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Whale Ware Faeroe IslandsWhale Ware Faeroe Islands

Someone Has Seen the New 'Whale Wars' Spinoff

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Since it was announced last July as in development, we haven’t heard much regarding Animal Planet’s new “Whale Wars” spinoff focused on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s work in the Faeroe Islands. The network appeared to prep the series as not only an expansion of the highly successful franchise, but also as a contingency in case the Japanese whaling fleet did not return to the Southern Ocean this year.

We all know how that turned out.

With a “Whale Wars” season five now in the works, I imagine this spinoff will launch soon; and if a recent email exchange is to be believed, Animal Planet is already testing the pilot. (Update: A rep for the network has confirmed they are testing early screenings.)

“If this premiere episode is reflective of what the entire season is going to be like, it is going to be a very entertaining and engaging program,” writes one person who claims to have seen the pilot episode after taking part in a television survey. “There are so many elements at work here, not the least of which is the fact that the Sea Shepherd crew is no longer taking on something impersonal (Japanese whaling ships).  They’re taking on people who rely on pilot whales for their main food source, and have done so for centuries.  You can just imagine the kind of confrontations that are going to take place.  I’ll also throw in the fact that this is not Paul Watson’s first visit to the Faroe Islands and the residents know what he’s all about.”

“I’m REALLY excited to see this series and how things unfold,” the source added.  “There is no clear right or wrong side — you can make an argument for either side.  But best of all, the Sea Shepherd crew has no idea what it’s up against and it’ll be interesting to see how they handle it.”

While Animal Planet has yet to set a date for the show’s premiere, a rep did say an announcement would be forthcoming sometime within “the next couple weeks.”

“The episode I watched really lays it all out and sets the stage for what promises to be an intense series,” our source said. “You just have to watch and let it hit you.”

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  • AnimuX

    FYI: People in the Faroe Islands do not rely on pilot whale meat as their primary source of food. In fact, Faroese doctors have advised people to avoid consuming whale meat due health risks of contamination from toxic chemicals and metals found in the whale meat.

    The #1 export of the Faroe Islands is food (ie: fish).

    Mountain grazing sheep provide up to 60% of the locally produced meat.

    The pilot whale hunts are opportunistic and done merely because it has always been done — that and those sick individuals who participate simply enjoy killing the animals so much they don’t want to stop.

    • docsavage

      on point.

    • romika3

      So what are you trying to say. This argument does not stand. And by the way check the health notices regarding most recreational fish species consumed by recreational fishermen in Europe and North America. A diet consists of many items. As stated previously the SSCS and Paul Watson are in the Fareo Islands because it is easy pickings. Watson said it himself in a CBC interview, he goes where the money is …..

      • AnimuX

        The argument is quite clear.

        There is no economic or nutritional need to kill pilot whales and the meat of the animals is unfit for human consumption.

        People who continue to torture and kill masses of animals for nothing more than personal gratification are clearly mentally ill.

        • romika3

          Show me the data that supports your thesis that the people of the Faroe Islands harvest pilot whales for personal gratification and that they are mentally ill. This this the kind of argument that subscribers of the SSCS and followers of Watson constantly use. I hold no water….

          • AnimuX

            The proof is in the reality of the situation, which you seem unwilling to accept.

            There is no economic or nutritional need to kill pilot whales and it is unsafe to consume pilot whale meat and blubber according to Faroese doctors.

            I’ve been repeatedly told that there is no religious ceremony involved in Grindarap.

            So why do they do it? It’s quite simple — they do it because they love killing those animals.

          • Captain Paul Watson

            Romika works for the ICR and is a paid troll. I also never said on the CBC or anywhere else that I go where the money is whatever that is supposed to mean. I go where the blood flows is more accurate in our efforts to save the lives of cetaceans.

          • romika3

            Romika does not work for ICR and is not a paid troll. Perhaps the following will jog your memory….


          • Joesolo

            Uh, wow. a 40 year old radio recording. yup, that’s relevant today.

            BTW, whats with the third-person speak?

          • romika3

            What is does is reflect Watson’s philosophy and that still stands…

          • TheHerbalGerbil

            I don’t know which would be funnier, that the admins let a juvenile troll parade around the site using Mr. Watson’s name, or if the real Watson is such a turd himself.

          • Robert Allen

            I applaud Captain Watson and the efforts of his crew…I get it that the Faroese feel this is a tradition that they have a right to continue, but bad tradition is tradition that should die. Cetaceans are sentient beings and if that is not enough to sway someone from destroying them then the toxicity of the meat should be. All of us on this planet are going to have make sacrifices if we are going to leave any sort of a world that can support life for our children. People don’t seem to want to accept that the oceans are dying rapidly and that the planet will soon follow. Ask the Japanese what overfishing in their own waters has done, they are now infested with jellyfish. Why, because for decades and more they have hade no regard for the consequences of their seemingly insatiable appetite for fish. We are going to have to change, the Faroese, the Americans, the Japanese and so on. This bad tradition of slaughtering Pilot Whales is just as ignorant and outdated as the tradition of having a litter of children instead of just one or two, ie the Duggars.

            Mr. Watson, do you think Sea Shepherd could take a month off to keep Mr. Duggar from harpooning Mrs. Duggar. Just Kidding. Again, I applaud you and and all of your volunteers. The accusation that you are terrorists is as ridiculous as folk singers in the 50’s being accused of being Communists.

          • romika3

            Sorry, animal, but your logic is fouled…

          • Uttanumtos

            Interesting conception, you have AnimuX. So, you actually suggest that people here just like to kill pilot whales. For fun. And as a “rite of passage to manhood”, isn’t it?! What else?

            You’re dead wrong, there is nothing that Faroese appreciate more than the whalemeat, is like chocolate for some. The only “torture” involved is the one invented by this pathological lier called “captain” Watson. But feel free to consider people “mentally ill” just because someone gves you the right to set labels.

            Just cam wait to see what Whale Wars will present. Till now Sea Sheperd has been here and performed some seesighting, played with the jetskies and disturbed a boat regatta in their frenzy for “action”.

            PS. “Captain” Watson, feel free to accuse me of being a paid troll, too. In the end, I am !paid” by the Faroese govern too (according to some), so maybe somebody sees it and makes me, finally, rich.

        • TheHerbalGerbil

          “People who continue to torture and kill masses of animals for nothing more than personal gratification are clearly mentally ill.”

          Okay, seriously, what the fuck, just what the fuck. That’s out of line.

          • Stud Med

            Mental illness does seem extreme, but medically speaking, accumualtive exposure to the high levels of methylmercury and PCBs ,commonly found in dolphin meat has been linked to neurological disorders in humans.

    • TheHerbalGerbil

      Sick, huh?

  • Marius Høgnesen

    I will get really mad if sea shepherd and animal Planet gets the facts wrong.

    AnimuX@ *that and those sick individuals who participate simple enjoy killing the animals so much they don’t want to stop*

    what is wrong with you? calling us sick just because we kill animals, just like the rest of the world dose,
    The only difference is that every one can sign up, when a flock of pilots whales swim on the beaches. And cause it’s not *normal* in other country’s

    people should think about what they are calling us, murders, sadistic killers, saying that we should all be killed/raped/nuked and what not.

    People that live in modern society have been away from nature to long, that they have forgotten about the sight of an animal being killed… shit, i guess they would have to go to a Psychiatrist if they say an animal being disassemble.

    • AnimuX

      There is no economic or nutritional need to kill pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

      The “driving” or herding of the animals into the shallows where they have no chance of escape — animals that do not fight — is not sport.

      The doctors of the Faroe Islands have advised people to stop eating the animals due to toxic contamination.

      So, why is it that so many people rush to the scene of a Grindarap just to participate?

      The answer is, they love it. They enjoy killing those helpless animals with their own hands.

      The participants enjoy jamming hooks into the cornered animals’ airways and dragging them ashore to cut into their necks and spines, and spill their blood.

      They love the killing and the bloody carnage and it is a sickness of the mind to love such senseless slaughter.

      • anti whaler

        animux, the answer is not, that the people love killing animals!
        the answer is FREE FOOD! thats the only reason why the whales are killed.
        the way you describe it makes you sound like a psyco.
        it is no worse then youre slaughterhouses: http://www.youtube.com/verify_age?next_url=/watch%3Fv%3DTHIODWTqx5E

        are you vegan?

        • AnimuX

          Perhaps it is possible that some participate in the “opportunistic” slaughter in order to enjoy a “free lunch”.

