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10 Awesome Environmental Ads

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Pictured above: An ad from the World Wildlife Fund depicting the “lungs of the earth” being destroyed through deforestation.

Organizations and non-profits that want to help the environment often turn to advertisements to catch the attention of the public. The best ones are often controversial, inspiring, motivational or make us stop to think. Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund are the top contenders for awesome environmental ads, but a few other groups have also launched impressive campaigns seeking to stop global warming and help the environment. If you’re looking to start an advertising campaign of your own, you may want to recruit the services of a creative agency leicester who could be able to put together some amazing advertisements that could be seen by millions of people.

We scoured hundreds of environmental advertising campaigns to come up with a list of the 10 awesome environmental ads out in the world today. Here are our picks:

10. UNICEF Clean Drinking Water Campaign

UNICEF’s environmental ad seeking clean drinking water is stark and brilliant. A puff of water that is shaped as a bomb (or a tree depending on your perspective) stands to the left while a small blurb reads, “1.5 million children die every year from drinking polluted water.” The message is very poignant.

9. IFAW.org Save the Elephant Campaign

The International Fund for Animal Welfare saves animals. The goal of the group is to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals throughout the world, provide assistance to animals in need and to advocate on behalf of animal populations to end cruelty and depletion. IFAW’s elephant campaign ad has impact and asks, “Will only words remain?”

8. Greenpeace “The Greatest Wonder of the Sea” Campaign

“The greatest wonder of the sea is that it still exists,” reads Greenpeace’s environmental campaign for the sea and all of its creatures. The ad features an underwater setting with water, coral, reef and rock. But it draws the audience attention with rows and rows of endless discarded plastic and glass bottles.

7. Ecoeduca Global Warming Campaign

Ecoeduca’s global warming campaign shows a disturbing image of a homeless polar bear with her cub. The polar bears are living in a box in a city-like dwelling. Block-letter words speak volumes, “Global warming is leaving many homeless.” Ecoeduca’s ad shows exactly who global warming is effecting.

ecoeduca polar bear

6. World Wildlife Fund “Preserve Your World” Campaign

WWF comes up with awe-inspiring, intriguing and beautiful ads. Many of the environmental ads throughout the “Preserve Your World” campaign are brilliantly composed. The faces found in nature are powerful when used with the tagline, “Preserve Your World. Preserve Yourself.”

5. Goias, Brazil “Fist” Environmental Awareness Campaign

An advertisement that made its way all around the world, thanks to the internet, shows that Brazil cares about its environment. A large cloud shaped fist is positioned over an entire city and the ad reads, “What goes around, comes around.” A smaller area on the sign reads, “Global Warming. Do your part to change that.”

4. Greenpeace “Stop the Catastrophe”

Sometimes black and gray images speak volumes about an issue. Greenpeace’s “Stop the Catastrophe” campaign shows a black and gray photo of a lonesome ancient tree. The area surrounding the tree is stark, no other trees surround this beautiful giant. A long man with an ax stands at the base of the mighty tree. Many would want to stop the catastrophe by jumping into the photo to stop the man from wielding his deadly ax.

3. Friends of the Earth, Belgium Global Warming Campaign

Friends of the Earth in Belgium released an ad to the public that was disturbing, thoughtful, and poignant. The ad shows a polar bear having to remove his hide to keep up with the climate changes happening in the world. The campaign states boldly, “The earth is heating up,” and asks for people to sign a petition asking the Belgium government for a strong climate law.

2. World Wildlife Fund “Rubbish”

WWF’s “Rubbish” campaign shows varying animals created from rubbish piles. Each rubbish design looks exactly like the animal it is supposed to represent. The one that stood out most prominently was the beautiful buck standing on a hill until you get closer to the picture and realize that it isn’t a buck and it isn’t a hill; it is just piles and piles of rubbish. The campaign motto reads, “Rubbish can be recycled, nature cannot.” It is a pretty moving campaign advertisement.

1. World Wildlife Fund “Stop Climate Change”

WWF plays on evolution or what some might call de-evolution in an attempt to get people to pay attention to the environment and stop climate change. The portrait of a man-fish states, “Stop climate change, before it changes you.” The photo makes us look and the words make us think which makes the WWF’s environmental ad awesome.

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  • Talya Honor23

    These are mindblowing and so so fantastic!

  • tushi43

    Wow. I’m stunned. The imagery presented here, could save our Earth from the avarice and ignorance of man. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, and ecologically literate in presentation. All of these images present a view of our dying Earth and the plethora of ways man is killing her.

  • McGygas

    I love the Second

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