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Gervais' Reply to Those Who Question his Animal Activism

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If you’re an animal activist, chances are you’ve been asked the annoying question, “Why do you care more about animals than people?”

With over three million followers, imagine how many times a day Ricky Gervais gets asked that on his twitter account. The funny man has some answers. Feel free to use any the next time someone asks you, what could be, a question that’s even dumber than, “where do you get your protein.” (Atheists like Ricky will especially love the first response.)




Environmentalists will also be familiar with this question. For some reason those who don’t have a soft spot for animals or the earth feel like if you are spending any time at all fighting for critters that you are in some way ignoring the pain and suffering of humans. Thankfully, Gervais and all animal activists are able to walk and chew gum at the same time. We can care about multiple causes at once. And with many issues, the two causes often overlap.

The bottom line is, we all share this beautiful blue planet together, so working for the sake of everyone is our best bet for a long and healthy future. Keep up the great work on behalf of animals, Ricky. Just like with people, they need powerful voices to speak up for them.

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  • Paul Goodsell

    My problem with Gervais isn’t that he puts animals before humans. It’s that he puts some animals before other animals. I can’t take seriously an “animal activist” that isn’t a vegan let alone a vegetarian. Why doesn’t he follow the reasoning?

    Having said all that, I am a big fan of his comedy. 🙂

    • janet

      Totally agree. Love the line ‘puts some animals before other animals.’
      Yeah – looks like some people only love pets and love to eat others.

  • ange

    yes, almost as annoying as vegans taking some mythical high ground and asuring the rest of us that we’re heartless bas**rds who can’t possibly care about animal welfare. Travel more, the world doesn’t work that way.

    • Divya

      I know right! You should consider travelling to your nearest slaughterhouse. After all, travel opens minds, doesn’t it?

    • Miklatov

      Being non-vegan and stating that you care about animal welfare is as hypocritical as stating that you are dead against child abuse while punching a bunch of kids in the face.

      By your standards, ange, vegans may be annoying but at least they’re not wilfully ignorant hypocrites who would prefer to put down other people’s efforts to reduce suffering, rather than wrestle with their own consciences and maybe actually do something positive.

    • janet

      So far the world is run on cruelty and war. Environmental destruction everywhere (no matter where you travel). Over 51% of environmental destruction is CAUSED by people eating meat and dairy (watch documentary ‘Cowspiracy’) and so far that is Big Agro’s best bought secret. Even the so-called environmental protectors (such as Greenpeace) of the planet are not letting this news out of their ‘money’ bags. The rainforest (lungs of the planet) is being destroyed at 1 acre/second to either put food for cows or to put cows there so the ‘rest of you’ can have your steaks and carry on with your heartless dinners. Yeah – when there is no more O2 (does anyone have children or grandchildren that they give a … about) and breathing — what ? can only be afforded in ‘special rooms’ by those with a few more $’s than the rest — t h e n will some of the ‘heartless bas**rds’ give a toss… when? then?

  • William Bradberry

    I could make the argument that animal activism promotes the widening heart of humanity; and in that very real sense promotes humanity as well.

    • janet

      Yeah – so long as it doesn’t impinge too much on me doing what i want – ie. cruelty to some poor selected animals. Walk the talk. Go vegan if you really care about animals because they all have feelings, love their babies, are commodified, brutalized, and terrorized with every single moment of their shortened lives. Ricky G wants to have his mouth and eat his meat too. Not exactly all that admirable. Actually kinda weak, and willy nill.

  • Denise Kelly LeBlanc

    Every effort towards eradicating animal cruelty should be applauded. I was a vegan for over 15 years and one reason I am no longer is the self-righteous arrogance of the ‘pack’ who feel they know the only way towards an end goal. Progress not perfection.

  • Ellen

    Why would you applaud Gervais when he isn’t even vegan?

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