          However, that does not change the fact that Faroese doctors have repeatedly advised people to stop eating pilot whales due to health risks — the meat is contaminated.

          Also, despite all of the problems inherent to slaughterhouses (which are protested quite often by many activists — perhaps more so than the Faroes — convenient that you left this detail out), the slaughter of pilot whales is not an economic endeavor.

          In short, there is no economic or nutritional need to kill pilot whales. And there is definitely no need for a crowd of people to wade into the shallows to personally slaughter the pilot whales with their own hands like giddy little murderers.

          60% of the meat produced in the Faroes comes from domestically raised sheep. So, why don’t crowds of Faroese people herd the sheep against a fence in order to personally slit the throats of the animals in a bloody mess?

          • Molly Isaac

            because the islands are so remote and the cold weather isn’t suitable for many other outdoor sports . not only is it a free lunch.. it’s a lunch that has provided hours of free family fun and entertainment.

          • Uttanumtos

            No seriously, Molly? Cold weather? Have you ever been here?

            Not suitable for outdoor sports. So those hundreads of people who run every day are not doing sport. Those that are rowing, even on stormy weather, are not doing sport. The football playesr, they don’t do sport. Neither the athlets.

            Besides, idiotic statements like ” it’s a lunch that has provided hours of free family fun and entertainment.” makes people oh and ah about the “barbarism of the Faroese. Beside being presumptious, don’t you believe slandering is kind of low and despicable?

          • anti whaler

            sheeps are killed in one way, and whales are killed in another way, both are killed in the fastest way we know of.
            and youre right, the faroese dont have to eat whale meat, there is other kinds of food, BUT just like you can make a choice to what meat you wanna eat, they also have a choice dont they?

          • Uttanumtos

            “And there is definitely no need for a crowd of people to wade into the shallows to personally slaughter the pilot whales with their own hands like giddy little murderers.”

            Do you have a brain, AnimuX? Are you capable of discernemnet? How can a whale be killed with … bare hands? I have asked you a bunch of normal questions, but you still insist with the same clicheic statements. Good you didn’t suggest they grab scissors, like the “captain”.

            Still insists on the doctors. Where do you know that from? Just because Pál Weihe and his study? You do realise that is ONE doctor that reccomended that and not “doctors”.

            It’s funny you talk about sheeps. You realise that the number of heads is around 85 000 animals? There are more sheeps than people. Which are raised on clifs, for example, some hangng, literally, above the sea? Because of the lack of space or grazing places. Every autumn there are dozen of thousands of these ships killed for the meat. And ALL the family of the farmer, including friends help, because is quite a task. So, you see, you are not too informed in this aspect. But you can start complaining about that, too. We wouldn’t be too amazed.

            60% you said, maybe it’s true, I haven’t check the numbers. Still, it is not enough for the internal consume. I really LOVE this kind of “advices” we get from people who have absolutely NO clue, what are the farming conditions in the Faroe Islands (28 km2 of farming land, by the way, on ALL islands), what implies having a farm, especially because there is no posibility to export the wool (which is burmed, apropos) or the meat – not being very profitable, too much, they have to be suported by the state.

          • Aries

            well I can inform you that those glorified 60% of sheep meat is what is produced of sheep meat based on a consumption rate of a 100% sheep meat. i.e. 40% of the sheep meat consumed on the islands is importet. This is one valid argument for the Faroese to harvest it´s natural ressources like whales, puffins, fulmars etc. I do sincerely believe that as long as import is is restricted to the bare essentials the ecosystem will have a far greater chance of survival than people donating to the SSCS.

        • Molly Isaac

          Vegan ? To be fair Anti whaler should also direct that question to any Faroese pro whaler because I can guarantee that in addition to “free” toxic food, there is a high demand in the Faroe Islands for imported factory-farmed beef, pork and chicken,which is regularily consumed.

          So in other words ” your slaughterhouses” should read “our” slaughterhouses. The Faroese swing BOTH ways

          • Molly Isaac

            Also, anti-whaler ,if that bloody,archaic circus slaughter is just for the sake of free food , may I suggest a new revolutionary concept ? It’s called a food bank.

          • romika3

            Your post “bloody,archaic circus slaughter ” clearly indicates that you are a subscriber of the SSCS….

          • Molly Isaac

            No,not at all. Many individuals and organizations find the practice of dolphin drives or grindadrap cruel and repulsive.

            But your response clearly indicates that you would prefer the description:
            gentle ,humane ,euthanization for scientific research purposes . LOL

          • anti whaler

            molly, suggest or order a new consept? and again, its free food, no more no less

          • Molly Isaac

            “its free food”

            How do you say “unfit for human consumption” in Faroese ?

          • anti whaler

            if a person is vegan, he can critysize a meat eater, if a person has his mouth full of meat and says that it is wronk to eat whale meat, then its pathetic……….most people eat meat, including the faroese, and in order to eat meat, an animal has to die 🙁

      • Uttanumtos

        @AnimuX, “The doctors of the Faroe Islands have advised people to stop eating the animals due to toxic contamination.”

        Really? How many doctors from the Faroe Islands have you talked to? Pál Weihe doesn’t mean “the doctors”, he is the one who made a study in this direction, he is the one who issued the reccomendation. People have the right to chose if they believe or not. Exactly as there are serious studies that show how harmful the concentration of E’s is for the body (elimination time from the body being around 20 years) and people still drink beverages containing aspartam or citric acid or eat meat containing conservants, exactls as there undubitable proofs of what alchool does to the liver and people still drink and so on.

        Personally I haven’t heard any of the GP’s talking about the whalemeat, so your statement is kind of presumtive. And inflamatory, as many of your statements. Inclusive that one with “killing helpless animals”. With other words, the rest of the animals used for food: chicken, pigs, lambs and so on are vicious killers that put quite a fight when you slaughter them and so, they deserve it, isn’t it?!

        “So, why is it that so many people rush to the scene of a Grindarap just to participate?

        The answer is, they love it. They enjoy killing those helpless animals with their own hands.”

        Wow, vivid imagination, I could say. According to you we should see women also in the water trying to kill a whale. Also older people. And stiil, the pictures don’t show that. And then, why do they rush? Well, the answer is very simple. Being present at a hunt gives you the right for a part of the resulted meat. And, as I have already said, this being the favorite type of meat…

        Feel free to continue to try to slander the Faroese people. I really doubt you’ll have any succes. Problem with information being so public is that not only you “side” of story is presented and lots of people are smart enough not to believe (without checking out) declamatory and demagogical declarations. As they don’t like extremists.

    • Claire

      The rest of the world doesn’t kill pilot whales en mass. There is also a difference between slaughtering domestically raised livestock and slaughtering wild pilot whales. What will you do when no more pilot whales swim past you shores because you have killed them all?

      And btw, a group of whales is called a pod, not a “flock” (they aren’t birds!).

      • romika3

        The pilot whale is not endangered. The harvest is legal, sustainable and managed…

        • SSCS4EVER

          the Pilot whale is described as Data Deficient by UICN so nobody knows how many there are left!!!

          • romika3

            Then perhaps you should find out. Are you not a subscriber of the SSCS? What role do you play in the decision making? or it a one man show…

      • BalancedTiki

        I can understand your passion for (and agree with) protecting the pilot whales, but your comment about livestock disturbed me. You are basically saying that as long as people confine a bunch of animals inside a cramped unnatural location before they are killed, it’s ok because that’s what they were raised for. I respectfully disagree.

        At least the whales have had a chance to get into the open sea. That can’t be said for any cattle prepared in the Kosher or Halal methods. There’s very little difference between those methods and the pilot whale hunt (other than the whales get a quicker death through spinal cord separation). But, society tolerates Kosher and Halal slaughter because:

        1 – They are ‘religious’ rites
        2 – Everything is behind closed doors, away from cameras

        Look up Halal or Kosher slaughter on YouTube for a real horror show. Watch the videos for the duration and compare those images with the pilot whale carcass photos. Then re-consider your statement that there’s a difference between the two.

        All animals have the same right to life. The moment you start placing labels on which species is less deserving, you discredit your own argument.

        Although I don’t like what Marius has to say, his use of flock is technically accurate, by dictionary standards. When herded, large groups of animals become a flock. Geese, for instance, are a gaggle when walking and a skein when flying, but when they are herded together (as are the pilot whales when being driven into the beaches), then they are called a flock.

        • Claire

          You misinterpreted my comment as well. Please see my response to Poulaz.

