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Brendan Brazier's Vega Sport Performance System provides an all-natural way to get fitBrendan Brazier's Vega Sport Performance System provides an all-natural way to get fit

Review: Vega Sport System from a Female Perspective

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Ladies are you looking to boost your exercise routine and performance? Then you are in luck thanks to professional Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier and his all-natural, plant-based sport performance system Vega Sport.

Developed by Brazier, who is also known for his book “Thrive” and fresh, vegan food delivery system Thrive Foods Direct, is a master when it comes to creating all-natural products.

The Vega Sport is a three-step system to use before, during and after your workout. All products are 100 percent plant-based, free from dairy, gluten and soy; and have zero artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Try tasty protein mixes, endurance bars, hydrators, accelerators and protein bars to help with your workout. I have to be honest, I’m not one to normally use performance products to help with my fitness routine, but if I had to Vega Sport would be my No. 1 choice.

If you’re worried you can only use the performance system with an intense workout, don’t fret. Let it be me to give you a firsthand account of someone who doesn’t work out intensely. My routine consists of exercising on the recumbent bike for 30-minutes, five days a week, lifting weights every other day and of course stretching. I take weekends off, well because it’s the weekend. One would think using a system like Vega Sport means you have to exercise hardcore, but no that’s not so.

Also, don’t feel overwhelmed by the system and products. I didn’t even use all the products provided. I followed this handy dandy recommended usage chart, which informed me when and what to use. The best part it’s easy! The easier, the better; right ladies?

The vegan Vega Sport System

I followed the lower intensity, shorter time usage system. Twenty-minutes prior to my workout I drank the lemon-lime pre-workout energizer, which I might add tasted exactly like lemon-lime aka delicious! All you do is mix the powder with water.

During my routine, I ate a mocha endurance bar. All I have to say is who would have thought an endurance bar could taste so good?!

Later in the day, I enjoyed a chocolate coconut protein bar as a snack. Yes, a chocolate covered protein bar. Can’t go wrong with that!

Brazier’s sport performance system is specifically developed into three comprehensive stages: prepare, sustain and recover. It ensures you get a thorough workout, while making your body feel complete.

Here’s what I’ve concluded:

1. Everything tastes great.
2. Instead of feeling tired and weak, I felt stronger and could push through my workout even harder than usual.
3. Even when not exercising, the products stayed with me. Eating the protein bar as a snack, kept me full and my body felt strong.

The system really does cater to you and your workout, which is great. As you build up, so do your products. It seems Brazier definitely made sure his consumers would be happy, and I am! Overall, you get a great workout, while ingesting products that are natural and actually good for your body.

Look for our review from a guy’s perspective soon!

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