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Sarah Silverman's Stand on Adoption Strikes a Nerve

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It is no secret that comedian Sarah Silverman can stir up her fair share of controversy, but her most recent comments about adoption have hit a nerve with some people. Although her analogy might strike some as harsh, some might agree that she has a point.

During an appearance on “The Conversation with Amanda De Cadenet” Sarah Silverman, who hopes to adopt in the future in a bid to avoid passing on her own problems with depression to a child, explained:

“We live in Los Angeles, where everybody is like, ‘Don’t get your dog from a breeder, get your dog from a shelter…’ and I agree, but don’t get your people from a breeder. There are human puppies in shelters and it’s odd that that never seems to be a connection that people make.”

“If you’re not OK with yourself… it’s easier to love a dog than a person in need because you don’t see all the things you hate about yourself reflected back in the eyes of a dog. If Africa was full of springer spaniels dying of AIDS and starvation we’d probably take care of it in a day.”

I see what she is saying with her comparison and I have often thought the same thing. It has always baffled me how little attention some people pay to children in need. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. I have a dog and two cats, one rescued from a farm. However, I will certainly go on record saying I love children more.

While most people understand that adopting a child is far more work than adopting a dog, more ads and publicity should be brought to the countless kids in foster care. There are hundreds of animal shelter ads that air regularly and bring a tear to our eyes. Yet where are the ads that reflect the number of children abandoned and growing up in our public care systems? Where are the the statistics that highlight the level of abuse many of these kids will face when bounced from one foster home to another.

I have heard people make the argument that adopting a child is taking on too much risk. As if they will all surely come too damaged to handle. Yet people will adopt an abused dog for the specific reason of rehabilitation. Is it just too much work to rehabilitate and nurture a child? I guess that is a decision that each person would have to make. I think I personally would be up for the challenge.

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  • MirahMirah

    There were other things Sarah said that struck a nerve. She said she doesn’t want kids but would adopt. HUH? WASSUP with that? You either want kids or your don’t.

    Also, she is concerned about a child inheriting her depression – where’s the concern for a child being raised by a depressed mother???

    Her comparison to the dog pound is right on! Many within the adoption community recognize that with a website called PoundPuppyLegacy written by adoptees!

  • TJP

    Why are you trying to take attention away from the animal shelters. Theres no reason to be taking attention from another important issue. To say you love children more is sick. Can you not love them equally? There are so many animals in shelters DYING! People have a voice and a choice…animals do not.

  • Adri

    The problem I have with her comments is that she sort of suggests we are more sympathetic to puppies than babies. The charitable giving statistics indicate the exact opposite and it is unfortunate to perpetuate that myth. Animals and the environment combined received less than 2% of all charitable dollars in 2010, whereas primarily children’s charities received the most: http://www.nps.gov/partnerships/fundraising_individuals_statistics.htm

  • Nia

    What gets me is when people spend thousands and thousands of dollars for in vitro and other procedures because they sooooo desperately want a child. If you want a child why not adopt one? Not only are you not putting yourself through all the stress of procedures and medications, you’re spending way less money and saving a life. A most recent example that disturbed me was Kathy Preston or whoever Travolta’s wife is.

    • dsafdssf

      it actually costs way more to adopt than it does for IVF

      • LC

        Not if you foster to adopt

  • saresare

    “If Africa was full of springer spaniels dying of AIDS and starvation we’d probably take care of it in a day.”
    Uh… is she ignoring the millions upon millions of stray dogs in places like India and Indonesia, etc, that are dying of disease and starvation and that humans seem to enjoy poisoning and shooting?
    No, we would not “take care of it in a day.” Because it is actually happening and few people realise or care. She needs to get her facts right.

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