53

      Eating wolf is barbaric!

    • Oliver

      No! Making people aware that a celebrity has done something morally reprehensible is a responsibility not an act of jealousy. It was stupid for the director of this ridiculous movie to request his cast do something so noxious but worse for someone of Neeson’s stature to a) choose to act in such a ridiculously stupid, ill conceived and factually inaccurate movie and b) to let some moron director convince him to do something so ethically bankrupt.

      I’ll never watch another Liam Neeson movie again and will urge everyone I can to do the same.

      Moral failures and unethical acts have consequences. Liam needs to learn this lesson the hardest way possible.

      • WolvesAreAwesome

        They should make a movie that makes wolves look like the GOOD guys, I mean, be original for once! how is making wolves look evil original! I’m fedup of wolves appearing in cartoons and movies and looking like the bad guys…. like in kungfu panda 2, and in the first narnia film, and in that little red riding hood movie, and now this!

        For crying out loud, wolves are just animals that live in the wild, not demons that we need to terrorize! And we can’t eat them either, thats just wrong!!!!

        • Dark_Laser

          It’s called Twilight.

    • outspokenwolfwoman

      There is NO EXCUSE for them eating wolves! They weren’t starving! They were making a movie! It is absolutely disgusting & I will BOYCOTT THIS MOVIE & Cast!

    • Captain_Sakonna

      So, just who was in a predicament here? This was not an actual survival situation; the actors ate the wolf meat because they were *pretending* to be in a survival situation and wanted to “get into character.”

  • birdpond

    Highly irresponsible to make a film like this. Bad judgment. Bad karma. Not worth going to see. I am no longer a Neeson fan..

  • Tanya Barnett53

    IF this is true, I will never watch another Mr. Neeson is in.

  • Noknownsoldier

    This is disgusting and an outrage this movie must be boycotted and just as was mentioned this will only make matters worse for them

  • Wolfdogs16

    Good God. This film is making me sick already. FYI…I happen to have 26+ years experience with wolves and wolfdogs, over 12 years of that in rescue. This film is going against all the education my organization has been proving, for what?…Money… fear into the audience of the uneducated. Sickening.

  • Wolfy

    I can’t believe that! That movie should be banned!!! Them people are sick.

  • Sally

    Oh no this is wrong on every level and I will not be watching this film!!

  • Pam Hurley

    dumb excuse and reason to eat wolf meat! What if their “character” killed women and children? Would they have to put themselves in those shoes, too?

  • outspokenwolfwoman

    BOYCOTT this FILM & cast! Absolutely disgusting! I used to really like Liam Neeson & will never support him again!

  • Tinkerbellsmagic7

    Disgusting, ignorant and irresponsible!

  • AlaskanMalGal55

    How appalling!

  • Oliver Starr

    It is my personal goal to reduce the persecution and misunderstanding of these animals on a large scale. To that end, please boycott Liam Neeson’s current move “The Grey” that is a gross and abusive mischaracterization of these sensitive and shy animals. Worse, the director actually had his cast (including Neeson) consume wolf meat in preparation for their roles. This was barbaric, unnecessary and unrealistic and even if it weren’t for the joke of a storyline, is sufficiently reprehensible IMHO that anyone that loves animals should refuse to ever see another film with Neeson (or any of the lesser known actors) that partook of this ghastly repast.

  • Laala_t

    Really I cannot even wrap my mind around this one… I am a HUGE wolf advocate, and cannot even begin to understand this at all…. A wolf caught in a “misdeed” of some sorts was only the best logical reason for justifying eating a wolf (to identify w/ the characters portrayed in the film. What was the wolf just being a wolf? Doing what wolves do? A “misdeed”? No the poor thing was hunted & killed for sport really is what I think happened. But whatever helps you sleep at night Mr. Neelson….

  • Heather23

    i will never watch another of his films again. hope his film (s) all bomb!

  • Michele N

    Barbaric and shameful that Liam Neeson or any partook in such an appalling act.!! No longer a fan and the movie should be boycotted if aims to show Wolves in a bad light.

  • Nicolls

    How incredibly vile.

  • Lucas


    • Fiyahshot

      Ya. Sharks attack!!!! Dumb

  • Cherokee_rose43










  • Stlbecky

    Sorry but people are meant to eat meat. If it isnt illegal then they did nothing wrong. I too love wolves. They are magnificent creatures. I however am tired of meat eaters being demonized. We were meant to eat meat and so are other animals. It is the way it is.