      • Poulaz

        claire, english is not their first or second language, so if they call it a flock instead of a pod, you should be more understanding.
        the difference between killing wild animals and raised livestock is that the wild animal has had a great life, the raised one has been thrue hell!!! and please tell me, do raised animals not have feelings, dont they feel pain, does a calf not love his mother the cow, or are whales the only animals with feelings???
        my point is, an animal is an animal. They all have feelings, weather its a chicken raised to die or a whale living in the free. You can not make a whale holy and say “who cares about chickens or cows” thats pathetic!

        • Claire

          Yes, I realize English is not their main language, I was just letting them know that the correct term is “pod” not “flock.” Now they know. And I never said anything about livestock not having feelings, you obviously completely misinterpreted my comment. What I meant is that the difference is that one is wild, and one has been raised domestically. I know that the slaughtering of domestic livestock can be just as brutal as the slaughter of the wild pilot whales.

          • anti whaler

            claire, why has the whale becommed a holy animal? why is it worth more then other animals???
            not saying that you say so, but others do say that we can eat animals but not whale, can you answer this?

          • Darrens

            As I sit here and watch whale wars for the first time I see same old same old animal rights activist distorting the truth and making up false facts and wondering why no one respects them . As an american hunter I’ve seen these same tactics used with failure time and time again and when these groups see no one is listening to them because were to busy grilling our steaks they resort to unlawful tactics that leads to violence almost everytime then claim they were the ones assulted the other thing that always cracks me up is they show up to these protest wearing leather belts and shoes and purses do they know how many cows had to die to make that stuff . They know nothing about conservation or how populations of animals and fish need to be kept in check to remain healthy and thrive and in order to do that certain numbers must be harvested not to metion how many people harvesting these animals feed all around the world they would like people to think were all just brutal killers who just kill for the thrill and leave the carcass to rot. I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in america they have pretty much lost the war no one wants to hear there nonsense and hunter harsment laws have been put in place I wish you all luckon your whale harvest as for me its spring here in the states ill be going turkey hunting

        • Molly Isaac

          Difference between slaughter of chicken or cow is that entire herds or flocks of these animals or birds are not inhumanely rounded-up, disoriented and chased relentlessly by noisy vehicles all the way to the doors of a slaughter house where they ,are hooked , roped and dragged in to be massacred en masse while bystanders cheer.

          I agree that factory -farmed animals suffer a horrendous life, but the fact that pilotwhales experience a normal life doesn’t justify a horrendous manner of death.

          And who cares about chicken, cows or pilotwhales ? Not most Faroese who eat ALL of the above ..

          • anti whaler

            bystanders dont cheer! and yes the faroese eat all the above, just like youre nation does, and thats my point, there is no difference between youre country or the faroe island, execpt that they have one single animal more on the menu! for some NOT twisted facts, please see http://www.whaling.fo, when you have read the facts, then form youre own oppinion, then i have full respect for it, but if youre facts are those twisted and manipulated by for example sscs, then i dont respect you
            (i dont know what facts youve heard about whaling in the faroes, thats why i question them)

    • docsavage

      if you commit genocide against an intelligent, albeit different, race of sea going sentient beings then yes you are unaware of the context of your actions. there is however and in support of some you insights a modern day denial of the atrocities we commit against our own existence by decimating our own planet, our home and our fellow coinhabitants. it is time for us to explore these difficult contradictions and find solutions that are not necessarily rooted in our ego’s and addiction to technology and money. the faroese seem a proud people with a unique heritage but it’s time for you to grow and evolve and set an example by recognizing the cetaceans being slaughtered are a mirror to us. we need you to join the ranks of people that collectively want to save the planet and sort out how we find alignment with the fact that being human does mean we eat other creatures. me included though i don’t eat anything caught from the sea anymore because i want to reduce my impact.it’s a very complex but imperitive rubick’s cube we all must solve.

      • romika3

        Perhaps you might like to know that the domestication of animals in-particular livestock (cattle, sheep, goats etc) have had the greatest impact on the topography, biodiversity, water quality, air quality (methane is the most damming of all greenhouse gases)…

        • docsavage

          I’ve been aware of your little nugget of information for many years. What is your point in any of your comments? I’ve read through your responses and they seem simply put innane. Spouting factoids and irrationale observations I wouldn’t be surprised if you are on the IWC social media payroll.

    • Guest

      Maybe ecorazzi got there facts wrong

  • Captain Paul Watson

    What Marius means means by “facts” is anything that disagrees with his point of view. I don’t recall any of my crew saying that the Faeroese kill whales because they are sick but we have said they will get sick and in fact they are getting sick (mercury poisoning) from eating toxic whale meat. The pilot whales by the way do not “flock” and they don’t swim onto the beaches, they are driven onto the beaches by their killers. It seems that it is Marius who cannot get his “facts” right.

    • romika3

      Mr Watson, I believe you write in your book ‘Earthforce” that it is acceptable to lie and distort the data. Perhaps you might answer a simple question for us. Why, in the media. to you conveniently forget to mention that the majority of the whales harvested in the southern ocean are Mnke with few endangered species being harvested and that Pilot Whales are not endangered? Your sir are a myth maker. You have done it with the fishermen of eastern Canada, you have done it with the Japanese and your are doing with the fine people of the Faroe Islands….

      • Dagmar van Osen

        Why do animals have to be endangered before people care about protecting them? There is nothing sustainable about this slaughter and the sight of hundreds of pilot whales on display around the shores of the Faroes, some with the fetuses of their unborn babies cut out and lying next to them, is disgusting and inhumane. If the people of the Faroe Island truly believed there was nothing wrong with this slaughter then they would not have tried to hide these sights from animal activists.

        • Marius Høgnesen

          and when exactly have we tried to hide the sight of the *slaughterer*
          the only thing that will happen when Sea Shepherd and Animal Planet comes to the faroe island is that they will be put in to jail, cause its illegal to disturb the hunt.

          Dagmar, you have been brain washed if you think killing animals is inhumane….
          But disgusting, that’s just something one needs to get used to.
          and its not called babies..

        • TheHerbalGerbil

          “There is nothing sustainable about this slaughter”

          850 whales out of a population of more than half a million is perfectly sustainable.

          “the sight of hundreds of pilot whales on display around the shores of the Faroes, some with the fetuses of their unborn babies cut out and lying next to them, is disgusting and inhumane.”

          Huh? How can you be inhumane to something that’s already dead?

          “If the people of the Faroe Island truly believed there was nothing wrong with this slaughter then they would not have tried to hide these sights from animal activists.”

          Tried to hide them?

      • docsavage

        Captain Watson is trying to win a war to save whales. The level of extinction any one species of whale is facing is not the point. the point is these are sentient beings that have the right to coexist and to win the war, any war propaganda, storytelling, or myth building are essential to reach awareness… to reveal the plight of the ordeal… mythology is metaphoric and is meant help us understand our life journey… it helps us relate to the spiritual odyssey of life. War is myth. Every war has myth. Paul Watson is using the least destructive means he can to save the lives of whales from mass murder. Don’t call these mass exterminators fisherman. Fisherman have a love and appreciation of the sea. Eastern canadian butchers in massive ships raping the seas? Clubbing baby seals for amarket that does not exist? The Japanese supporting a black market in tuna in order to amass stockpiles and errdicate commercially viable populations to drive up the value of their stored catch? Driftnetters, longliners, factory ships… those aren’t fisherman. Paul Watson has sacrificed everything… even though he wouldn’t call it that for something he will die for. Have you? What have you done in your life for the sake of making our planet a better place? No matter what vitriol you regurgitate – there’s one thing you should do – stand down.

        • romika3

          So what are you trying to say……?

        • romika3

          There is no “WAR”, that is a made up word for the TV show , to promote tee shirt sales and bring in donations….

        • TheHerbalGerbil

          You might have a point of Watson was very obviously engaging in storytelling as such. He doesn’t. He passes off everything he says and does as genuine, which is not mythology at all. Fraud is more like it.

      • Captain Paul Watson

        Romika, I know you’re an employee of the Japanese ICR but all you ever do is repeat the same crap over and over again from the ICR rent a troll handbook. You take my quotes out of context and twist them to serve your own agenda. Fin whales are endangered an the Japanese whalers kill them. That is a fact. One question although I’m sure you won’t answer. How much does the ICR pay you to post your garbage?

        • romika3

          Well, isn’t this calling the “kettle black”. In your book “Earthforce” you instruct your subscribers that it is acceptable to lie and distort data.

          • Joesolo

            Have you even read said book?

        • TheHerbalGerbil

          What. The. Fuck.

