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Kaley Cuoco 'Heartbroken' Over Kelly Ripa Pit Bull Comments

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Kelly Ripa made more than a few people angry on her show yesterday when she made a comment about Pit Bulls, calling them dangerous.

We can’t find the video clip, According to this blogger, Ripa said, “But the gangster’s dog is uh, I mean if it’s a gangster it would have to be a dangerous, uh, Pit Bull kind of dog, right?”

“Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco was trying to find out the truth on twitter last night. She asked, “Did Kelly Ripa really say “all pits are dangerous” on her show this am? I didn’t see it, just hearing through twitter.. True or false?” When a fan responded that yes, she did indeed say it, Cuoco tweeted back, “Completely heart broken and disappointed.” And then again, she tweeted, “I really hope @KellyRipa didn’t say what I think she said this am regarding pit bulls. #Please don’t be true.”

Cuoco, an animal lover, isn’t the only one disappointed by Ripa’s words about the misunderstood breed. Fans tweeted at the host, asking her to take back her comments that perpetuate the misconceptions people have about the breed. One Pit Bull lover wrote, “Hey @kellyripa @kellyripashow !! I have #pitbull & I’m not a thug. Please educate urself, scratch a pit’s belly & use ur influence 4 good!” Another wrote, “Shame on you- encouraging discrimination & stereotyping @KellyRipa! October is pitbull awareness month: GET EDUCATED in this time!”

There is even a petition on change.org now asking Ripa to volunteer at a Pit Bull rescue so she can get to know the dogs and hopefully not make any more blanket statements about them. The pitbull breed is such a misunderstood breed and this means that not many get adopted or looked after correctly. If you want to change this then you should look into adopting a pitbull yourself. If you’re not sure how to care for this breed then Fuzzy Rescue’s page helps you find the best diet for them and the rest should come easily. Statements like Ripa’s are what’s causing this misunderstanding of such a precious dog and we understand Cuoco’s upset. Considering the response from fans, we wonder if she’ll apologize this morning. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: We’ve got video.

Photo Credit: Flickr / cstreet360

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  • Natalie
  • Jennifer Browning
  • Chef David Edelstein

    As always… Christopher Walken walks tall and distinguished… even in the face of UTTER STUPIDITY.

  • Lainer

    Wow. She is such an idiot. Her big mouth probably set back all of the Pit Bull rescues progress at informing an unaware public of this wonderful breed. Celebrities should keep their mouthes shut. Love Christopher’s response. He is an intelligent human being.

    • Erika

      I’m sure she just didn’t know. We’re not perfect, I’m sure, so how can we judge her like that? Maybe we could just tell her that the facts are against the comment.

      • So if you don’t know.. don’t open your goddamn mouth especially on TV

      • Michelle

        As someone in the public eye, she shouldn’t have said anything if she didn’t know for sure. Yes, we’re not perfect, but not all of us go around generalising an entire group like that, especially not on national television.

      • Linda Anderson

        She knows…she repeated all the garbage she has been told and heard. I am never watching her show again until she retracts her comments. Everyone should do the same.

    • Chris

      When was the last time you said something incorrect and stupid???? Hope people ranted about you and called you names instead of trying to politely teach you something. It is sometimes through mistakes that we learn. This isn’t really meant for you personally but for all that react worse than the person that said something incorrect. Celebrities are not superheros! I am an animal lover and believe in the good of Pitbulls (stereo typed by media and a stupid celebrity, M. Vick) but very rarely do I see someone defend these dogs without ranting and screaming their message making their word mean less cuz you sound crazy. A+ to Kelly Craig statement, nicely worded, logical, worth reading the whole thing. An apology should be made by Kelly. Of course she should get an apology for all the name calling and bashing. Such anger from people trying to get the message that a dog is not mean and nasty. Irony???? No one is perfect, and no one knows everything. For the way you are all carrying on, I expected to hear something much worse. Your message is true about Pitbulls but some of you have bad presentaions. Remember something about dogs, your pitbulls, they love you unconditionally, even when you make a mistake!

  • Diane Turner

    Here’s a link to the dumb blonde’s clip: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152173116085263

  • wow

    some people are just ignorant or they just think pitt bulls look scary. But shaming her on what she said is dumb and people need to do something more with their time than to report something like this.

  • Guest

    Ms. Kelly needs an education in Pit Bulls. Since I am subscriber on her FB page I suggested she invite Tia Torres of Pit Bulls and Parolees to come on her talk show to discuss Pit Bulls and learn about them. I hate when people parrot what drivel they here in the media.

  • Bev

    Kelly needs an education. Pitts have been abused and misrepresented for far too long. Shame on you, Kelly! (Maybe there’s a reason blondes are considered dumb! Oh! That would be an unfair assumption on the statements of ONE blonde, just like assuming Pitts are bad because of the actions of a few, mistreated dogs.)

