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Discovery Announces 'Whale Wars: Viking Shores' Premiere DateDiscovery Announces 'Whale Wars: Viking Shores' Premiere Date

Discovery Announces 'Whale Wars' Spinoff Premiere Date

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Whale Wars, Animal Planet’s series following the Antarctic anti-whaling campaigns of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, seems to keep growing in popularity. More viewers are sure to tune in for this year’s season after Operation Divine Wind ended with the whaling fleet heading home early.

Last year, Animal Planet announced that a spinoff of the popular series would be coming. The spinoff would feature Sea Shepherd’s campaign in the Faroe Islands against an annual season of pilot whale slaughters, known as “the Grind.” Now, after reports that some viewers have already seen a preview, Discovery has shared an official premiere date.

According to a press releaseWhale Wars: Viking Shores will premiere Friday, April 27 at 8pm ET/PT. The five-part series follows the Sea Shepherds during Operation Ferocious Isles which took place last summer. “The Faroe Islands are a self-governing Danish Territory of 50,000 people – descendants of Vikings, bound by proud tradition who have fished these waters for thousands of years. But there is a dark shadow over this beautiful land. Every year, Faroese people gather to herd pilot whales to their shallow shores to be killed for their meat, which is a food source,” said Discovery’s press release.

However, Sea Shepherd contests the hunters’ claims that the pilot whale meat is a needed food source, citing the high standard of living in the Faroe Islands and the availability of other food. They have also taken photos of many of the pilot whales’ bodies left underwater, and say that the hunters are not killing the whales for meat but mostly for sport and tradition. Sea Shepherd has also documented the slaughter and taken photos of the end results, capturing images of hundreds of dead pilot whales including pregnant females, and babies.

Although Sea Shepherd says they were able to prevent Grinds during their time in the Faroes last year, Discovery says the series will be packed with drama like its Whale Wars predecessor. “With over 20 killing beaches spread across 18 islands, stopping this hunt won’t be easy. For the first time in the history of the Whale Wars saga, the Sea Shepherds are not only at sea but also deploying a covert team to patrol the streets, interact with locals and carry out undercover missions. Each one-hour episode follows the Sea Shepherd’s land-air-sea campaign led by Paul Watson as they try to find the whales before the locals do. A hunt can happen at any moment, and the Sea Shepherds are vastly outnumbered in a new kind of face-to-face battle.”

Do you plan on tuning in to watch another Sea Shepherd campaign?


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  • If I had cable, sure as shit I would!

  • On Dre


  • romika3

    “Operation Ferocious Isles “, what a mockery of a people. Here we go again. Paul Watson and his group of upper middle class want to be heros attacking and demonizing an island of 50 000 people who hang on in the middle of the North Atlantic. Again, the pilot whales are not endangered or threaten, the harvest is managed but again blood and water, slick editing makes for good money.

    • Paladin

      Please, “Managed”…
      What other type of “managed” hunting allows pregnant females and infants to be hunted?
      Oh and by the way, most of the volunteers are MAYBE middle class. Oh, and they VOLUTEER. No pay.

      • romika3

        Perhaps you might read up on the topic of resources management. The term “infant” does not apply to whales. Most hunters are not paid, only commercial harvesters. Read up on the management of the SSCS organization…..

        • Joesolo

          Infant means a child older than a new born but still very young. It dosnt “not apply” to a species because you want to kill them.

          • romika3

            Sorry to disappoint you but the term “child” or “infant” does not apply to whales. This is a common technique employed by SSCS. The personification of non-human species for the purpose of tugging at heart strings and therefore wallets!!

          • Captain Paul Watson

            Give it up Romika. You’re spinning your wheels and impressing noone. We know you get paid by the ICR for every post which really makes you a whore for the whaling industry. So here’s your opportunity to lie on your back and respond to me for another few dollars on the nightstand beside your bed.

          • romika3

            Sorry, Mr. Watson but we are not spinning our wheels.. In fact we have made headway! Your activity is reduced on Youtube. Subscribers (those who buy tees shirts and make denotations from their piggy banks are realizing that your organization is just a reality TV show and that is it. And of course you are well aware that I do not work for ICR!!