          Even assuming if someone works for the ICR, how does that override the verifiable facts of what they’re saying?

          You’re just posturing, and I’ve seen 12-year-olds do a less transparent job of it.

      • SSCS4EVER

        Get your facts straight Romika the Pilot whales are listed as Data Deficient by UICN which means that it’s not known how many there is left (it can be 10.000 or 100.00 NOBODY KNOWS) the amount of cod on the coast of east Canada is depleted due to overfishing by the fishermen there, the Japanese ARE hunting (and killing) endangered whale species (Sei, Fin and Minke whales from the J stock which are in danger of being extinct !!!)

        • romika3

          First… If you say there is data gap regarding Pilot whales then perhaps, SSCS role should be to carry out the research needed, lobby and work with the population to reduce harvesting pressure… that is what “real” conservation organization does. Not attacking, demonizing, promoting cultural hate etc.Secondly, the Newfoundland cod fishery was an inshore fishery. Depletion of cod stocks was do to over-fishing by offshore European vessels. With the extension of the limit to 200 mi there was an attempt to develop an offshore fleet (Canadian) but it was to late. Thirdly, the majority of the whales harvested in the southern ocean are Minke, but Watson always forgets to mention that little piece of information. In fact there seems to be clear evidence that the pretend pirate antics of Mr. Watson is actually prolonging the hunt as the good people of Japan have dug their heels in. And so should they as who would want to give into a group of upper middle class jokers getting their jollies off the backs of common fishermen…..

          • Joesolo

            So your admitting they’re in danger, but still think we should keep trying the tactics that don’t do anything? lobbying hasn’t done shit for the cod or the bluefin tuna. Sea Shepherd? they’ve saved a couple hundred tuna already. That’s more then lobbying has.

          • romika3

            Saving a fish is not conservation!!!! That is what SSCS subscribers are programmed think when they buy their tee shirt…

          • TheHerbalGerbil

            Sea Shepherd didn’t save any tuna whatsoever. All they did was release a few hundred tuna from a perfectly legal aquaculture operation.

            Operation Blue Rage was an epic fail.

        • TheHerbalGerbil

          Really, Nicolai, REALLY? Since you read the IUCN Red List listing, you would already know that the number is around 750,000 and the Faroese kill less than 1,000 a year. That IS sustainable, and the IUCN themselves even say so.

          And the Japanese only kill one or two endangered whales per year, out of populations in the tens of thousands. So while it sounds shocking on the face of it, it’s perfectly sustainable.

    • Marius Høgnesen

      i was talking about AnimuX calling us sick, not about us getting sick, sry

      what i meant when i say’d that i hoped that Sea Shepherd and animal planet get the facts right, was that they wouldn’t make up stories and stick to the truth.

      English is my 3 language, so i guess i get some words wrong, like in pod and flock.

      Yes all type’s of whale can swim onto beaches by them self

    • TheHerbalGerbil

      Really, they “will” get sick?

      After some 400 years of eating whale, you figure they’re just finally going to get sick any time now?

  • romika3

    The SSCS is in the Faroe Islands for one reason and one reason only. It is an opportunity for them to bring in the money, raise their profile and stoke Watson’s ego. The pilot whales are far from endangered, the harvest is legal, sustainable and managed. But blood in water makes for great video and shocking photos. Regarding the ‘spin off’ series. SSCS was in the Faroe Islands this past summer and there was no harvest as the people did not want to get tangled up in another SSCS circus. but SSCS is a master at splicing….. Imagine an Island off in the middle of the North Atlantic and rich middle upper class subscribers of the SSCS what to get their jollies off on the backs of these hard working people. Disgusting is not the word to describe this organization… Every issue has a social, economic and environmental dimension. This organization has no concept of how to deal with a conservation issue, if there is any here at all….

    • Frenchshore

      I agree with every single word you say. This is pure exploitation of the Faroese.

    • Molly Isaac

      ” Regarding the ‘spin off’ series. SSCS was in the Faroe Islands this past summer and there was no harvest as the people did not want to get tangled up in another SSCS circus”

      I agree 100% with this one sentence from your comment.

      The Faroese Tourist Association made it pubicly clear in early July of 2011 that if SSCS and Animal Planet could obtain footage of the grind , it would be detrimental to the Faroe Islands’ international reputation as well as adversly affect the Faroese tourist industry. The Assosciation strongly advised that no grind take place .

      Which is the reason that not one dolphin or pilotwhale was slaughtered during the period that Sea Shepherd was patrolling off Faroese shores. .. also the reason SSCS can rightfully claim that they were successful in preventing any grind from taking place while they were there… which further proves a very peaceful and successful SSCS “conservation” effort on behalf on preserving the lives (or as Frenchshore terms it) preventing the “pure exploitation” of pilotwhales .

  • romika3

    “those sick individuals who participate simply enjoy killing the animals so much they don’t want to stop” here is an example of how subscriber of the SSCS focus on the demonization of people and culture. Is your comment supported with data, if so show us the survey tool used to collect the data that supports this statement…..

    • AnimuX

      As previously pointed out, there is no economic or nutritional need to slaughter these animals in masses. Doctors in the Faroes even advise people not to eat the meat.

      Therefore, those who participate in the killing (ie: not all of the Faroese people) do so for the fun of it. They enjoy killing helpless animals with their own hands so much, they refuse to stop.

      Love of senseless slaughter and torture of animals is a sign of mental illness.

  • Skylerbrooke

    Did you know the 2 years the sscs were in the Faroe Island whale kill numbers were 6 times higher than the 2 years before sscs were there? just an interesting fact.

    • romika3

      Paul Watson and the SSCS antics result in people digging in their heals. If you look at the data the number of pilot whales being harvested annually were decreasing. Who wants to give in to and upper middle class nut case who grewt up hating the fishermen in his home town in New Brunswick and makes his live work the channel of that hate….

      • Captain Paul Watson

        Interesting! Upper middle class eh. One of six children of a single working class mother who worked as a waitress and died at age 32 when I was 12. You do love to embellish the facts Romika? Did you get that lie from your ICR rent a troll handbook or is that one of your own creations.

        • romika3

          The reference to “upper middle class” refers to the management structure of SSCS. The board of the SSCS consists of Upper Midde Class and well off (including yourself at over 100,000.00 as outlined in a charitable evaluation company) . No representation of the “working class” that your organization and similar organizations loath. There are a number of academic papers that have studied this. You work out side of and exclude the people whose “behaviors” you claim you want to change and your approach to bringing about that change is through alienation, vilification, demonization, the promotion of hate towards the “group” or “culture”, creating scenarios for direct confrontation etc. SSCS is not a conservation organization plain and simple… And more damming the attack of fisher persons participating in legal, managed and sustainable fisheries and the turning of a blind eye to events that benefit your organization. I am referring to the paid skinning of a live seal for a French film and Greenpeace knew about it but did nothing because the footage would bring home the “bacon”

      • AnimuX

        Curious that you mention the “middle class” because the standard of living in the Faroes is quite good and much like other modern Western nations.

        There are no poor starving Faroese people dependent on ‘opportunistic’ pilot whale hunts.

    • Marius Høgnesen

      it has some thing to do with the heat of the sea(global warming), and it food source comes closer at land,
      but its also random from year to year

      we have recording of all the pods that have beached/killed back to the year 1584,

      look under Grindayvirlit 1584 – 2010

  • Beitz Evers

    I would love to visit the Faroe Islands some day and taste some pilot whale. I bet they have some delicious ways to cook it! Also I think it would be a great way to demonstrate my opposition to the sea shepherd hatred cult and those who support them.

    I wish prosperity to the Faroe Islands and long may the grinds continue!

    • I would suggest that eating pilot whale meat will not be too good for your health – and that’s the opinion of the Faroese themselves. In November 2008, chief medical officers Pál Weihe and Høgni Debes Joensen announced that pilot whale meat and blubber contains too much mercury, PCBs and DDT derivatives to be safe for human consumption.


      • romika3

        Read the literature and you will discover that it is recommended that recreational fishermen in North America limit their consumption of recreational fish due to high levels of heavy metals including mercury. Similar health warning can be found far and wide and perhaps even in your own back yard!! So your argument holds no water…

        • Molly Isaac

          Better you should read more literature on the subject. The Faroese Government IGNORED the health advisory issued by it’s own chief medical officers in 2008 which declared pilotwhale meat unfit for human consumption.

          Dolphins /or pilotwhales are not recreational fish btw. They are top predatory marine mammals which are contaminated with much higer levels of industrial pollutants than fish .