  • Being an owner of an Amstaff and reading all the comments below, i agree with all of it, except for that maybe she does not know better… Seriously???!!!

    she has definitely looked as an idiot in that talk show…if one does not know well about a subject, don’t make such statements!!!! everyone and anyone that is updated with the news & research knows better than her… world wide!
    is she that stupid to don’t realize up today that it is man kind the brain killing machines that has given these and other dogs such a bad rep?????

    well, she needs to go a long way to learn more and more about the wonderful and amazingly keen and caring kind Pit bulls and all bully dogs are!

    • Johanne Cantu

      I am also the owner of an Amstaff, he is a big baby, just looks bad, I to think get Ceaser on her show and Pitbulls and Paroles, and Pitboss. All dogs have to be supervised, big small and in between, I also have a little mix LasaOpsa, and she thinks she owns everthing around here.

  • Beatriz Silva

    I don´t think she said that pit bulls were dangerous, but that a gangster would have a dangerous pitbull, see the difference? and it´s true, those people raise dogs to be dangerous, and the pitbull is obviously the victim.

    • Wendy Estey

      No, I believe she said that a gangster would have a dangerous, pitbull-type dog. Do you see the difference?

      • Darlene Stowell

        She implied that pitbulls were dangerous type of dogs. Since we have spent so many years trying to take away this label that is untrue…she just acknowledged to her listeners that indeed pitbulls must be dangerous.

    • Nicki Nelson

      I agree. It’s a fact – ask Michael Vick – “bad” dogs are part of the “gangsta” culture. And the pit bull and other “tough looking” breeds are the victims. Those thugs are who should bear the brunt of the anger, not Kelly Ripa. But it’s easier to hate on Kelly Ripa than to confront a gangsta, right?

      • FleeTheBubbleIsAMoronicTroll

        I’d much rather confront a gangsta. Just bought my “Fight Me, Mike Vick” T-shirt. Bullies, cowards, and all-around dirtbags suck far more than an ignorant airhead like Kelly Ripa.

  • clint

    she is an ignorant kind of woman!

  • This is a racist statement plain & simple. EDUCATE your self before you speak especially if you are a person who millions watch on TV & for some odd reason respect. I am a dog trainer of over 20 years & out of the THOUSANDS of breeds Pitts are in the TOP 5 dogs breeds for family dogs. SHAME SHAME SHAME teaching discrimination on a talk show……………..

    • Sj D

      I completely agree with you.

    • Well said Greg!

    • Helga Joubert

      How stupid to compare human races to dog breeds, but hey, I have to admit that’s a pretty good propagandist tactic. A lot of people can’t think for themselves and see the monumental difference between the two.

    • Helga Joubert

      I love how he says “EDUCATE your self” and then spells a three-letter word incorrectly.
      Hint: PIT is not PITT.

  • Gloria H

    She made no mention about the pit bull comment….she carried on as usual ! I can’t believe she doesn’t know about all the comments on their page regarding this issue ! I have really changed my view of what kind of person she is, especially since she’s with Michael Strahan !

  • I have lost so much respect for Kelly Ripa due not only to her ignorant comment about the pit bull breed, but also her lack of an apology to every dog lover, pit bull advocate, pit bull foster, rescuer, and family touched by this wonderful breed. All these people work so hard behind the scenes everyday to save these animals lives, to fight BSL, and change the entire world’s way of thinking negatively about this breed. By stating a non factual stereotype about pit bulls she has created so much damage, and is no better than a racist that states negative comments out of ignorance and hate. Shame on you, Kelly. You are in the public spotlight, and people look to you for facts. I understand no one is perfect, but as adults when we are wrong, we apologize and take responsibility. I have the blessing to deal with many pits in my job, and my sister and her four daughters have one. A “dangerous dog” would never go up to my sleeping nieces and cover them with a blanket without ever being taught. A “dangerous dog” would never allow a small puppy to crawl all over it and even stick its entire head into it’s mouth and do nothing but lick it. A “dangerous dog” would not ever give kisses to a stranger while getting a nail trim, or brush out. A “Dangerous Dog” would never be a police dog, or a rescue dog, or a therapy dog, or a child’s best friend. Pits are not dangerous dogs, but you have once again proven that people are the dangerous ones, that refuse to take responsibility for their actions, and words.

    • Jamie

      Kelly Craig….I couldn’t have said it any better than you just did!!!!! Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth and all other pit bull lovers!!!!!!

    • Annie

      She lost me as a fan long before this…

    • Sara

      You Are so right

    • Christina

      I never liked her from the beginning, she’s just so damn irritating to me and her ignorance nails it home for me!

  • Can’t fix Stupid” !!!!!!!
    I will never watch your show again and reading all the pos
    others have written neither will they. You have done more damage to
    this breed then your ignorant self realizes. Get your self educated
    before making stupid remarks about these beautiful dogs.
    If you
    have any sense of decency you will apologize on air about this remark
    and set the record straight..Pit bulls are no different then any other
    dog..Remember this..There are no bad dogs, just bad owners..
    I pity your ignorance….

    • Pit bull owners are stupid

      True, one cant fix stupid.

      Stupid pit nutters who dont seem to understand why pits were breed for and why socialization will not fix a aggressive breed.

      A herding dog will ever be born not to herd and one can not train herding out of the dog.

