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'Dallas' star Larry Hagman reflecs on vegan diet and how it's changed his life for the better'Dallas' star Larry Hagman reflecs on vegan diet and how it's changed his life for the better

‘Dallas’ Star Larry Hagman Reflects on Vegan Diet

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Larry Hagman is known for his role as J.R. Ewing on the popular hit series “Dallas,” but he recently became a fan favorite when he turned vegan. Let’s just say the actor doesn’t miss meat one bit.

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2011, Hagman changed his diet to a meatless one to help him in the battle. He is now cancer free.

In a recent interview, Hagman reflected on his vegan journey, “After the first couple of months, I didn’t miss anything. I’ve lost 30 pounds; I feel better and have more energy. I’m doing good. Working at 80 is kind of nice.”

Back in January the 80-year-old discussed his transition, “The first thing I did when I was diagnosed was to turn vegan. Now I live on fresh vegetable drinks which taste like c**p but which I firmly believe have helped me get through this thing.”

To fully commit to his vegan diet, he hired an organic chef, purchased an industrial sized juicer and took part in strength training, all to stay strong.

The legendary actor noted he wasn’t sure he would stay 100 percent vegan, “I’ve become a bit of a vegan nut but I believe it’s kept me strong. I will probably reintroduce fish and eggs in a couple of weeks but meat is gone forever, and so is milk. I don’t want those hormones and steroids in my body.”

Hagman’s new eating habits have done his body good, and based on his most recent comments, it seems that nearly 6 months later, he’s still fully vegan.

If you want to see Hagman’s portrayal of J.R. you can catch him on TNT’s revival of “Dallas” this Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST.

Photo Credit: Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com

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  • Hobomed1

    Interesting how he doesn’t think a poor fish = meat.

    • Aloha31

      Yeah, too bad some people can’t make a karmic (or golden rule, or whatever else you want to call it) connection to this sort of stuff.

  • Beccaolihan

    Proof is in the pudding!!!!
    Plant strong is the only way to maintain and enjoy life fully!!
    Finally just crossed the line to being vegan. Two weeks in and I feel great! I am inspired and excited, my energy is finally coming back. My head is getting clearer by the day.
    I feel great….plant strong forever!!!

  • Ted

    If you are eating soy products which have not been FERMENTED, then stop.
    Soy is not food for humans. Educate yourself on the matter. I gave up soy many years ago.

  • Katta

    Are you eating soy products Larry? It may help you some with your cancer, but the soy is doing a number on your liver and endocrine system. Are you aware of that Larry?

  • kaylarae

    Great news about Larry Hagman going vegan! Stick with it, JR!

  • Heather

    he’s death warmed over. he killed himself already by drinking for 60 years.

    • How has he lived 60 years if he’s killed himself?

  • Sarah

    Awesome! Although last I checked, fish was meat too.

  • and now… he is died.

    We love you Larry!!

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