          • Uttanumtos

            “ignored”? Where was that stated?

            As I recall, the parliament received the study last year, in autumn more precisely – the media covered it. It was not “ignored” at all. And by the way, if your govern comes tomorrow and says: pork is not good for you, we recommend stopping the consumption, do you REALLY want to say that you’ll give up and do exactly as the say?

          • Molly Isaac

            It was ignored. In other words ,not adopted. Further ,the advisory has had little to no impact on government health recommendations ,which were only slightly modified a full four years later.

            In western societies, serious government health advisories or recommendations do not allow us the option of continuing the consumption of highly poisonous ,contaminated food products. They are (immediately) removed from store shelves and/or banned.

          • Uttanumtos

            “In western societies, serious government health advisories or recommendations do not allow us the option of continuing the consumption of highly poisonous ,contaminated food products”

            Allow me one minute to finish laughing…. It’s almost endearing how credule you can be. I can mae you a list of at least 10 items that are very harmful for the body on long term and I BET you are actualy eating / drinking them. So, try again.

          • SSCS4EVER

            the study was finished and delivered to the Faroese LÁGTING in 2008 NOT 2011 !! Pál Wiehe restated (and updated) the study last year and made it public at a conference in Copenhagen this year!! (January) So please get your facts straight before making a complete fool out of yourself (memory loss is a sign of Methyl Mercury poisoning BTW)

          • Uttanumtos

            Nikolai, thank you dear for telling me something that I have already known. I refered to the last year handing of the study. And the main point was that it HAS BEEN COVERED by the media.

            Besides being a hateful ignorant, maybe you should also be careful about the accusations you make in regards to my intellectual capacity. better learn some English, too, as you have HUGE problems of comprehension.

        • AnimuX

          The health warning (in case anyone was wondering…)

          “chief medical officers Pál Weihe and Høgni Debes Joensen announced that pilot whale meat and blubber contains too much mercury, PCBs and DDT derivatives to be safe for human consumption.”

          “The work has revealed damage to fetal neural development, high blood pressure, and impaired immunity in children, as well as increased rates of Parkinson’s disease, circulatory problems and possibly infertility in adults. The Faroes data renewed concerns about low-level mercury exposures elsewhere.”

          • romika3

            I believe this quote came from a anti whaling source…. Read this “The Texas Department of State Health Services issued an advisory for certain species of fish from Lake Worth, due to contamination by polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and by the insecticides aldrin and dieldrin. The new advisory replaces a 2000 advisory that warned against consuming all species of fish from the lake. The new advisory lists only blue catfish, channel catfish and smallmouth buffalo.” sound familiar? I can post thousands examples of health advisories regarding marine and freshwater species. Don’t use health advisories to justify your demonization of the people of the Faroe Islands and the making of money off their backs…..

          • AnimuX

            The participants in the mindless slaughter of pilot whales for personal enjoyment are perfectly cast in the image of their actions.

            As for health advisories, it is merely one more logical reason to stop killing pilot whales — Faroese doctors (hardly a biased group) recommend against it.

            Unfortunately, sick people obsessed with slaughter for their own enjoyment are unlikely to heed the warnings and continue to place themselves and others at risk by encouraging the continuation of this bloody unnecessary and horrible tradition.

          • romika3

            Please post your link to the data that states that those who make their living form the sea are sick. We know that Watson as a loathing for all those who make their living from the sea. Is that your data source?

          • AnimuX


            “The first main testing was done when children were 6, just before attending school. We did as thorough an examination as we could — both psychologically and neurophysiologically. What I hoped we would find was nothing. Then as a public health official, I could say to the population that we did not find any harmful effects, even after they had been eating contaminated meat from whales. But in neuropsychological testing, we found impact on several fronts. In the brain, for example, in reaction time, in memory, in language. In other areas, we saw indications of impairment. Not a large impairment, but they all went in the same negative direction.”

            “After the initial study, we designed a follow-up examination for 14-year-olds, using the same cohorts we had established in 1986 and 1987. I was still hoping that the findings among the 7-years-olds would have disappeared. To my disappointment, they had not. We saw the same patterns of neuropsychological effects with the 14-years-olds, as we did at aged 7. It meant that the negative effects on their brains had not disappeared and had, instead, become chronic. We are now planning to raise money to begin a new study at 21 years of age.”

          • romika3

            Sorry, but there are many such commentaries on issues related to eating wild game. This doesn’t support your statement that the fine people of the Faroe Islands harvest because they are mentally ill. This is standard data….

        • Joesolo

          so, because an fish is poisonus as well, they should keep eating the whale?


          • Uttanumtos

            Joseph, this is a way of twisting what I wrtote, I would really appreciate not putting words in my mouth.

            And let’s be honest, I would really like to see you not eating something because your govern said it should not be! I

      • TheHerbalGerbil

        Pál Weihe still eats the stuff himself.

        Because it’s bad-for-you-like-smoking, not bad-for-you-like-asbestos.

    • Molly Isaac

      Interesting… opposition to Sea Shepherd “cult” by showing support for Faroese “cult”ure …

      Hahaha ..Great. I’m sure your comment will be instrumental at maintaining the status quo, namely high “Whale Wars” viewership.. ..

      And Regarding “Prosperity”

      May the toxic grindabyffur ,sold next to the sushi and imported shrimp in the frozen fish section at the upscale supermarket in Torshavn be labelled with health warnings before neurological and cardiovascular disorders afflict even more victims of Faroese Gov’t negligence !

      • Beitz Evers

        How many Faroese have been afflicted by neurological and cardiovascular disorders from eating pilot whale so far? Do you have a link to support your claim?

        • Molly Isaac

          “Wiehe cited a wide range of symptoms emerging from this study,
          including attention-deficit problems, memory- retention disorders and other neurological symptoms that remained permanent at every age level. “We have also seen an impact on the cardiovascular system, such as heart-rate variations from MeHg, and also a negative impact on the immune system from ingesting whale blubber that contains significant levels of organochlorines such as PCBs and DDT, and other pollutants. . . . ”


          “The results have inspired downward revisions of methylmercury exposure limits internationally. Other recent studies have targeted age-related functional deficits and degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes in regard to life-time exposure to methylmercury, arsenic, persistent lipophilic contaminants, and perfluorinated compounds.”


          “The researchers found a clearly significant correlation of increased blood pressure and arterial thickness with higher mercury levels found in their bodies”


          • Beitz Evers

            Looks like there is no danger at all as long as it is eaten in moderation and the consumption guidelines are followed:


            In addition there are many benefits to be had from eating a seafood diet.

          • Molly Isaac

            I agree “looks like” , as per a government health recommendation that virtually ignores the findings of current international scientific research, including that of Faroese medical health officers’ cohort studies following an unprecedented 23 year-old reserach program which came to the conclusion that pilotwhale meat is unfit for human consumption.

            And although the fact that “cumulative” exposure to such high levels of methylmercury and pcbs typically found in pilotwhale and other dolphin meat is extremely dangerous to human health, consuming these toxins as often as once a month, as per the latest Faroese government recommendation, further compounds the health risks by way of the (longer) 35-45 day half-life of methylmercury ,and the 10 year half life of pcbs in the human body.

            Not surprising though, when overall ,in spite of extensive international scientific research that proved cigarette smoking dangerous to human health, it took governments decades ,after the fact, to acknowledge and finally legally address underage smoking and to legislate health warnings on packages of cigarettes.

  • The Japanese society is very polite and gentle while the Faroe Islands people are white and fighters. Not hard to figure out how this will end.

    The Sea Shepherd sheep are going to get their buts kicked.

    • Molly Isaac

      Faroese people are what ? Big dislike for your inciteful racist comment

    • Whiterice

      The Sea Shepherd have been there for years now, and the Faroese are the ones worried, not Sea Shepherd

    • Captain Paul Watson

      Really? Watch the show and see who’s butt gets kicked. This seems like a very racist statement by the way.

      • romika3

        I suspect you are not Paul Watson, posting under this name. “What the show and see who’s butt gets kicked”, this sums up in philosophy of the SSCS organization. Not a conservation organization but and organization that revels in the promoting of hate towards culture…..

  • perhaps AP is finally finding out that the aquatic version of the Keystone Cops is fading. Lizard Productions editors won emmy’s because it takes a lot of hard work to make these imbeciles look even slightly competent.

    I love how they keep the “captains” open mouthed dull stares in the finished product, it’s his best pose. And of course the teacher turned “bosuns mate” who tried to drive across rocks with a propeller. That was priceless.