      Yeah stupid , pits are dangerous because they are breed to be killers.

  • TJ Stevens

    Shows ignorance for sure. Come on Kelly……..get some education on Pit Bulls before you make such a blanket offensive remark. I am a Pit Bull owner and I take great offense when someone makes a comment like yours without thinking or understanding the breed. I agree with Wendy…..maybe she should get Tia Torres there and a couple of her parolees and dogs. Knowledge is the key. An appology to Pit Bull owners is needed.

  • Meaness

    I am a proud pit owner and there is not one mean bone in her body. Look at the history of Pits. At one time they were Nanny dogs, people left their children in the care of these magnificant dogs to watch after and keep them safe while they worked in the fields. Look at Petey “Pete the Pup” from Spanky and the Gang (now are you calling those kids Gangsters?). Hello – stop pushing the bad dog theory, they are wonderful, loving, loyal friends and that is a fact! You should be ashamed!

  • Kaitlin Luksa

    I think people are overreacting, It was just an off-handed comment. Nobody’s perfect, give her a break. There are WAY worse, much more real things happening to Pit Bulls that we should be petitioning about, not some rich actress who made a stupid remark on TV. Make fun of her for it, sure, but it’s a waste of time. If she were a politician or something, maybe I’d actually care.

    • Sj D

      She is a public figure and it is irressponsible

    • Tawny O’Hara

      You know the main problem with her comment is that dummies watch her show and believe what she says. There are more people who listen to celebrities than to politicians. I think Singers should sing, actors should act and talk show people should just read the monitors. They are the geniuses of this world on the whole.

      • Tawny O’Hara

        whoops that should be they AREN’T the genius…

      • Sj D

        I agree!

    • PBlover

      I agree, it is live TV, she probably didn’t think it through. But she should do something to make up for that, apologize at the least and then maybe have something about the positve aspects of pit bulls on the show!

  • Sj D

    She did not apologize today and yesterday this is what she said, It would have to be one of those dangerous type dogs, like a pit bull, huh? Big disappointment, lacks class. The statement is no different than a racial slur…It’s really sad, these dogs are slaughtered by the 1000’s every day in this country all because of this ignorant attitude, very irresponsible and I am appalled by it. Sadly it reinforced a terrible misconception about this very much misunderstood breed.

  • Mishi

    She’s an idiot…But Chris W. gave a great response!

  • So it doesn’t matter if she would have said like a dobbie instead are you all just supportive of pit bulls so thats who is responding is it that you are in support of bashing Kelly Rippa or just support Kaley Cuoco cuz i like all of them and seriously think she was just merly using pitbull as a referance cuz she knows people are scared of them and know they are considered as such idk but when yall are done hashing it all out and wanna check into making money from home instead let me know meo62.ws

    • Sj D

      It would have been bad if it were any of the dogs on the bsl lists that are being slaughtered every day by the 1000’s due to this attitude, but the ones suffering most at the hands of this stupid legislation, just happens to be pit bulls mam. They are the ones that did not need this the most.

  • Darla Bilotti

    WTG Kelly and I do mean that sarcastically. Never liked you, now I have another reason not to like you. You should do complete research before expressing your thoughts! Thanks to you this adds to the poor stereotype of Pit Bulls and similar breeds.

  • Sj D

    Mr. Walken was clearly uncomfortable with the statement, and quickly brushed it off. How can she not know that was so wrong and how many people would be offended by it? Does she really need ratings that bad that she would further endanger the breed to get them???? Sad day!

  • lynn mckivitz

    Wow really disappointed i kellys accusations.. i have a pittbul and im not a thug.. my pitt is the most loving dog.. she loves to cuddle and give kisses .. she is great with kids and my other dogs that are pugs!!

  • C-girl

    Kelly Ripa is a bitch! This just shows that people of fame and fortune can be misinformed and uneducated when it comes to canines. She is a racist in the canine world. I always thought she had a big mouth so it doesn’t surprise me that sheer stupidity has come out of it. Might have to post this story to some of my pitbull sites on facebook and get a boycott of her show going. Or better yet….start a petition to have her show removed.

  • C-girl
  • I shared on my public page, including petition, I am outraged!!

  • paula

    ignorance rules the world

  • Sheila Grover

    She’s to busy picking out who’s cloths she’ll wear that day. Shame on you Kelly Rippa before you make a stupid comment know what your talking about!

  • Sheila Grover

    Excuse wear

  • Miss kelly needs more then an education She need to be taken off her high and mighty stool She is a just a dumb (not a true blond) and is a few fries short of a Happy Meal , not the brightest crayon in the box , nor the sharpest tool in the shed etc etc. If it werent for Regis she would just be another NJ Biatch (NJer here but not a stuck up snot like but smarter then she is ) Since Regis left I will not watch that show because all the biatch does is talk big about herself and her kids,

  • Mary d.

    all the work that shelters and rescuers all across this country are doing everyday to educate people about pit bulls..i volunteer at a kill shelter..does she have any idea the comment she made can hurt more pit bulls..loving ones..great dogs..what the hell is wrong with her..to me she has always constituted someone who is a bitch and a spoiled rich person..can’t stand her …APOLIGIZE RIPA…OR LEAVE THE SHOW

  • B Smart

    Oh give me a break. They are dangerous. One just killed a 3 week old baby in Detroit, and they’ve been killing an average of one person a week for the last five weeks. And gang bangers do, in fact, prefer pit bulls.