    • logicalintuitive

      Since when do you eat the meat of a CARNIVORE? The actors were just trying to ‘get into character’, and make a headline out of it for shock value. This is Hollywood, remember? This wasn’t a real-life survival situation. Would you eat your DOG for shock value? I couldn’t kill and eat my dog even to survive – it would be like killing family to me.

      Wolves are the parents of our dogs. Our dogs are domesticated wolves. Liam basically ate dog.

      Sorry, there isn’t an ounce of integrity in this film or among these actors. Disgusting.

      • Fiyahshot

        The cast and crew didn’t kill it. Dang they just ate it I’m sure they didn’t enjoy it

  • Harmonygirl

    Boo, Liam Neeson! Booo, “The Grey”! Booooo, o ye villifiers of wolves! Just STOP!

  • Snakegirl_shilach

    i’m never gonna watch this movie or pay for it,as for the people who made it if I ever meet them,feel free to come at my house were I can cut off you’re fucking legs and force them drown you’re throat,they are lucky to live so far away,making a wolf look evil,is again showing how weak a human is,glad there are some good people left,if I was one of the actors I wouldn’t do it in the first place,they are filthy morons,neither am I gonna watch the movies they play in again,poor wolves they have to suffer for morons,and it isn’t bad because the wolf did something ? srry but not protecting you’re live stock is you’re own fault if a wolf catches it,so if a person steals something from my house I should follow them and shoot them or what ?

  • Brianna

    Disgusting!!!!!!!! Ban this film!!!!

  • Atli Hafsteinsson

    I would’ve expected a film with as antequated perceptions on wildlife such as this to have been made in the 70s or 80s, not in 2012! And with Liam Neeson too! How ridiculous, not to mention do wolves totally NOT need this image!

  • Jhoffmandog44

    I hate this guy , I will never watch this movie

  • AreYouKiddingMe

    Dumb movie, dumb actors, dumb director. Hope they all bomb.

  • Luckie6

    I used to like Liam Neeson I don’t anymore wolfs only eat to survive how can you make a movie like this? You make me sick all of you in the movie!

  • Cread

    What a bunch of sick SOB’s – I guess if they were doing a show about serial killers…they would have to go kill someone…I hope they all got sick and I mean really sick on the wolf meat….will never watch any of these people in anything again.

  • kitty17

    Well I have to say it was quite a bit easier to fear sharks…their not majestic and fluffy and cuddly looking….lol

    On another note, to the person who said were meant to eat meat… I have no words for you except: shame on your ignorance. we dont eat other carnivores. -_-

    • Bahamabeachqueen

      what about people that eat alligators?! I’m just saying! Some people do eat other carnivores.

      • Aprilx07

        you are very correct bahama, we (humans in general) do eat cornivores. we also eat sharks and snakes and bears and others. now of course Americans dont normally eat anything other than farm animals, becuase thats just our culture. but i have seen and heard about many asian and some other foreign restruants that serve shark meat, and we like it. oh and that eel in the sushi that a lot of Americans like is a carnivore too 😉

  • Mario Gandolfo

    So Liam you F-ing MONEY GRUBBER !! how many millions did you scarf off this lame azz movie..tell ya what Irishman…why don’t you contribute all the money you stole for starring in this lame film and donate it to wolf conservation groups and then maybe we might think about forgiving you hmmm ???

  • Lin

    I was a fan of yours, Liam Neeson. I am not a fan anymore. To say I am extremely disappointed in you would be an understatement. What I am is highly disgusted with you and the rest of the crew. Totally disgusted!! How COULD you make a movie like this?! How COULD you!? How COULD you eat these beautiful animals?! Believe me, the word will spread about how heartless and callous you have become. I, for one, will be spreading the word for people to boycott your vile movie.

  • Elizabeth M. Ginn

    This is sickening. Will definitely not watch this film or any others with anyone who was involved with this film! Absolutely disgusting!

  • chris

    Please sign the petition to boycott this film.


    • Wolfatheart

      i love wolves too guys. they’re my favorite animal but maybe this movie won’t make people have bad feelings towards wolves but rather a greater respect. Everyone knows this is taking wolves to an extreme level and even though the system by which the wolves were responding is true everyone will know this movie is fake and an exageration so don’t let it get to you. It’s been a long time since jaws and everyone just goes to these movies for their entertainment value, not to get riled up and go on a hunt lol

      • Aprilx07

        well actually, everyone does NOT know this is taking wolves to an extreme level and that the character of wolves was exagerated, because there are MANY MANY people who dont know much at all about wolves. and when they watch this film theres a good chance they will assume that that is how wolves really are. sorry.