    When do we get to see them dump their corrosive smelly acid from the helicopter?

    • MarshaMarsha

      #1 show on Animal Planet. Hardly “fading”.
      And you’re hardly one to be commenting on someone’s looks Hank.

  • “Molly Isaac – Interesting… opposition to Sea Shepherd “cult” by showing support for Faroese “cult”ure”

    It seems Molly is either clueless as to what constitutes a cult, or she’s one of the cult members and was ordered by her God Wat$on to do battle with the naysayers.

    What say ye, Molly, be ye a pirate? Arrrr?

    • Molly Isaac

      Ahhh, my commentary on poor Mr Drumington’s fantasy of opposing said “cult” by sampling food “cult”ure.

      To risk poisoning one’s mind in order to demonstrate one’s opposition is potentially insane and defeats the purpose .

      This is why there are health warnings posted below his remarks…

      More health conscientious than pirate-like , matey

  • “Animux – those sick individuals who participate simply enjoy killing the animals so much they don’t want to stop.”

    It seems you have a great deal of hate, Mr. Mux. or is it Ms. Mux? Face it, man is a part of the circle of life, we REQUIRE animal protein to function well. Or we must supplement with “natural” supplements that grow on supplement trees.

    Man is not a circle of life observer, man is a participant. or rather, the sane ones are.

    • AnimuX

      The people of the Faroe Islands do not require animal protein from pilot whales. As previously pointed out, the main export of the Faroes is food (fish) and 60% of the domestically produced meat comes from sheep.

      However, Faroese doctors have also agreed that the people do not need pilot whale meat and have gone so far as to recommend that they avoid consuming pilot whale meat. This health safety recommendation was made because pilot whales in the Faroes are heavily contaminated with toxic chemicals and metals.

      The hunts are opportunistic, and the participants kill those whales simply for the enjoyment of killing with their own hands — truly sick individuals.

      • anti whaler

        animux, some doctors are smokers and tell other people to quit smoking.
        some doctors eat whale meat and tell other people that its better to stop eating whale meat.
        eating pilot whale is a choise, just like youre country eats pig or cow or chicken. the faroese dont require pilot whale, just like youre country does not require cow, you can chose to eat everything else


      Hank (I have a habit) AGAIN you are WROOOONG humans doesn’t require animal protein to function well (we are closer to fruit and vegetable eaters (herbivores) than meat eaters (carnivores) as you can see here http://www.tierversuchsgegner.org/wiki/index.php?title=Taxonomy )

  • “docsavage – if you commit genocide against an intelligent, albeit different, race of sea going sentient beings then yes you are unaware of the context of your actions.”

    My, we make a boatload of assumptions, Doc. Are you really a doc, or do you just like to sound important.

    I ask ya, would intelligent sentient beings who glide effortlessly thru the water bump into slow moving non-maneuvering vessels? Would intelligent sentient beings being corralled by netting, beings who can jump meters out of the water, swim aimlessly along the top of a net that only goes DOWN, not up and out of the water? Would intelligent sentient beings fall for the same herding techniques over and over and over? Why don’t these intelligent sentient beings spread the word that certain areas are dangerous and encourage their friends and family to go elsewhere?

    I don’t see intelligent nor even sentient, I see playful animals with sentience like a cow or a lamb, but less intelligent than a pig or horse.

    • Molly Isaac


      “I don’t see intelligent nor even sentient”
      Neither do I, Hank, especially when it comes to humans…

      Millions of slow (or fast)moving sentient humans are hit by non manuevering vehicles every year resulting in serious injury or death.

      Several millions of sentient humans have repeatedly killed each other in the name of peace and righteousness over the centuries in an activity they call war.

      “Would intelligent sentient beings fall for the same herding techniques over and over and over?”

      Yes, thousands of innocent ,panick stricken civilians have been rounded-up, tortured and killed by armed militia in war torn areas of 3rd world countries over and over again. Despite the history and knowledge of these massacres for decades now, militant extremists and government backed forces continue to successfully slaughter innocent,unarmed citizens.

      Oh, and regarding dolphin drives..

      “Why don’t these intelligent sentient beings spread the word that certain areas are dangerous and encourage their friends and family to go elsewhere?”

      Because there are no “survivors” to spread the word when entire pods of dolphins are slaughtered at a time.

      • docsavage

        Bravo Molly.

    • docsavage

      Bull sperm whales would stand their ground and ram both the wooden and steel hulled hulls of modern day harpoon ships to try and save their families from the likes of these Faroese. In an hour of a humpback whales song their is as much information as the old testament. The greeks punished the killing of a dolphin with death. Their are many references to sustain that far wiser individuals, much less civilizations revelled in the sentience of cetaceans. Ah you do have the arrogance and hostility that plagued Captain Ahab. But I suppose you haven’t read the novel. If you did then you would know the arc of Ahab and what the whale really represented. So you’re just trying to be witty. And your sarcastic and hubris filled human centric point of view shows your ignorance for what constitutes intelligence… much less emotional intelligence. I don’t need an institutionalized education and a brain washing degree to make what I think and say important. I know it is. I count and so do the opinions of those that want to respect life. Your opinion is simply immaterial because it forsakes and defies a simple argument for saving life when possible. What do you stand for that means anything? I grew up around amazing people, places and experiences that you could not relate to. Doc Savage is a iconic pulp fiction character that represented vast intelligence as well intense physical strength… he was a hero.I don’t have a doctorate though my father does, my brother and step father…actually he has two PHD’s. I pity you and the box you live in. Must be quite miserable.

    • Dana Stormi

      Are you really a “Ahab”?

  • Prnssvespa

    Why is the Skipper Paul Watson posting here? Don’t you whales to save? Or have you given up looking for the Japanese whaling fleet, being that the only thing you’ve done this season is follow around the security fleet and damage boats. Hope you’re making up a lot of drama for your racist show.

    • Captain Paul Watson

      Our success this year will be seen when the kill figures are announced by the Japanese whalers. It has been a very successful season actually. We have kept the whalers on the run for over 16,000 miles. Hard to kill many whales while running. We will be chasing the fleet until the end of the season. Now how can I post on here and save whales at the same time? Well it’s because unlike some others, I am able to do more than one thing a a time and thus while on the bridge of the ship making way over the waves, it is a simple matter to type on a laptop without losing control of the ship’s course through the water. Amazing isn’t it? Obviously this poster has no idea of what we are doing, how we are doing it or why we are doing it. Just an ignorant accusation of racism, always the last refuge of the desperate know nothing, do nothing type of person.

  • Dagmar van Osen

    The people of the Faroe Islands do not rely on Pilot Whale meat for their main food source. This is a lie. It is widely known that this slaughter of Pilot Whales, called a grind, is considering a community sporting event.

    • anti whaler

      dagmar, iys for food and only for food.
      has nothing to do with sport.
      http://www.whaling.fo for details, instead of lies or twiste words

    • Frenchshore

      “It is widely known that this slaughter of Pilot Whales, called a grind, is considering a community sporting event.”

      This is a blatant and offensive lie. I find it telling that opponents of the Grindarup all feel the need to behave in this fashion.

      • Molly Isaac

        What ? Sporting event a lie ? Not according to this article in the sports section of IBM from New Delhi !


        • Uttanumtos

          And the sports section of IBM from …. New Delhi represents the supreme authority in the matter of … truth? If you would have said CCN or BBC News, maybe I’d have been impressed. Till now, I just see a small news with absolutely no comments on an Internet page of some paper from India. Big deal!

    • romika3

      Let me see….. Hunting deer, a sporting event; fishing walleye, a sporting event; and the list goes on forever. Your response does justify what the SSCS does to the fine people of the Faroe Islands…. for the sake of money, media and fulfilling Watson’s seething hatred for all who make their living from the sea and from the forest.

  • Frenchshore

    “a very entertaining and engaging program”

    Innocent fishermen being slandered and defamed for ratings and profit is “entertaining and engaging”?

    “They’re taking on people who rely on pilot whales for their main food source, and have done so for centuries. You can just imagine the kind of confrontations that are going to take place.”

    Why all this relish for confrontation? These people rely on pilot whale for food. So why not work with them instead of attacking them? Why “take on” these people? But I guess no-one’s going to make a popular television show about people working with the Faroese. It is Whale “Wars”, after all. It isn’t Respectfully Doing Conservation Work WITH Local Communities”. It just doesn’t have the same ring, despite the fact that it would be much more effective. The Faroese live there and rely on the environment. They have a vested interest in keeping that environment healthy. It’s disturbing that people would think they have to “take on” the Faroese by attacking them for entertainment.