          • Catain Paul Watson

            I see you managed to waggle a few more bucks from the ICR with that comment Romika3. No I am very aware of who you work for. Now as for reducing our impact – please! Our organzation has grown by 20% over the last 12 months and we are securing a 4th ship. You are simply deluding yourself. You can deny who you represent but it is clear that you are a paid troll constantly on the attack at every opportunity sitting behind your monitor probing the internet doing your job and I can understand you have a need to impress your bosses at the ICR but they need only look at our official annual reports to see that you have failed to make a dent in our effectiveness.

          • romika3

            Reality TV, pseudo pirates, promoting terrorism as a tool for change, jewelry and tee shirts can rob a lot of piggy banks. Sorry to burst you bubble but most of the SSCS subscribers are youth and individuals who are looking for an easy way to tell their friends, at cocktail parties, that they are saving the world.. Buy a tee shirt and your a member! So buddy, your heading for the Fareo Islands, to make money off the backs of a people who have been holding on in the North Atlantic, just the Newfoundlanders.!!!! Do you know that pilot whales are far from endangered. What about that dolphin in New Zealand, only 55 left, on the brink of extinction. The commercial fishery is to blame, why don’t you go and attach them at least to can justify it from a conservation perspective…!!

          • 123

            Humans aren’t an endangered species so its okay is we kill them too, right??? Your argument sucks, Romika 3

          • romika3

            Your argument is hollow..

    • Oh hey it’s the troll Romika.

      • romika3

        I seems that subscribers to the SSCS label anybody who posts information that goes against what Watson promotes has a troll.

        • Joesolo

          It has more to do with the fact you show up on EVERY SINGLE story about them and complain. Try using a different username once in a while 😛

          • romika3

            “you show up on EVERY SINGLE story about them and complain”. Perhaps you should read my posts, they are not complaints!!!!

    • Captain Paul Watson

      Romika 3 is paid by the Japanese Institute for Ceteacean Reserch (ICR) to post anti Sea Shepherd and pro-whaling comments on social networks. It’s a full time job for him obviously because he is all over every article and postings with his negative comments about Sea Shepherd and whales. We’re glad that our work keeps poor little Romika 3 employed. What ever would he do without us?

      • romika3

        Sorry to burst your bubble but you are not Mr. Watson!!!

      • Eiji Nakano

        One of stereo-type comment of Pro-SSCS. But actually SSCS is the one who working only money and never made real contribution for conservation.

  • Marcel

    Will watch it ! Whale Wars is best series on Animal Planet.

  • DeeCee

    Of course I’ll be watching !! Many of us love and admire Paul & all the Volunteers within SS

  • romika3

    “Maui’s dolphins of New Zealand, the planet’s smallest species of dolphin, are in danger of extinction, there are only 55 left”. Why isn’t Paul Watson there rather than up in the middle of the north Atlantic demonizing the people of the Faroe islands who are harvesting from a sustainable and healthy population of pilot whales that are far from being endangered???? The answer is simple, there is no blood, there is no opportunity to demonize a culture and people and the there is no opportunity to make money….Watson says it all in this clip…… there is no money in dolphins..

    • romika3

      opps…. here is the clip…


    • Paulwatson

      Why are you not there Romika? We are defending dolphins in Taiji, Japan and we just worked with the government in Switzerland to ban the import of dolphins into Switzerland. There is only so much we can do and we try to do the best we can on the budget we have. You however work for the ICR and you’re paid to post your nonsense.

      • romika3

        Watson, you know and I know that you are an exploiter and a myth maker. You said it yourself, you go where the money is and here is no money to be made on the Maui Dolphins…

        • Fuck you punk. What a tiny little person you are. You are not fit to lick his ass.

    • Why are you such a fucking asshole, asshole?

      • Karl Malloy

        How to internet:
        1) be civil
        2) do not reply to one year old messages

        • Who the fuck are you to lecture me? Fuck off.

          • Karl Malloy

            OK, I’ll stop making suggestions that will help you not look like a fool and simply let everyone see that you are one.

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