  • That’s disgusting. As if eating animals didn’t perpetuate their deaths. As if it could ever be excusable to promote violence against innocent animals. I think this director is a fucking dick. I think we should eat him so we can get pumped for promoting this movie as the horrifying libel that it is.

  • Snobr9

    Vile and Disgusting :O
    Bad enough they villify wolves, who must be about the most persecuted animals in history, and are currently dying at the hands of hunters/haters in Idaho and Montana on a daily basis by horrible means, but to add the evil deed of eating a canine is really over the top. I will never watch another Liam Neeson movie; or one by this director/producer ! The sight of his face makes me sick all over again, thinking of what he ate!

  • Necessary? The director called it “necessary”….what an arrogant piece of shit!

  • I used to like Liam Neeson I thought he was a good actor and good man, I have changed my opinion now. Wolves are a beautiful animal and deserve respect and all wild animals should be respected and feared as they are wild. Why was it neccessary to eat wolf to get into character I thought they were paid big bucks to ACT. All I can say is if a remake of the film that a football team died in the mountains and the survivors ate human flesh to survive would the cast of the film eat human flesh to get into character???? who knows maybe they would!!!!!!!

  • Janessaleon


  • iodine333

    While theres a lot of demonizing of the movie and the producers and the actors … you portraying the American Public as gullible, as if you have no faith that people can distinguish a movie from a reality. Hollywood has lost it’s *bang* a long time ago. There are no Transformers, or Spider-mans. Relax! It’s a movie, nothing more, nothing less. I doubt it’ll do anything. We live in a different age from when Jaws were shot.

    And quite frankly … you’re being a little ignorant yourself, wolves are animals that have been known to hunt down a stranded hiker and kill them … and that’s an obvious cliche movie script for Hollywood waiting to be filmed. Add a little exaggeration, A-list actors, and director and vuala!

    Do you know how many movies show *people* killing *people* … well thats just my point. Calm Down people.

  • Oliver Starr

    Folks, we’ve already collected over 3300 signatures on a petition to boycott this film that will be delivered to the film’s distributors, Open Road Films to show the public’s disgust and what @LiamNeeson and the film’s director David Carnahan have done but with the scripting of this completely inaccurate portrayal of wolves and also the unnecessary consumption of wolf meat as a means to help the actors “get into character” (as if eating a wolf meat stew has anything to do with wilderness survival).

    Please help us show the world that people that care about animals, nature and the truth have a voice and the power to make ourselves heard. Sign the petition here and help me boycott this movie when it debuts on January 27th!

  • Aragorn948

    Why are people so mad about this? The wolves were already dead. The cast and crew of the film did nothing wrong. And besides…it looks like it’s gonna be a great movie!

    • Diana790109

      Really, so it’s ok to kill a living being for a sake of a fucking movie? They had a trapper kill four wolves!!! Since when do we kill animals for props ? They could have used computer models! Deer meat! But they had 4 wolves slaughered just to feel like they fit characters in a movie!!! Disgusting and sick!!! They are actors who have bags of money !!! They did not have to eat wolves!!!

      • Meateatinghuman

        oh and deer are ok to eat



  • Guest

    Wow, get a grip people the wolves had been dead for months and the cast and crew had nothing to do with their deaths.


    I have fought for the protection of wolves and continue the fight against the ongoing shooting of wolves in Canada and Alaska. BUT….this is a MOVIE!!!….It’s just make believe people! It’s NOT REAL LIFE…… There is no record of a healthy wolf ever attacking or killing a human. All reports of ‘wolf attacks’, when investigated, have proven to be attacks by feral dogs, wolf-dog hybrids, or rabid wolves. They will, however, eat dead humans – the sight of wolves feeding on the dead after battles may have led to the myth of them being man-killers….. So go back to your dream world in your little boring life and stop shouting your mouths of untill you get of your ASSES and do something about the animal you all say you love so much!!! IT’S A BLOODY MOVIE!!!

    • Sethlandis

      THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Don

      I know that, but will the people who watch it?

    • I’m sorry you don’t understand human psychology and propaganda. To the mind there is no such things as “just a movie”. JAWS created terror and phobias in the public. There were significant increases in the killing of sharks after the movie. Sorry to burst your bubble. many of us boycotting this film and speaking out about it do a lot to help animals. You’re a jerk.