    All she was she was doing was setting up the funny aspect of the movie – this tough gangster bad guy had a little shih tzu type dog. FUNNY because its unexpected. All Ripa was doing was setting that up.

    • Danjou68

      Nice to know you’re keeping score, B Smart. And nice statistics, btw. What is your response to this http://www.herald-dispatch.com/x808409177 and this http://retrieverman.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/golden-retriever-mix-kills-baby-in-south-carolina/ and this http://www.wboc.com/global/story.asp?S=10769319 It happens daily with these types of breeds, too, sadly enough. Wonder if these dog owners were gang bangers, too…

      • Sj D

        You get em!

    • Katie Perano Doherty

      You’re kind of an ass. Media bandwagon, I suppose. 9 out of 10 people can’t even identify a “pit bull” when looking at pictures, and, frankly, the news outlets report everything as a pit bull attack because it sells. Chihuahuas actually bite more people than pits and pit bull-type dogs but the headline just isn’t as scary if it reads “Chihuahua Eats Baby.” Just another result of the mainstream media’s ignorance trickling down to the public. Good job.

    • Guest

      I grew up in the country, 20 years ago, where the local drug dealers preferred dobies to pits. Then it was the rottie. Now, it’s the pit. I’ve seen labs act violently if their actions were rewarded. Pits do what they are trained to do. Don’t punish the dog. Punish the idiot that trained it to be that way. Pits are born, as all dogs are, with the desire to please. It’s the humans that take advantage of that desire, and turn it for harm. Human children are the same way. Should we euthanize or shoot them when we find that, in order to please their parents, or some other authority figure, they have acted violently?Ignorance follows a stereotype. Intelligence searches out the truth.

    • K

      One person a week? You are ridiculous.

      • Grrlzrule

        you want the links to the stories? Thats true.

    • Sj D

      B. Dumb….You are a danger to society

  • Ginger Noel

    Oh for God sake. She was trying to make a joke about the actual dog in the movie. She was joking about the stereotypes. Let’s be realistic….gangsta wannabe’s are always getting bloody pit bulls because they THINK the dog is symbol of “toughness”, while rational, educated people know otherwise. The joke she was attempting to make was because the dog in CW’s movie is a Shitzu type dog owned by a mobster…..GET IT???? Going against stereotype?? JOKE? Get it? Get over it people. And get facts straight before hitting Twitter if you are a celeb with a large platform. “Heartbroken”?? Really. Get a life.

    • Gaylen

      They are entitled to their opinion as well. Whether or not their reaction to this subject is different from yours does not make it wrong or right. You should probably take your own advice.
      And yes, it does break my heart to hear her say such things. After 20 years of being a veterinary technician and seeing countless pit bulls euthanized because of ignorance, misunderstanding, and misinformation, I take the subject VERY seriously. Who are you to judge me because of my reaction?

    • Sj D

      I must disagree completely….Not a Joke and if it was no I didn’t get it cause it wasn’t funny and if it was there are a lot of people out there who will take it as I did and thats the danger. So don’t tell me to get over it, and really I have a life. Thank You very much. You think what you want to, but don’t tell me how I should interpret things Ms. Ginger Noel.

    • Grrlzrule

      Agreed Ginger. Pit supporters are cry babies. Its a cult now. You may not use the pit bulls name in vain. Creepy.

  • VeganEee

    Please write and call Electrolux for whom Kelly Ripa is a paid spokesperson and tell them she’s a bigot and should be fired. You know what she’s saying behind “thugs and gangbangers” –truly racist statements.
    Fax: 706-228-6615
    Electrolux Major Appliances
    North America
    2715 Washington Road
    Augusta, GA 30909

  • Larne

    I think she needs to apologized that she made a stupid comments, I always like her but I knew sometimes we do make mistakes and accepting it and apologizing is the best way…

  • Ryan Brenner

    This whole thing has been taken out of context. No where in this video does she anything close to saying all pit bulls are dangerous or vicious. This is another example of asshole celebrities and mainstream media twisting and manipulating a comment into something it was not.

    • Sj D

      Blah blah blah go crawl back in your hole.

      • Grrlzrule

        Truth hurt Sandra?

    • Nicki Nelson

      I agree with Ryan. Except I will add that the “animal activists” are doing most of the twisting and manipulating, in my opinion. Kelly Ripa did not reinforce a stereotype. IT IS A FACT that “gangsters and thugs” like bad dogs. Dog fighting is a part of their criminal culture, right along with drugs, guns, violence, gambling and theft. Pit bulls and other breeds are the victims. I find it odd how mean and ugly people can get while defending a breed of dog that is so sweet and steady. It’s not Kelly Ripa who deserves this abuse, it’s the people who are really hurting these breeds.

