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Carrie Underwood discusses marriage and vegan diet with Ellen DeGeneresCarrie Underwood discusses marriage and vegan diet with Ellen DeGeneres

WATCH: Carrie Underwood’s Husband Opening Up to Veganism

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In March, we reported about Carrie Underwood’s transition from vegetarian to 95 percent vegan. Yesterday, she appeared on “The Ellen Show” where she opened up about her marriage and how her hockey player husband, Mike Fisher, is handling her veganism.

While Ellen DeGeneres praised Underwood for her veganism, the talk show host asked how her husband is dealing with it.

“I mean, obviously it’s one more…’Let’s make my life more complicated’ kind of thing,” she said. “But he’s all right. He’s actually getting better. I’ll offer to make him something I’m making myself and he’ll say ‘sure.’”

DeGeneres suggested Underwood try her personal chef Roberto Martin’s cookbook, “Vegan Cooking for Carnivores.” It’s for people who want to feel like they’re eating meat, but all the recipes are cruelty-free.

Underwood wants to be a good cook, so this sounds like good practice. She and her hubby are still learning how to compromise, but maybe Underwood can push him into more of a healthy diet. After all, he is a hockey player and needs all the strength he can get.

Photo Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

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  • Diana

    I know a couple of people who were Vegans that started to eat meat agains because they said they had no energy when they were a vegan. So if that is the case isn’t it smarter for him to eat meat since he is an athlete.

    • Jenny

      Like any diet, you have to plan accordingly. You can’t decide to go vegan and then only eat the french fries and soda from your McDonald’s value meal. I remember the first time I decided to go vegetarian as a teenager, I would eat a Snickers bar and Dr Pepper for lunch every day and then wonder why I was exhausted. Because I was naive and ill-informed at that time. Likewise, if you are only eating sprouts and tofu, well that’s just boring and you’re not going to last long on that plan either. Now in my 30’s and having successfully made the switch first to full time vegetarian then, vegan for over 7 years, I can honestly say I have WAY more energy then ever in my life before. It was a learning process because our western society is a meat/dairy based one. Therefore it takes much more thought when first starting out. However, once you get past that learning curve, it becomes as easy as deciding to brush your teeth. I do not miss it at all. Ever. I only wish I’d done it sooner. I’m also more active than the average person as I’m a runner and kickboxing instructor. My intention is not to try and push my lifestyle on anyone else, but to simply inform others that if making the switch is one you might consider, it is more than possible and beneficial; to your help, the environment and let’s not forget, the animals. All the best to you.

    • Jo

      the couple you knew probably were’nt having a good vegan diet, you only have to look at vegans like the Williams sisters, Carl Lewis and Mike Tyson to know that a plant based diet is better for your health as well as the animals, planet, world hunger etc Just visit the “vegan athletes” website!!

  • Ashley

    In response to the prior message, they were probably not eating enough calories and therefore didn’t have enough energy. Veganism is wonderful for the body, the animals and the planet. It’s the most compassionate way to live.

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