    • AnimuX

      Incorrect. Faroe Islanders are not dependent on pilot whale meat for food.

      The fact is, the top export from the Faroe Islands is food (fish) and 60% of the meat produced domestically comes from sheep.

      Not to mention the fact that Faroese doctors have repeatedly advised people to stop eating pilot whale meat due to toxic contamination from marine pollution.

      There is absolutely no economic or nutritional need to kill pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

      • Beitz Evers

        Who appointed you to speak for the Faroe islanders?

        • SSCS4EVER

          Who appointed YOU to speak for the Faroese ??? What Animux is writing is the pure facts and not fiction like the stuff you post !!

          • Uttanumtos

            And who appointed YOU, Nikolai or AnimuX to talk about the Faroese in the manner you do?

            WHat AnimuX writes is not “pure facts” at all. Is part of the facts, the ones that makes you being “right” and justify the endless attacks on this country.

            Nicolai, you keep on attacking Faroe Islands, underlining continously how this country is a shame for your dear Denmark. Still, besides the fact that Denmark is guilty of much more senseless cruelty (like those farms with animals reserved for people who want to have sex with them), you are not even living at the present there. It is not a secret for anyone your deep and irrational hate for everything that’s related to Faroe Islands, so I am just wondering: why would somebody give credit to a person like you, who is not even capable to be objective?

          • SSCS4EVER

            I’m VERY objective and I’m also able to read (and understand) scientific research papers stating the pure facts about the toxicity of the whale meat (a thing YOU obviously isn’t able to do) I haven’t a deep and irrational hate for everything that have to do with the Faroese Islands (in fact there is only TWO things I dislike about that place #1 their insane and inhumane whale hunt and #2 that they get a lot of money every year from Denmark which could be used much better elsewhere !!) And to the remark about how the animals are treated in Denmark I’m also VERY engaged in the protests about that so again to sum it up YOU my little Faroese boy are AGAIN making an ass out of yourself!!!And BTW how do you know where I live or doesn’t live?? (Are you also a sick little stalker??)

          • Uttanumtos

            Lovely Nicolai, let me see your imbatable logic:

            1. You assume I am not reading anything. Interesting fact, where did you know I “isn’t” able to do that?

            2. Your sweet Denmark doesn’t give us anything for free. For now they pay for police, the marines they keep here, the military ship and the Danish judges and the Official representant. And it has to pay as long as it keeps these institutions in Faroe Islands. Why are you not talking about the money Faroe islands pays TO Denmark? Why don’t we talk about how Denmark contributed to the economical crises from the ’90’s? Or this is not important?

            3. Who tells you that I am a “boy”? Or Faroese? The nickname? Have you read any of my above comments? I doubt.

            4. I know where you “live or doesn’t live” because not onlyyou had it public for a while, but you’ve managed to make yourself kind of famous (in a very negative way) among Faroese. Should I also mention you are married to Michaela Stoff, an another obsessed like you?Or this was also “classified” and I found out by “stalking” you?

            And yep, you hate Faroe Islands from the bottom of your heart. It ouzes from all of your comments posted all over Facebook. Especially those from “FINOT”, where you are such a lovely administrator.

            By the way, stalkers are those people who feel something towards someone, even if in a wrong way. For me, you are just a bignothing who tries too hard to make people have the same hate towards Faroe Islands.

          • TheHerbalGerbil

            “I’m VERY objective”
            No way. But you’re fucking hilarious; I’ll give you that much.

          • TheHerbalGerbil

            “What Animux is writing is the pure facts and not fiction like the stuff you post !!”


        • Guest

          That’s the reality of the situation.

      • Frenchshore

        The Faroese have sustainably harvested pilot whale for centuries. It forms a part of their diet, a part that would have to be substituted by something else, something that would have to be imported and paid for. I call that an economic need. Faroese doctors “repeatedly” advising against the consumption of pilot whale is a misrepresentation of the facts. We know pilot whales concentrate mercury, both naturally occuring and what is dumped into the oceans by humans. But there is no evidence that mercury in pilot whale meat is having any effect on the Faroese. This show of concern for the health of the Faroese is pretty hypocritical coming form a company that routinely demonizes and blatantly lies about them. Besides, why is it OK to poison whales with mercury as long as no-one eats one? I don’t see any of these self appointed “guardians of the environment” doing anything to stop increasing levels of mercury in the oceans.

        But the issue here is the unjustified attacks on the Faroese. Why does this have to be a “war”? Why can’t Sea Shepherd, if it is so concerned about conservation, treat the Faroese with respect and work with them to ensure sustainability, preserving their communities, their culture, and their environment? Shows pretty clearly that it isn’t about conservation, it’s about the “war”. As long as Sea Shepherd and their supporters can feel like they are somehow heroically saving the environment, conservation means little. And the fact that in it’s over four decades of existence, Sea Shepherd has not saved any species, that several species of marine mammals have gone extinct while they have been unjustly attacking innocent people who are doing nothing to harm the environment, also means little. It’s all about the hero fantasy.

  • Wendy

    And yet the people of the Faroe Islands still kill the pilot whales…. They been advised NOT to eat them… and last year.. how many did you all kill?

  • Wendy

    AnimuX… I feel the same as you do.. I dont understand the reasons they STILL want to continue to kill them.. What is it for?? Ive seen where people from the Islands say.. Woman that are pregnant dont eat them.. we dont allow the children to eat them.. really only older people eat them… So why the need to kill so many?? Its been said THEY ARE NOT allowed to sell them .. But how amazing.. you can buy whale meat from the Islands… Oh and they give it to nursing homes too.. I guess to try to finish off the older people a little faster…

  • Frankie

    Free food, eh? Some of us make an honest living and work hard to pay for our food. Nothing is for free in our society. This is just pure greed and opportunism, not to mention the barbaric cruelty involved. This community will realise the implications of eating dangerous food (just for the sake of a free meal) when it’s too late. Sad but true.

    • Marius Høgnesen

      yes its *free* (except that you need to buy the knife/ropes/hook, rent a car if you don’t have a pickup when its a big pod) but its very hard work, cutting those whales takes hours, around 3-20 hours(depending on the size of the pod), when your saying *Hard work* do you mean by getting pay’d by a company that you work for? working a job for 8 or 12 hours?
      If its *Free* it isn’t hard work, its just opportunism??
      And by Honest Living. Not to killing an animal? feel good about the Mooney you have *earned* and by not being greedy?
      Is it Greed and Opportunism if a person plant’s potatoes for his own use? just because he didn’t pay for it?(except the potato seeds)

      if you where in our situation, you would do the same, do you know, that the faroe Island is the most expensive country in Europe to live in? that’s a fact
      and yet, more people die of smoking cigarette than dying from mercury poisoning, (no one have died/sick of mercury in the faroe island)

      • Molly Isaac

        The pilotwhale meat at the Miklagardur supermarket in Torshavn sells for dkk 89.95/kg . .

        Cumulative low-level mercury exposure won’t kill you, just your brain cells.

        “if you where in our situation, you would do the same, do you know, that the faroe Island is the most expensive country in Europe to live in…”

        If I couldn’t afford food, I’d go back to school, look for a better job or go to a shelter or food bank- No point in punishing myself by eating poisonous , contaminated meat

        • Beitz Evers

          Doesn’t the tuna sold on supermarket shelves in North America and other parts of the world contain mercury also? Do the authorities in those countries want the brain cells of their citizens to die also?

          • Molly Isaac

            All fish contain mercury and other industrial contaminants. The concentration varies and guidelines for safe consumption are published by government agencies.(in N.America FDA, Health Canada) But the highest ,over the benchmark,unsafe levels of methylmercury and pcbs are consistantly found in top predatory marine mammals,including dolphins. A mix of other neurotoxic and carcinogenic POPs and heavy metals (chromium, cadmium etc ) present in dolphins, are also of concern.

          • romika3

            We all know about bio-accumulation and I can give you a list a kilometer long. So don’t bring this into your argument. Everybody has a choice. The bottom line, the SSCS sees an opportunity in the Faroe Islands and they are exploiting it. See below where Mr. Watson outlines his thinking. Don’t come back an say he’s not a member of Greenpeace. He was a founder and this is his philosophy and supports his manic ways…..

