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Bob Barker on the Price is RightBob Barker on the Price is Right

Bob Barker Denied 'Price is Right' Special Over Animal Rights?

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This past February, Bob Barker publicly slammed executives of “The Price is Right” – the hit game show he personally hosted for 35 years – over their decision to award a trip to the Calgary Stampede.

“Well, I’m shocked and very disappointed,” he told Ecorazzi. “When I did the show we did absolutely nothing that in any way would be harmful to animals. To have them do this is very disappointing to me. I can’t understand what they’re thinking of because they’re going get all kinds of bad publicity out of this.”

Since his retirement from the show in 2007, Barker has increased his support for animal activism, donating millions to educational institutions and charities like Sea Shepherd and PETA.

On Tuesday, “The Price is Right” aired its 40th Anniversary special, featuring some special returning guests – but not Barker. The 88-year-old told EW.com that he was likely ignored “because I have been critical of them for giving away prizes that I consider inappropriate.”

Barker added that he’s fine with the snub, but that “When you celebrate a 40th anniversary, you would think you’d have the fellow who did the show for 35 years there.”

No kidding. Activism difference aside, that’s a really harsh cold shoulder to give someone who helped define your brand. Barker says that had he appeared, viewers would have heard some familiar advice about spaying and neutering pets.

“That’s my message on any occasion and every occasion,” he said.

Stay classy, Price is Right execs.

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  • Liz

    One of the main reasons I like Bob Barker is because of his stance on animal rights. He’s what made the show popular all that time. The show slapped him in the face by giving away the Calgary Stampede Prize.

  • Greg Singh

    What the hell is a Calgary Stampede? The rules of journalism aren’t that complicated.

  • cyberKICK

    If you are going to support violent and extreme groups like Sea Shepard, don’t expect to be invited to events where class is expected. Also, the negative publicity of being associated with groups like that far outweigh any benefits.

    • PokerRay

      It is obviously the producers of “Price is Right” that have no class. I don’t see Bob Barker getting anything but positive press……from all sources. But if you have a link to support your allegations, please post it. And inviting Barker back for a reunion hardly classifies as subscribing to his beliefs. At least among us rational folks. Swing and a miss.

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