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Pamela Anderson calls on the UEFA to make a statement against the killings of animals before the football games.Pamela Anderson calls on the UEFA to make a statement against the killings of animals before the football games.

Pamela Anderson Calls Out Ukraine for Stray Dog Slaughter

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Playboy model and PETA activist Pamela Anderson has decided to stand up for the voiceless stray dogs in the Ukraine. She called on the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to react to the mass slaughter of homeless animals by Ukrainian “street-cleaning squads” ahead of the Euro 2012 football tournament.

The tournament will be hosted by the Ukraine and Poland. Anderson asked Michel Platini, the UEFA president, to give publicity to the reality and seriousness of the slaughters of homeless animals happening on the streets of the Ukraine. She became aware of the mass slaughters taking place after PETA unveiled footage of the “street-cleaning squads” getting rid of stray dogs by surrounding them and then hanging them. The actress wrote a letter to Plantini on behalf of PETA’s German branch.

Anderson’s letter to Platini reads, “As the event’s host, UEFA is responsible for the animals’ sufferings for the same of this football championship. UEFA should be a role model for all parties involved in this event and take a stand in favor of protecting Ukraine’s homeless animals. Please show the ‘red card’ to cruelty to animals by demanding that the Ukrainian government stop the mass killings of homeless dogs.”

PETA Germany claims that many football players have gone public in criticizing Ukrainian authorities for the torture of homeless animals and have demanded that more humane methods be sought out to deal with the animal crisis.

It is estimated that 7,000 dogs a month are being shot, poisoned or hanged in the Ukraine as part of the “clean-up” ahead of the UEFA football game. The animal cruelty was exposed late last year by The People, yet six months later the cruelty is still going on and puppies are being piled up in bins and thrown away like trash after being crippled by poison.

PETA’s Ben Wilson told The People, “While the country is spending hundreds of millions of Euros building shiny new stadiums, the dogs are paying the ultimate price for this cruel country to host Euro 2012. We urge football fans to register their disgust and help us end the massacre, which is tainting a beautiful game with the blood of thousands of innocent animals.”

Rena Child/ Shutterstock.com

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  • Q: What would PETA do with the dogs???
    A: Kill them.


    • SFOguy

      YOU WAKE UP. PETA is at least trying to do something about the vastly overpopulated pet community because people don’t have the common sense to get their dogs and cats spayed and neutered while unregulated puppy mills churn out thousands more. Not to mention that these wonderful animals are at least put down humanely by PETA – not poisoned, hanged or shot and left to die as in Ukraine. So, there you go “preachur” – if all you can do is criticize, then you’re just PART OF THE PROBLEM. Pass on some good, sensible ideas and then, maybe, you can be part of the SOLUTION.

      • Kayak21

        If PETA was serious then they could spare some of their $23 Million dollar budget to at least operate one adoption center. And the animals euthanized by PETA in the court case where perfectly fine for adoption. PETA had promised to find them homes, but instead took them out to their van and killed them then dumped the bodies in a dumpster.

        As for myself all of my pets are adopted from rescues — what have YOU done? I’m really glad PETA did not get a hold of my three legged dog as they would have simply killed him.

        Maybe you should wake up?

  • Mike

    People who critize PETA are animal haters and ignorant. They don’t like seeing animals rescued. PETA does an amazing job, and everyone knows that! It is the largest animal rights organization in the world and will remain that way. Also gotta love Pam Anderson for her continuous work for animals.

    • Kaya21

      The comment above is ignorant!! I critize PETA because they have a $23 Million dollar budget and seem to be more preoccupied with the next flash in the pan celeb to pose naked then actually run even ONE adoption center!!

      All of my pets are adopted from REAL animal rescues — What have you done??

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