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James Cameron Goes Vegan for Animals and the Planet

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Environmentalists adore James Cameron for his environmental activism and for making “Avatar”, the eco film that got the world talking about how we use and abuse our planet.

Now, in a move that helps the earth, people and animals, it seems that the director has gone vegan, and has brought his family along for the ride. When asked about how his family reacted to the plant based diet he said, “…the kids want hamburgers and Coke because they’re kids. But all of human consciousness is five years old emotionally. It’s not a requirement to eat animals, we just choose to do it, so it becomes a moral choice and one that is having a huge impact on the planet, using up resources and destroying the biosphere.”

While we’re all for those celebrities who choose to go vegan for their health, we do love it when we hear about someone like Cameron making the choice to give up animal products for purely ethical reasons. The health benefits are a great added bonus, but it seems he’s doing it because of the animals and the huge amounts of resources it takes to farm them.

Cameron, with his special love for the rainforest, probably knows that one of the biggest contributors to the destruction of those precious bits of land is cattle ranching. Trees are cut down so the cows can graze. And of course, animal agriculture is responsible for a huge portion of greenhouse gases, in part because of how many trees are cut down to accomodate the large animals.

We’re sure with a bit of education, his family will get right on board with reducing their consumption of animal products. Even if they don’t, we’re sure his animal and eco-friendly choice will inspire others beyond his own blood line.

Via Vegetarian Star

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  • little organic

    Bold – I like it!

  • Trevor

    This is fantastic news!

  • Johnny Dimples

    Dear Everybody,
    Please stop saying that someone has “gone vegan” or is thinking about “going vegan.” We’re not going anywhere. We’ve been living vegan for a long time. Keeping vegan day after day. And for the good folks who aren’t quite there yet, it sounds like it’s us against them. But it’s not. We welcome people who are who are making strides toward veganism… eating more meat free meals.

    That said. I love Ecorazzi’s increasing coverage of notable people who decide to start living vegan. It’s all great.

  • Veganism

    Veganism is about giving up animal products for animals. Anyone who stops consuming animal products for other reasons is not a vegan but is someone who eats a plant-based diet. Veganism is and has always been about ethics and social justice for animals.

    • KindGirl

      I too battle with my feelings on this. Your statement is true but I worry that statements like this from vegans like us turn people off to considering a plant-based diet.
      For the animals, I believe we vegans need to stop making non-vegans feel as though
      they are constantly playing defense. I don’t think this is what you had meant to do because I too have this same feeling about people calling, for instance, Bill Clinton a vegan. But seeing as how humans in general are resistant to change, I think we need to be as kind as kind can
      be and encourage people to eat plant-based whatever their reasons might
      be. We will get nowhere if we keep playing vegans against non-vegans.
      Strides for animal welfare will be made over time, not over night. And yes, I totally agree that just because a person eats a plant-based diet does not mean they are vegan. They would also need to give up wearing leather, wool, silk…but I for one am not going to say anything disparaging about someone who wants to give up meat and diary for the environment or for their health. In the end, it helps us with our plight for animal rights. It’s difficult, right?! I don’t want the meaning of veganism to become diluted but I don’t want to turn people off either.

      • I think i agree with you. I would also say that if the end result is the same does it matter which reason made an individual become a vegan first? I’m sure doing it for the animals is a reason on the list, but whether it is # 1 on the list or whether planetary concerns inspired veganism first dosen’t make any real difference. everyone evolves differently who are we to judge how some one becomes a vegan and why? to me -as long as we all get there, ultimately that’s what matters most

    • John Mooter

      I would agree, but certainly concern for human health and the planet are vegan ethics! It is always a win-win,If we care about the planet and our health, veganism is optimal.

    • Avaiz

      Dietary Vegan and Ethical Vegan are two different things. Most Dietary Vegans still wear leather. I promote Ethical Vegansim!

    • veronique2

      True but the whole definition is Ahimsa, to do the least harm possible and that includes other humans, the planet, and ourselves. Animals are the first reason obviously.

    • A vegan/vegetarian is a vegan/vegetarian regardless of their reasons. Ultimately although people who do this for the sake of the animal could be morally the best, the result is the same regardless. If you stigmatise anyone who chooses to do so for alternative reasons that may prevent people from doing so for other reasons so the problem is increased. In short, the result is the same.
      This is, however, not to be confused with misguided non-veggies/vegans who, for example, eat fish. I am a vegetarian and I was told that because I don’t eat any meat or fish ever etc. I am an extreme vegetarian or a strong vegetarian or something like that. You are or you aren’t. If you are only partially vegetarian/vegan, you are not that.

    • AMGprod.

      Who are limited just to a vegetable diet is not a true vegan.
      Veganism is and has always been about ethics, not about stomach and digestion.

    • Mahzad Shahriari

      I am vegan because humans are born vegan. If I was a carnivore like a dog I would stay carnivore! It is just normal!

  • love this. Actually though would like to correct something — Usually KIDS LOVE ANIMALS and once they learn those ‘burgers’ are abused tortured murdered animals, usually those ‘kids’ don’t want to ‘eat’ that anymore. unless the parents trick them into doing that bc they are unaware… you might want to update the article. CHILDREN USUALLY LOVE ANIMALS AND DON’T WANT TO HURT THEM UNLESS THEY LEARNED THAT ABUSE FROM THEIR UPBRINGING.

  • Stellar Energy

    It is always encouraging when things that are good for the planet get a celebrity endorsement like this. Have you seen this video and his push for solar at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SbUU8Zxdao ?

  • John Mooter

    Welcome to the vegan community!

  • veronique2

    That is wonderful news. Finally a celebrity which sees beyond selfish values.

  • Good job! Just say no to AUHM (animals under human management) and just let the species forest be.

  • Laura

    I recently became an Lactovegetarian, I stopped eating beef and poultry, (I never consumed pork) I used to eat a lot of beef and chicken, but after realizing what was happening to these animals I said no more! I do not want any part of it.

  • Nice to hear. He isn’t just making a point about it, he’s doing something about it personally. I’m a vegetarian (sorry, not vegan).

  • BethanyKasey Huff

    Thank you James! 🙂
    I make yummy vegan recipes with my sister. The food we make now tastes just as good, actually better, than the food we used to eat. Plus its healthy for us and the planet…and kind to all of life (organic when possible). I just made a delicious carrot and sweet potato stew with Italian seasoning: http://yummyvegancreations.blogspot.com/2013/07/simple-vegan-carrot-and-sweet-potato.html

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