  • Krceres

    Wow Kelly get educated don’t go by hearsay and not ever experiencing having been around a specific BREED before u make comments in a negative light when there is enough Ignorance about this breed. Thank you.

  • Dan Miller

    What do you expect from a naive dingbat

  • narnie

    hey kelly get off the air get your facts right i have lost all respect for get regis back you stink

  • Maria Del Pilar Pla-Borras

    Wow! She really needs to educate herself and apologize to all of us who are advocates of Pit bull and bully breeds.. This thinking and these comments are what get these dogs killed by the thousands every year. All of you that will comment negatively against this post… I want to know how many Pit bulls you have associated yourself with? I bet Ms. Ripa would say none! Those that think that dogs are born aggressive are puppets of the media and ignorant uneducated folks.. Educate , do not discriminate!

  • Aimée

    Kelly, not good to make comments that are derogatory about something, someone, or certain breeds of dog you don’t understand or know anything about! Very disappointed !!!!

  • Jayme

    I’ve been reading the comments on here and I’m pretty torn on how to view the situation. I am totally pro-pitter. There are no dangerous dogs, only dangerous people. And that is quite frankly the truth and not a belief. Someone made the comment that this is only because she said pitbull. Wrong. If she had said rottie, doberman, mastiff, Shepard or anything alike, she would still be getting this back lash. No one wants to see their beautiful companions stigmatized in one sentence. We are angry because she posed danger and pitters together in the relationship that one connotes the other. It’s the same kind of remark as any racial or cultural stereotype out there. She could have remarked about how funny it was that they were breaking stereotypes with this role. But she didn’t. And to add insult to injury, she ignored this huge anger. She could have apologized or even just said that she didn’t mean to make assumptions, that she was only commenting on the humor of the movie. But she didn’t. It is her lack of acknowledgment of the situation that is so frustrating. She is part of the public media realm, and that makes her an idol and a resource of opinions for people. I’m sure she never would have said, “It’s funny that a man is staying home with the kids in such and such a movie, because I mean, isn’t that a woman’s job?”

  • I hate when uninformed ppl use their celebrity status to spew inaccurate hurtful myths about these dogs! HERE ARE SOME FACTS…1.FACT: Pit bulls have excelled in many working-dog sports such as agility, search-and-rescue, tracking, weight pulling, carting, hunting, obedience, therapy, and more. Millions of pit bulls serve society today as faithful family members and beloved companions.
    2.FACT: Pit bulls are no more or less aggressive than any other type of dog.
    3.FACT: Pit Bulls are victimized abused and killed more than any other dog breed in the world. These dog’s do not need anymore bad media,these stereotypes are wrong and as a result these dogs pay with their lives.I like many want her to get educated on “Pit Bulls” then publicly apologize for her inaccurate and hurtful comments.

    • allpitsdie

      Here are THE FACTS: Bully breeds were bred to bring down 1500 pound bulls. Then the bully breeds were selectively bred for the sports of bull and bear baiting. Bloody sports which pit dog against animals larger than itself. The dogs were selectivly bred for the power in their jaws and strength of their will so that they would not back down nor release until the other animal was dead.They CAN BE VERYAGGRESSIVE DOGS. The genetics dictate what the dogs are capable of doing. Just as you can not breed aggression out of tigers, the aggression of the bully breeds will always be there. And if you wish to be able to keep such animals, they should be treated as the aggressive animals that they can be..

  • sheila

    She is an idiot.

  • Bryn Ramzinsky

    Kelly Ripa is an idiot……..she’/s great for showmanship and poor entertainement only…….obviously doesnt know what she’s talking about………shame on you Kelly – the Dunce!

  • getagripa

    After all of this talk we will hear things like ” that’s not what I MEANT” or “it was taken out of context”… “I LOVE pit bulls” and ” I didn’t mean pit bulls, I said pit bulls but I meant… uhm NOT pit bulls”.. stay tuned! To the dog shelter she goes (cameras in tow of course) smiling, waving and what have you.. #kellyripaisafemaletool.

  • Cathy Koch

    Unfortunately Ms. Rippa is not the only celebrity to put her foot in her mouth about pits. Judge Judy made a statement about pits on her show, “they have a certain type of jaw and you can’t get them open when they’ve gotten ahold of something” (something to that effect). Ripped off a huge letter to her to become educated. Also Chris Rock was on Jay Leno and made derogatory remarks about pits. Another letter fired off and I won’t watch Leno anymore. People with such influence shouldn’t be talking about subjects (anything) they know nothing about. She really should feature Tia Torres, Pit Boss, Cesar Milan and pit rescue groups to educate herself and the viewers she’s poisoned against these wonderful dogs. Never met a pit that wasn’t a sweetheart, I have however been savagely and viciously attacked by 2 different Schnauzers. Care to comment on them Kelly?

    • Brenda

      Here, here Cathy!! I haven’t ever met one that wasn’t a sweetheart either!