      • nicole

        so this movie does have a scare factor to it. it’s entertainment……. in the description it even says that it is a rogue wolf pack.. disclaimer!! eating the wolves was a little out there, but they were already deceased and flown up to the movie set frozen. i am only talking about the two that were eaten. this is a lot of hype over a movie. boycotting this movie could possibly lead to the boycotting of more scary animal movies, might want to jump on red riding hood too. if you’re dumb enough to give into this “propaganda” then i’m sorry you are so easily confused

      • so this movie does have a scare factor to it. it’s entertainment……. in the description it even says that it is a rogue wolf pack.. disclaimer!! eating the wolves was a little out there, but they were already deceased and flown up to the movie set frozen. i am only talking about the two that were eaten. this is a lot of hype over a movie. boycotting this movie could possibly lead to the boycotting of more scary animal movies, might want to jump on red riding hood too. if you’re dumb enough to give into this “propaganda” then i’m sorry you are so easily confused

    • Thewishingwell52

      OMG I just had a conversation with a customer in my store today about this. He said it was only a movie. Yeah right and people will walk away thinking they have learned about wolf behavior and are all knowing, continuing the Little Red Riding Hood stories. Your facts are correct but many of the people going to see this movie don’t know that and will take the movie as fact. BTW I have and do something about protecting the animal I love so much and this customer left with a better understanding about this wonderful creature.

  • This is so sad.

    OH MY GOD THEY ATE WOLF MEAT??? How the hell can they justify killing an animal just to have a more realistic experience in a culture where we care so deeply about animals? I mean we treat our livestock amazingly well right? AND WTF THEY MAKE WOLVES LOOK SCARY? I mean seriously, why would an animal that when “scared” and cornered decides to eat your face off possibly be considered scary. I personally enjoying having my face eaten off. LIKE SERIOUSLY, EVERYBODY TAKES WHAT THEY SEE IN MOVIES AT FACE VALUE, WE CAN NOT ALLOW THEM TO SLANDER THE GOOD NAME OF OUR WOLF BRETHREN. IF THEY WERE ABLE TO COMPREHEND THE MESSAGE THIS IS SENDING TO SOCIETY I’M SURE THEY WOULD CARE VERY MUCH.

    • Aprilx07

      ..um, is your post serious or is it meant to be sarcastic? the movie crew didnt kill the wolf, it was already dead in a freezer. you think our culture cares so deeply about animals? then why is there so much animal abuse, animal cruelty, puppy mills, dog fighting, filming real killings of animals for disgusting ‘fetish’ websites. you think we treat our livestock good?? well we dont. slaughter houses treat the animals like shit and usually kill them in inhumane ways. that was for just in case you were being serious, but i think that you were trying to be sarcastic…

  • No doubt the Wolves were probably hunted by helicopters, one of the most barbaric ways to hunt them. Yet, Alaskan citizens have voted to outlaw the cruel helicopter hunts twice or three times… running them down til they can run no more or break legs & shoot is cruel. it’s irresponsible and ignorant for anyone to promote or even admit this!! Makes me less fan of Liam neeson.

  • countrygirl

    I don’t understand why everyone is making a big deal about this. It is just a movie! Don’t insult the moviegoers, I am sure they will have enough common sense to know that it is not real. I love wolves too but I think this boycott is taking things to far. If you don’t like the movie, don’t go see it. If you no longer like Liam Neeson because of this movie fine. He has enough fans.

  • Mdsdesertwolf

    I wont ever go to another movie this …..DISGUSTING person ever makes. again…..or the director ………so if he plays the role of a rapist or murder is he going to do that so he can put himself in that role……..

  • Penelope

    Neeson, You were crap in Star Wars and I will never support another one of your movies, or anything that this director spews up, again

  • Felinesbypatty

    I can’t push the like button. All that eating wolf meat shows the mentality of many. Bad judgement for sure.

  • Guest

    Learn the TRUTH about Wolves here.>: http://www.whitewolfpack.com/2012/01/truth-about-wolves-facts-vs-fiction.html
    “Are Wolves Dangerous?

    Wolves are big,strong predators, so many people see them as dangerous.But there has never been a documented case in North America of a healty, wild wolf killing or injuring a human being since records started being kept in the 1800s. Any attacks that have been documented occurred because wolves had rabies or were habituated by humans (like wolf-dog hybrids kept as pets). In contrast, millions of people are attacked each year by domestic dogs.
    Do Wolves Kill Livestock?
    Livestock can be easy prey for all predators, and ranchers and farmers do suffer some losses. But other causes (like weather, disease, and calving problems) cause far more livestock deaths than predation by wolves. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in the Northern Rockies region in 2001, wolves were responsible for only .03% of cattle and 1.3% of sheep deaths from all causes and 1% of cattle and 0.4% of sheep deaths due to predators.

