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Casey Affleck PETA PSACasey Affleck PETA PSA

Vegan Casey Affleck Narrates PETA PSA on Cow Dehorning

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Though we’re bummed the vegan restaurant Casey Affleck was planning on opening in Los Angeles a few years ago never materialized, it’s great to see him still plugging away with PETA for animal rights.

The 37-year-old is narrating a new graphic video for the organization detailing the painful dehorning of dairy cows.

“Cows and calves struggle desperately during dehorning,” Casey says in the video. “Thrashing, tossing their heads, rearing up, switching their tails, bellowing, and collapsing to the ground—all signs of severe pain and distress. All these procedures are routinely performed without giving the animals any painkillers whatsoever.”

A 2007 USDA report showed that 94 percent of dairy farms dehorned cattle. The practice, which is not regulated, is done according to farmers to protect both the animals and dairy employees.

“Part of the issue with this is cow injury,” Lyndon Odell, CEO of Willet Dairy, told ABC News, “and also safety for the employees. If you have an animal running around with a sharp horn, they can gore other animals that are in the same group with them or they can injure an employee that’s working with the animals.”

For PETA, however, such cruel practices are simply another reason why people should avoid the dairy industry altogether.

“A cow’s natural lifespan is about 25 years, but cows used by the dairy industry are killed after only four or five years,” the org says. “After being forced to produce four and half times the milk they would naturally, cows’ exhausted bodies are turned into soup, companion animal food, or low-grade hamburger meat because they are too “spent” to be used for anything else.”

Check out Casey’s video below.

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  • Hans

    Thank you Casey

  • All of us in the vegan community and then some, LOVE you Casey…keep up the excellent work!

  • Leon lapham

    you are a moron, as a cattle/dairy herdsman for more than 20 years, let me first tell you that all the signs you listed are all completely NORMAL behaviors and watching a group of cattle, you’d notice that cows do all the actions you described as done during painful procedures for what appears to be NO reason at all, so your connecting them with dehorning truly reveals your ignorance on the subject. If you dont know what your talking about-shut-up

  • Nancy

    Leon as a cattle.dairy herdsman, why don’t we have only polled cattle and dairy cows? For those unfamiliar with the term, a polled cow has no horns. Just bred them correctly.

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