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Arian Foster embraces vegan diet and maintains lead as NFL rusherArian Foster embraces vegan diet and maintains lead as NFL rusher

Despite Vegan Diet, Arian Foster Leads as Favorite NFL Rusher

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When Houston Texans running back Arian Foster announced he was going vegan, it caused quite the controversy, and still is the topic of some conversations. However, the disputes haven’t made Foster lose focus with his diet and in the game.

According to NESN, Foster is considered the favorite this season to lead NFL in rushing yards. In 2010, he won the rushing title with 1,616 yards and even though he slipped to 1,224 yards one season ago it hasn’t hurt him. Nor has his planet-based lifestyle, as the odds are definitely not against him.

It seems Foster still has to prove what he eats will not affect his game. For example, he recently tweeted, “People say I can’t be a vegan. But all Mario ate was flowers and mushrooms and look how big & strong he was. Plus he could spit fireballs. [sic]”

There you go! Do you really need more proof than that? Yes, he’s joking, but still very serious.

As you can see from the above photo, which was displayed during a 2012 preseason game, he eats extremely healthy with oatmeal, fruit, veggies, potatoes, rice, quinoa and kale. These foods might not be for some athletes, but let’s not judge Foster’s choices.

No doubt some are going to argue that Foster scored all those previous yards as a meat-eater (he turned vegan this past July), but I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see how he does this season.

More than once athletes have proved veganism still makes you strong. Just look at Venus Williams who just won a gold medal at this year’s Olympics, alongside her sister Serena.

I say let’s give it up for Foster and wish him a successful season!

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  • Other vegans athletes who have won multiple Olympic gold medals are Carl Lewis and Edwin Moses. This is a well-meaning article, but it suggests these athletes are succeeding “despite” their diet when, in fact, a healthy vegan diet actually improves performance.

  • Sounds to me like he’s succeeding because of his diet. Maybe the author of this article should do more research on the benefits of a plant based diet, but then again this is a gossip site…

  • Jaya Bhumitra

    Shouldn’t the title be “BECAUSE of vegan diet, Arian Foster leads as favorite NFL rusher”? 😉

  • Florin-Vegan

    “Despite” vegan diet??? Hello??? Arian Foster is better due to the vegan food! so please, change this shitty title into an appropriate one…Vegan power!

    • 1bambam

      All of you, besides ecorazzi, are ridiculous haters! If Foster is doing so well because of his vegan diet, which all of you have obviously chosen in your lives, then why aren’t any of you leading the NFL in rushing, and why did he also lead the NFL in rushing before he ever became a vegan? I agree that a plant based diet has numerous health benefits, but you all have seemingly missed the point of this article and are certainly harping in ignorance at this well intentioned girls hard work. Next time you take the time to respond to an article, take a little more time so that you don’t make a positive contribution. Good job Allyson, and the rest of you, aside from ecorazzi, can eat shit pies! Oh, and the reason he is so successful is because he questions everything and doesn’t just take things at face value, which is probably has a great deal to do with his becoming a vegan.

      • 1bambam

        so that you *CAN make a positive contribution

  • Latifkhank

    I guarantee that this article is written by a completely uninformed person. “Despite vegan diet”? I’m not even vegan but vegan diet is in no way a compromised diet.
    It is just not a standard approach in modern world.

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