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Bones the tale in the tigerBones the tale in the tiger

'Bones' Tackles Exotic Pets Industry with 'Tale in the Tiger' (VIDEO)

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In what’s likely to win it yet another Genesis Award from the Humane Society of the United States, Fox’s hit series “Bones” last night introduced viewers to the cruelty of the exotic pets industry.

The episode revolved around the owner of an animal expo with a fetish for endangered species, the smuggling of tigers, and naturally, a dead body. Like the producers have done in the past, Emily Deschanel’s real life animal rights convictions are projected through her character Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan. In one scene (shown below), we get a nice summation of why she dislikes zoos – and the various attractions that go with them. The episode as a whole also does a good job of informing on the illegal exotic animals trade without beating viewers over the head in the process.

As ScreenRant says in a review, the writers “manage to touch several emotional cords without becoming overly sanctimonious.”

“Bones” previously did an episode about chicken farming, which really affected the fans and made Deschanel happy, “When someone tells me they stopped eating chicken because of the ‘Bones’ factory farming episode we did last year, I consider that a small victory.”

See why we here at the razz love “Bones” by viewing this animal rights-heavy clip from last night’s show below.

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  • Karina Usach

    Emily Deschanel is absolutely amazing. I love when she puts her lifestyle into Brennan. And I absolutely loved her acting in the scene with the tiger and the anger she portrayed at his murder.

  • guest

    With habitat destruction and global warming, zoos (not the road side attractions in this episode) are becoming one of the few places to maintain many species. The global decline in frogs for example is being studied by multiple zoos and working together maintain some of the most endangered species.

    While this TV show appears to be loosely based on the Smithsonian, it’s ironic to see “Bones” speak out against zoos…the National Zoo for example has one of the most successful breeding programs of endangered species in Front Royal, VA.

  • NWolvie

    It was really great how she screamed and cried over the tragic death of the dead tiger. Now, are they ever going to do an episode about abortion that exhibits the same outrage over murdered human babies?

    • Karina Usach

      Huge difference between a murdered living, breathing tiger and removing a fetus from a person. Abortion is also a very controversial topic for many people, so highly doubtful that any show without an agenda and that actually exits to keep viewers is going to go down that route.

  • PatriciaVegan

    Thank you so much for raising awareness about animal suffering in zoos. Zoos are prisons for animals. Keeping them there is cruel and unfair. Emily, your are awesome!!!

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