    • Grrlzrule

      Thats true what judge Judy said, Though its not their jaw, its their grip. Ever heard of a break stick? Only for pits.Not recommended for use on any other type of dog.Maybe you should educate YOURSELF.

      • Kasey P

        On a break stick instruction page it says not to use on other dogs because they’re likely to redirect their bite to you instead, whereas a Pitbull isn’t. I understand this must be very awkward for you …

    • Allpitsdie

      I hope you get to meet a bad pit some day, each and everyone of you pitty lovers. Tell my daughter and her horse how wonderful and sweet they are. They were attacked by one of these sweet, loving dogs. And yes their jaws lock. Even with getting kicked in the head, this sweet, loving, gentle dog hung from the horses side while the horse run in fear foe it’s life. And yes, it was a pitty dog.

      • FleeTheBubbleIsAMoronicTroll

        Allpitsdie? That’s about the right name for an ignoramus such as yourself. You are blaming the WRONG END OF THE LEASH. It’s PEOPLE who make “bad” pits. I hope you get bit in the butt, but I guarantee you it won’t be by a pit bull. Geez.

      • Carolina Doggums

        How stupid are your “their jaws lock” what scientific evidence do you have to prove that? None because it doesn’t exist, just because the dog didn’t let go doesn’t mean it’s jaws locked.Their jaw structure is no different then any other dog. And I’ll have you know I’ll take a “lock jawed” pittie any day over a shih tzu ora chihuahua; both off which have have tried to attack either me or my dog, who btw is 30 pounds numerous times. Even though she is like like 2-5 times the size of every dog that attacks me and her.

      • Kasey P

        Yeah and every German is a Nazi. Christ, do people still actually think one individual defines a population ? I thought that wasn’t a thing anymore. You should talk to the person who trained the dog to be aggressive, no doubt they could do it to any breed in existence.

  • sonyal63

    I wonder if she realizes that her statement is tantamount to someone saying that all blonds are empty headed dumbasses. How would she feel with a blanket statement that anyone associated with her – including her family members – is an idiot because they associate with her? It is the same thing, untrue, and it is just as hurtful. Why can’t people just go the extra mile and do some research on a subject, or don’t say anything at all.

  • Amber

    Kelly, i’ve watched u on All My Children for many years and thought very highly of u until now. U really need to educate urself when it comes to not only pitties but all dogs. Pitbulls r not the only “dangerous” breed out there. Most of the smallest dogs r more “dangerous” than bigger dogs and will bite and be more aggressive than larger breeds. I hope u will take ur fans feelings into consideration and publically apologize and learn more about things before u make dumb comments like that on national tv!

  • 6/10 would still bang Kelly Ripa.

  • CapnMagpie

    Maybe, just maybe, Ms Ripa, like me, has had nothing but bad experiences with Pit Bulls. 2 different Pits have attacked my father, 1 of which was actually trying to attack my niece, but Grandpa jumped in the way to protect her. I’ve been charged by 3 in my neighborhood whose owners were too stupid to keep them on a leash. I have yet to meet a pitbull that isn’t mean to those outside its immediate family. I certainly would never purchase a breed so overbred as the Pitbull. Maybe you all need to lift your heads from the water dish and realize that good dog owners who buy pitbulls for the right reasons are not what makes headlines. It’s the idiots with the fighting dogs, or the morons who don’t keep them on a leash until they murder a small child and need to be euthanized that make headlines. And Pitbulls are dangerous. ANY dog is dangerous. It is an animal. You cannot control it 100% of the time. You can try your damnedest, but it will, in the end, do what it chooses to do. Hopefully it chooses obedience, but not always.

    • cyn

      ‘PURCHASING’ a dog is shameful in the first place, you should adopt and SAVE a life. There are purebreds, puppies and small dogs killed in shelters too bc they can’t find homes!
      It’s not the animal’s fault there is a major overpopulation of this specific breed in shelters all over this country. It’s the fault of a small percentage of ignorant pit owners, the owners of the dogs you’re talking about also fall into that category and that is very unfortunate.
      Pits can be the sweetest, best family dogs. I have one who gets picked on everyday by a very energetic Chihuahua and has NEVER shown aggression towards people, dogs, cats, etc. You just can’t group an entire breeds of dogs together, in the same way you can’t group people together by gender, race, religion, etc. There are way too many variables.

    • Tina Jo Gray

      Owners are stupid…not the dogs…get a grip and did you do a dna to make sure the dogs were of staffie origin..bet not..so not really any prof they were “pt bulls” hmm?

    • FleeTheBubbleIsAMoronicTroll

      Well I feel sorry for you, CapnMagpie. Pitbulls are no more dangerous nor likely to bite than any other breed UNLESS heartless morons like Michael Vick force them to fight. And BTW I would never “purchase” a pit when there are so many out there who need rescuing from dirtbags. Overbred? Another problem caused by so-called people. It makes me sick and so do you.

  • Bitch without knowledge about dogs’ behavior. No dog is dangerous unless they have encouraged by their owner or reflected by their owner to do so. Kelly Ripa is definitely an idiot. She is not deserved to own any show or TV program. Shame on her. She better goes to the hell

    • Grrlzrule

      Your ridiculous, and gross.