    Improved livestock husbandry practises make a big difference, like rotating and guarding herds, keeping them away from wolf denning and rendezvous sites, and removing dead cows and sheep from fields so wolves don’t get used to feeding on livestock. Some organisation and states also compensate livestock producers for losses caused by wolves.”

  • Anyone who says this is “just a movie”, never read what happened to gorillas after King Kong and sharks after Jaws. It’s taken 40 years to begin to undo the damage that Jaws did. This movie is a horrible and reprehensible thing to release in the 21st century. It’s akin to a movie about white men crash landing in Africa and being attacked by mindless savage black cannibals charging out of the night. Hollywood would not make that movie, and they should not have made this one. Some “entertainment” does more harm than good in this fragile world.

  • guest

    I agree with Laineynield….PLEASE boycott this film….eating wolf meat????????Shame on you Liam Neeson!!!!!…you used to be my favorite actor….used to be……these beautiful wolves are not to be “eaten” shame on Hollywood!!!!!

  • Chris_still002

    I dont understand why we should boycott this and now jaws or pirhanna? Isnt it exactly the same thing?


    My friends and I will boycott this film. What rubbish that they had to actually eat wolf meat, so disgusting to lower this wonderful animal into a meal. I mean aren’t they actors??? Let them “Act” like they are eating wolf meat this totally crosses the line.

  • Toujourspret

    Why? Oh why? C’mon Liam, so not cool!!!!! I used to wanna see that film. Boycott

  • douchebags 🙁

  • Coldplay69america

    This is ridicoulus! It makes me mad that this director could be so ignorant!

  • Steven Dollinger

    LIAM, your really a stupid you know what… if your reading this, which i’m sure you always read my blog everyday, i hope you get hunted and trapped and eaten for my next movie

  • Gooberlicious1982


  • Dcerdeiras

    Actually there are instances of healthy wolves attacking people and wolves as a species have never been endangered. Look it up.

    Liked the movie, obviously dramaticised.

    • Aprilx07

      um.. sorry but wolves have been endangered in some parts of america. look it up

  • Neutralami

    Eat wolf to really get into character. So, go out a kill someone so you can get into character for that part to?? scratch head.

    Hello, they are actors. If they do not know how to get into character, then hire someone who does, but for God’s sake DO NOT KILL AN ANIMAL FOR ANY REASON. DUH!!

  • guest

    Ok I agree that this was a little far for the actors to do this, but geez people!!!! Sorry to break the bad news but this is what would happen in real life! No one gives a crap about the people dying but if a wolf dies it just the end of the world. What would you guys do in that situation?! The movie is reality that’s just what happens when people are stranded in the middle of no where, I’m all for protecting endangered animals but if the wolf was coming after of course I would kill it sorry just how it is.

  • gtg

    Wolves were eradicated for a reason. They kill for fun, harm big game populations and prey on livestock that ranchers depend on to make a living.Im not saying they should be extinct but rather the pop should be strictly controlled.

  • Ethan

    I watched this film today and I have to say it was quite intriguing. If you haven’t watched the movie, I’d highly recommend it 🙂

  • Human

    I am a wolf lover, but seriously people. One wolf. That was caught in a trap. If it was ten wolves I would understand but it wasn’t. Why can’t they eat the meat?

  • Dustan

    All these comments are stupid. I like wolves just as much as the next person but come on!! Boycotting the film and the actors? It was a great movie. Btw, wolves are no longer going extinct. They were taken off the endangered species list because they are not endangered anymore. Do your research before you run your mouth. Just enjoy the movie and stop having a fit. This is not going to bring about the extinction of the wolves.

  • James

    There were several dumb premises in this film. And if you’re going to have wolves relentlessly killing people throughout (which is absolutely absurd), why didn’t they end it with something equally ridiculous, like a great white shark chomping on Liam’s leg in the river scene?
    Like me, I think most everyone commenting here is concerned that boneheads will see this film and encourage other boneheads like Sarah Palin to keep shooting wolves from helicopters (now that’s a sporting weekend pastime). If the film maker had had any integrity, they would have added a disclaimer at the end, admitting that wolf packs have never attacked a human being.

  • greasy_r

    The wolves are a metaphor people. Jeez.

    And wolves can get ‘up to misdeeds’. It’s unfortunate, but ranchers can’t afford to have wolves predating their livestock. Wolves get killed all the time; usually the meat is not used. I think wolves are awesome, but if they had a habit of entering my house and destroying my things I might feel differently. . .

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