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30% of omnivores refuse to date vegetarians30% of omnivores refuse to date vegetarians

30 Percent of Omnivores Wouldn't Date a Vegetarian

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We know it can sometimes feel as though there’s little love for vegetarians – see Anthony Bourdain’s vegan villains or that family down the street from you with the “Save a Cow, Eat a Vegetarian” bumper sticker – but now it’s getting personal!

According to a Today.com survey of 4,000 Match.com users ages 18-75, while an overwhelming 96% of self-described vegetarians agreed that they would consider dating an omnivore, 30% of omnivores stated that they would refuse to date a vegetarian or vegan. Further demographic breakdown was unavailable. For singles looking for a serious relationship it’s important to always speak the truth and what’s on your mind. DatingPilot recommends: don’t lie about your feelings and be honest, only then you can find a partner that truly fits to your lifestyle, and it seems for many omnivores the idea of dating a vegetarian doesn’t fit so well.

And vegetarians are supposed to be the sanctimonious ones! At least those hoping to avoid the hummus-or-haggis question in their search for love can frequent a handful of available veg-only online dating sites.

What do you think? Are you now or have you been in an inter-meat relationship? Do you prefer that your partner’s consumption match your own ethics? Would you change your eating habits to please a partner – or expect the reverse?

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  • jadedmystery

    When I first started dating my boyfriend he was a meat eater and he didn’t want to date a vegetarian. He asked why I was a vegetarian and I told him and it really made him think about what he was eating which he never did before. Now he’s been a vegetarian for 9 years and says he would never go back.

  • geohampe

    Well, i am incredibly lucky to be married to a wonderful man and also to have made the decision to first go vegetarian and then vegan together, but, if that was not the case and i was single, knowing what i know now about meat production i have stated to many people that i would NEVER date a so called omnivore. I would never want to kiss the lips/mouth that had steak juice in them. To me that is simply gross, but like i said, the lips i kiss are fully vegan, so more kisses for me 🙂

  • veggieflute

    I am a vegetarian and my husband is not. It’s been very simple. He eats a lot of vegetarian meals. Sometimes he’ll take a meal I made and add a little chicken or turkey to it. He also makes himself a can of tuna. It’s only a big deal, if one makes it an issue. I never feel tempted to eat meat (or fish) and he doesn’t feel the need to try to make me eat that stuff. Besides, he’s learned the awesomeness that is Dandies. lol

  • Michelle

    I’m vegetarian and my partner is carnivore. We met and came together years before I became veg, so it really wasn’t an issue then. If I was single and looking today, I’d prefer a veg*n over a meat eater, but wouldn’t definitely say no. I think the reason these carnivores said no to dating a veg*n is because eating meat in front of them will make them feel guilty, which they don’t want to feel.

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