          • romika3
        • Uttanumtos

          Molly Isaac, interesting theory you have there. I am an engineer, with a master degree. So from all the degrees only I missed only a PhD. And, still, I have been unemployed for 2 years and I had to accept a job under my professional training and underpaid, because I had no choice. And I am not the only one in this situation. Do you realise we are 48 000 people? What kind of high education jobs do you believe some could get in a tinny economy?

          This is the real life we live here in the Faroe Islands, people like you shouldn’t judge from outside without knowing the realities. Yes, the standard of living is higher than, let’s say, southern Europe, but there are still lots of people who struggle for the daily life, especially the ones on the smaller, more isolated islands. If you would check the recordings, the biggest catches are there, not in the capital.

          There are no shelters and food banks in the Faroe Islands. And by the way, eating whalemeat is a choice, as smoking, drinking, eating high fat foods or sugar. It would be quite funny to see someone coming and forbidding a type of meat or cheese just because they are increasing the cholesterol of people. Or imposing a alchool prohibition over Europe.

          • Molly Isaac

            “There are no shelters and food banks in the Faroe Islands”

            There are some limited services available to women ,families , the disabled and homeless , especially in Torshavn. But there should be many more if the reality is that “all” people ,including “the poor” on smaller ,more isolated islands are entitled to basic needs… namely food , water and shelter.

            ” Highly contaminated meat “that was declared “unfit for human consumption” by highly respected Faroese government health officials years ago (2008) ,is not and should not be considered “food”.- unless of course the Faroese government considers the poor as “2nd class citizens” and undeserving of consideration or regulated protection in regards to their health. Does the government just not care ?

            Could this be why there are not ,at the very least, government imposed restrictions (as there are for cigarette and alcohol consumption) for the most vulnerable to the effects of dangerous neurotoxins – young Faroese children and adolescents ?

          • Uttanumtos

            No kidding, Molly, now the govern is responsible for howand what people eat? Are we in communism here? Is the govern supposed to come and forbid me what to put on my plate? This is absolutely ridiculous.

            The study of Pál Weihe was made public by the media, it has been discussed several times on the radio, in the newspapers and on TV. THAT is the way people can be made aware, not by the govern issuing ultimatums. And by the way, half of the lack of trust people manifest towards Pál Weihe’s study is exactly because of this whole hysteria about the whalehunt. Maybe you should learn that not by pressuring people, you’ll obtain results, but that ship has sailed.

            Young children and teenagers. Hmm, so according to you there is no other wrong thing in the world except the whalemeat. Interesting conception. My husband grew up with whalemeat and other matured meat they call traditional food, here in the Faroese. Not only he is an intelligent man and highly educated, but he’s also completely healthy. So, where are those effects of the toxines contained in the whalemeat showing off? Yes, it’s true, I don’t deny the meat is contaminated and that’s definitely because of pollution, but not to the extend people like you like to make the others believe. I don’t believe people here are more sick than in other countries, on the contrary, I haven’t seen too many places where people live till 100 and in a good way. Yes, there are health problems, but many of them are caused also by the poor genetic heritage. This is another issue that the critics are letting, conveniently aside.

            Doesn’t exist the notion of “second class citizen”, don’t twist quickly what I write. Exist people who have more or less, as any other country in this word. It’s normal when one live on an island with 200 inhabitants, very isolated in times of storm and where people hardly have other job than sailors or fishermen, to be quite far from the life comodities. And for now, Faroe Islands has a pretty good social protection for such a minuscule place and that helps a lot but not enough, this whole wellfare being maintained by the industrial fishing, another thing that people like to criticise.

            PS. All of those “limited services” you were talking about are provided not by the govern, but by different relligious rites.

          • romika3

            Excellent… Would love to visit. Our lsland lays 3383 km SW of yours. Similar issues and great people…

          • Molly Isaac

            I’ll make this brief -Government “For ” the people,elected by the people is a government comprised of elected officials whose interests should be to protect the health and well-being of all citizens,- not self-serving politicians who are more concerned about being re-elected and therefore avoid the prospect of making necessary, but unpopular decisions on behalf of their constituents.

            The present government sanctioned recommendations that youth and young children can safely consume contaminated meat that is “unfit for human consumption” once a month or so, is as ludicrous and irresponsible as recommending they drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes once a month.

          • Uttanumtos

            Molly you are incredibly patronising and arrogant and discussion has to go one way and that’s your way. I have answered to your statements one by one and yet, you ignore everythig that I write. So then, my question is: if you have already issued a verdict towards Faroese people, govern and so on, why do you feel the need to continue this endless tirade? Just to have the last word and to feel being “superior” to us, the “uneducated” ones whose “lack” of intelligence doesn’t allow us to see what the dangers are?

          • romika3

            So what are you doing interfering in the affairs of the good people of the Fareo Islands….

          • TheHerbalGerbil

            “The present government sanctioned recommendations that youth and young children can safely consume contaminated meat that is “unfit for human consumption” once a month or so, is as ludicrous and irresponsible as recommending they drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes once a month.”

            It’s just once a month.

            Also, try telling that to the French.

          • romika3

            The SSCS, PETA, HSUS have stated the same. Wanting the fishermen of eastern Canada to give up fishing and get jobs at Walmart, McDonalds and similar chains. Of course there are no such business in small rural communities. These comments demonstrate how out of touch subscribers of these organizations are with the issues.

        • romika3

          Sooooooo…. are you saying that Watson and his crew have consumed to much fish and are brain dead…

        • Uttanumtos

          Molly, one more thing. You seem very informed about prices and what they sell in Miklagarður (at least if you write the name of the shop, learn to spell it right!) …. Interesting fact is that we are buying our groceries from that particular supermarket twice a week and still, except some Norwegian whale meat I saw for very short periode of time last year, I haven’t encounter any Faroese whale meat. Maybe it was there for a short periode. I’d offer to take pictures of all the fridges but you’ll find a way of accusing me of lieing anyway. And one more thing, because “activists” are so keen in waving ONE picture in our faces, it was p r e p a r e d meat. That implies some time spent to do that and spices and that means it has to have a price. The meat that results from the hunt, again, is divided free of cost to the people who are there.

    • TheHerbalGerbil

      “This community” has been eating that “dangerous food” for 400 years without serious ill effect, so keep dreaming.

  • Skylerbrooke

    What would the show be about, all they did was go there and leave before the hunt started, what a yawn fest this would be. Of course we can always count on faux drama from the faux captain…

    Will they have a special court episode too? THAT would be a good watch. Fish & Fish or the ICR lawsuit, you decide.

    Gotta sell something those lawyers aren’t cheap, save the lawyers DONATE NOW!! The plaintiffs want some $$

    If I work for the ICR too, ask them where my check is when you see them in court, LOL paid, I wish.

  • KPinSEA

    Watson’s cultural imperialism is abhorrent to me. I don’t expect Saudis to come over to America and tell our women how to live, and it’s exactly what he does — get in the face of other cultures and tell them to submit to his fanaticism or else.

    He is not helping, he is only raising nationalist feelings amongst the cultures he targets. As a Washinton native, his cult’s presence in my state simply embarrasses me.

  • romika3

    Well: In reviewing the posts in this thread there seems to be a general consensus that the SSCS is exploiting an opportunity to raise their profile, raise money on the backs of the Faroese and provide another opportunity for Paul Watson to struct his stuff in front of the camera. Watson did it before with the fishermen of Eastern Canada by attacking people and culture participating in a legal, managed and sustainable harvest. He is doing in the Southern Ocean were the Japanese are exploiting a legal “loop hole’ . In the southern ocean Watson sees an opportunity to practice his pseudo- pirate, Team America puppetry and Star Wars, man against the dark side, fantasies on the backs of hardworking fishermen and by exploiting youth and want-to-be heros who purchase his tee shirts and pretend they are saving the world at cocktail parties….

  • kvalurin

    faroese people kill whales, for the food, it is a free meal, when tou live in the middle of the atlantic, is everything expensive to bring enything to the country. and if you know enything else then that propaganda from watson&co, 20 years ago whale killing in the faroese was brutal, but threw the years its becoming les and les brutal, the weapon they use now is not completly BUT almost painless for the whale. 20-30 years ago it took 1min to kill a whale, 5 years ago it took 30 sec, and now with the modern weapon it takes less then 10 sec. after 400 years experiance dont you think that they gott better to kill them, every whale last 4oo years is written down,
    soe dont come with bullshit that faroese are barbaric, last 50 years there have been only 3 murders in the faroes, we dont kill pigs, chicken, cows and on and on.
    ps and the last murder wasent evan a faroese guy that did in.

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