  • Kelly L

    Disgusted. What a pathetic show of ignorance and pure dumb blond moment. Kelly Ripa should be ashamed of herself. I’ve lost any respect for her and will from this day forward boycott anything she is involved with or promotes until she educates herself and issues a public apology.

  • MOP

    Who knew at the age of 54, being a female, having a Master’s Degree, having never been arrested and having three well behaved Pit Bulls I’d be considered a Gangster. I must be frightening…

  • MOP

    I just remembered that Tyson Kilmer, Pit Bull Advocate and Trainer was on the show when Regis was on. He helped Regis with leash training…so she knows the ill treatment alot of these dogs get and she really messed up.

  • Kelly Ripa should talk to Rachael Ray. SHE has her own pitty. Even has her own dog food line with her pittys face right there on the brand.

  • DonnaJean

    You know I have not seen one positive or forgiving comment for what Kelly said, most all movies you watch that have pit bulls in them give the impression of being dangerous. If any of you really listened to the general conversation, they where speaking in regards to the new movie, and yes the “Gangsta” ones that have dogs are pit bull kinds of dogs. IN THE MOVIES. That doesn’t mean a Pitt Bull is really a mean breed, but in comparison with a Collie or sheepdog they ARE a much more aggressive breed and more apt. to inflict injury regardless of there training. It is in their blood, I know this because I AM educated when it comes to animals, with special attention to Canines being my specialty

  • Max Gold

    What, did Pitbulls suddenly become non-dangerous, when did this happen? At least the Dogmen tell the truth about the breed. Now all we have is a bunch of delusional BS artists practising idiot compassion and putting children’s lives in danger. Earth to Nutters. PITBULLS ARE DANGEROUS, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE. Facts are stubborn things!

  • PokerRay

    Not one word on this entire site about Mitt Romney and his love for coal. But all this attention paid to a non-celebrity making a non-comment about a non-issue.
    Nothing like dedicated people staying on top of the issues.

  • bev oakes

    silly BLOND woman she needs to get her facts right before saying things she know nuthing about it

  • she is certainly not educated on pits. but it is her right to feel how she wants to about anything she chooses. just educating someone doesnt matter because people believe what they wont to believe no matter what kind of proof you may present to them. instead of attacking or insulting her people should be sending her information so that she can see that she is misinformed. you should feel sorry for her not angry.

  • Jessica K

    The dog in the movie is a shih’tzu. I wonder if she got this notion in her head because she owns a shih’tzu…either way it was an ignorant statement, and if she didn’t mean any harm by it, she should retract her statement or release an apology. Even the smallest sentence can be misinterpreted by many to be fact.

  • lochness

    Ok, I am pissed about her stupid, stereotypical comment as well, but let’s be clear: The words “all pit bulls are dangerous” did not come out of her mouth! Unless there is another clip that wasn’t posted on this page, that is not what she said. I’m not sure where people are getting this from.

  • Catconn

    I have also lost respect for Kelly Ripa.

  • trixiewoobeans

    It is true that many “thugs” own pitbulls, just like they owned German Sheperds in the 60’s, Dobermans in the 70’s and Rottweillors in the 80’s and 90’s. Kelly should volunteer at a pitbull rescue and she’d see that they’re the “clowns” of the dog world, full of strength, courage and loyalty. “Thugs” use them to make up for their own deficiencies!

  • C. MacFarlane

    i had a pit bull myself, he was the sweetest most playful dog ever. he passed away, and i miss him. when we went for a walk in the city, i always introduced him to people and he greeted them with a lick. Kelly Ripa, Talk to Cesar Millan, he’ll set you straight. my poor dog is probably hidding his face right now.

  • My dog was murdered by a pit

    Is nobody going to acknowledge the fact that Pits kill more people and other animals than any other breed? Plus, factually speaking, despite the fact that there are a lot of good pit owners out there, many bad people use them as an intimidation factor and for the purpose of having a “gangster image.” I think Kelly was merely stating that when somebody is endeavoring to have a “gangster image” that they get a pit–not a lab or a golden retriever. This has gotten blown way out of proportion.

    • I think you’re an idiot. Maybe you should look up real facts instead of just things your hear. In fact most large breed dogs are mistaken for pit bulls. Have you ever heard of the Dogo Argentino? It looks like a pit but in fact it is not. And no they do not kill more people other than any other breed. I know that I would be more than angry if you use a blanket statement about us as humans the way that Ripa did towards pits. Many people say that Americans are spoiled and money hungry and lie. Are you or do you?..see not fair right. I am sure you would be upset if people said these horrible things about you. Unfortunately its not that simple when it involves dogs..they have to die for things that are said about them.

      • Carolina Doggums

        Dogo Argentinos as well as Classic Bullys, Which are more bulldogs that look more similar to their original counterparts which looked more like pitties then today’s bulldogs. And in general bulldog mixes, all these dog are often mistaken for pitbulls. People will assume anything dangerous is a pitbull nowadays 🙁

    • Tina Jo Gray

      No they aren’t

    • FleeTheBubbleIsAMoronicTroll

      No I don’t think it has gotten blown out of proportion. She is ignorant and made it very clear that she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about.

