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Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol donated $350,000 to save pets in Puerto Rico.Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol donated $350,000 to save pets in Puerto Rico.

Rob Thomas Gives $350k To Save Homeless Pets in Puerto Rico

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Talk about a “smooth” move: Matchbox 20 frontman Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol just shelled out big bucks to help save homeless pets in Puerto Rico.

As we told you last week, the Thomases were asking for donations to help animal rescue organization Pets Alive, a group they have long supported. At the time, the couple was attempting to garner funds for the Puerto Rico branch of the New York-based rescue, which works to save numerous animals from a tragic fate at “Dead Dog Beach.”

Now, thanks to the Thomas’ generous donation of $350,000, the dream is becoming a reality.

Teddy Hilton reports that the Puerto Rican branch of Pets Alive utilized the funds to build a sanctuary in Utuado, PR. Now that it’s fully up and running, animals rescued in Puerto Rico can be cared for immediately, instead of being transported to the New York facilities. This not only speeds up the rescue process, but also allows the organization to save more animals overall. In fact, as of Wednesday, the sanctuary was already home to 6 mama dogs and their 41 puppies.

Although the sanctuary a huge step in the right direction for Puero Rican strays, the organization still needs financial help. According to the website:

“It had been so difficult in the past because we had no site there. We could pull just a few dogs at a time, get them vetted and then get them to the States where they were adopted out. This method made little impact since without spaying and neutering, the dogs left behind reproduce, resulting in a vicous cycle that left us always swimming upstream to try to save them all.

“Too long the choice for animal loving Puerto Ricans has been to pay money they don’t have to keep their pets, or abandon them somewhere because they can not afford to get them help.  We will end that practice and we will extend our hand to all the people and animals – and offer them help.

“We are asking you to join us in this mission to save these lives. Please help us pay for just ONE dog’s life, or even PART of that.”

To join the Pets Alive mission, head over to the website, or check out their Facebook page, which also features some pretty adorable photos of rescued puppies.

Nice work, Rob and Marisol!

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  • Joan

    Thank you so much for your generous donation to save the animals.

  • Good job, Robb and Marisol!

  • Laura Manz

    Thank you!!!! Thank you for being a hero and savior for these poor dogs.

  • good work bhuwan chander

  • MK204

    What a sweetheart. It does my heart good to hear stories like this. Bravo Rob and Marisol. A big thank you from me. Are cats included in the rescue?

  • $76773

    what a wonderful deed…. thank you so much for helping these innocent animals. Rob and Marisol are very generous indeed!

  • From a puerto rican , and a fan, a heartfelt big thank you to you both, much love!

  • mharket

    Waooo, Thanks from Puerto Rico

  • Lydia Vazquez

    Thank for your hope! God bless you!

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