  • Cari Kotcher

    Ick, one more reason to hate Kelly Ripa…I never DID like her…she has said ignorant things before as well about other subjects she doesnt know shit about…she needs to go eat something and zip it….

  • milica

    ignorant and stupid… i have pit bulls all my life and there is no other breed of dogs that i would like to have more then pit bulls… as Albert sad once : “Two hings are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and Im not sure about universe”

  • MacKenzie Serpe

    I’m VERY disappointed in the comments made by Kelly Rips. Pit Bulls used to be regarded as nannies for their children. They’re smart, playful and very loyal and loving dogs. Now, “thanks” to people like Michael Vick (especially, since bringing the atrocity of dog fighting to the forefront) the media for over glorifying the cons of having a Pit Bull breed than the pros. As any responsible owner will tell you the dogs are some of the best dogs around. They’re therapy dogs, they go into schools where there are CHILDREN, they visit people in nursing homes. When I get a dog I definitely want to ADOPT an older Pit Bull. What’s not to love about them?

  • Jen

    Major animal lover, so much so I’m vegetarian. I’m scared to death of pit pulls. Not because of the breed, but because of the owners. If I loved a breed so much, in lieu of rallying against Ripa…I’d spend my time cleaning up the acts of the few bad owners that speak so poorly for the good ones.

    • FleeTheBubbleIsAMoronicTroll

      Well Jen, the vast majority of pit owners LOVE their dogs and consider them members of their family. Dumbasses like Michael Vick are, thank God, the exception rather than the rule. Being scared to death of pit bulls isn’t doing them–or you–any good.

    • chynna

      The majority of people have no clue what a real pit bull even looks like. Any muscular dog is automatically labelled as a pit bull whether it is or not. Even when a dog has only about 10% of pit bull geneology it is still considered a pit bull. That is the most ridiculous assessment known.

  • Susan

    Kelly Ripa calling Pit type dogs dangerous is as stupid as if we were to stereotype her cohost because he is black like Michael Vick so he MUST be a dog fighter. It’s racist and ignorant.

  • Liz

    I am not in anyway defending Kelly. Honestly, I think she made a comment without even thinking. For those of us who rescue and/or own a bully, we are very sensitive to such comments. But do not let our passion for the breed be overshadowed by incivility. It would great if she acknowledged her comment, apologized and brought on Tia Torres (as another poster suggested). Let’s hope she does.

  • I’ve read literally all these comments, and i see a lot of people saying she didn’t mean anything towards pitbulls being dangerous, that it was just a joke due to the concept of the movie. If that was true than the key word being dangerous should have been left out. Instead she decided to say ” a dangerous pitbull like dog”. That states that pitbulls are dangerous. If she meant as some of you feel, that she was meaning due to gangsters typically owning these dogs. Than why didn’t she just say, since it’s a gangster wouldn’t he have a pitbull like dog? That would be worded appropriately to insinuate it as being a joke because gangsters typically own pitbull type dogs. It’s all in the wording and her words have put forth the exact thing that everyone is accusing her of doing. She could have left out that crucial key word and everyone would have accepted it as a joke or set up towards the actual breed being used in this movie. She did make a bad move, whether people what to believe it or not, but people are sheep. They believe what these celebrities say and hang on every word of it. She unfortunately may have jeopardized lives with that line. Yes many people have a brain, but to many people are sheep and it is proven day in and day out, when people are parroting the same thing the media spews, instead of doing their own research. That has nothing to do with pitbulls in general but has everything to do with reality. Let’s face it celebrities are more fun to watch than politicians, so what ever the celebrity or commercial states must be true. Hence your undecided voter that’s always flip flopping and parroting what other people say (just an example). Until people stop being sheep and stop parroting and believing what people in the lime light say, these people will always be expected to provide correct knowledge or actually state i’m unsure, but i’ve always heard. Either the sheepies are going to try and hang on that and get shot down because they’re believing someone that doesn’t even know and has stated it, or they’re going to be interested enough to actually do their own research. Either way the media has the power to sway so many people in different directions due to some simple lines. What Kelley needs to do is be a big girl, and make a statement about it. Explain herself, and apologize. I know it will never happen cause the media does this every day, but it wouldn’t hurt for her to do it. To the people that are trying to promote that pitbulls kill more than any other breed, you are sadly mis-informed. The breed only bites or kills maybe 1% of it’s entire population which is lower than labs. More numbers of the animal, means more occurrences. Once you do the math there’s actually more attacks from other breeds. Some nice people have already done the math for you so you don’t have to hurt your heads with it. You also have to take into consideration the type of people that are drawn to this breed. Than take into consideration all the responsible pet owners that have done everything and kept up on everything that is needed for this type of breed, and look at those numbers. Every attack is sad yes. But about 99.9% of all attacks could have been prevented if the owner actually took the time to be responsible. Now let me pose a question to all the pitbulls are dangerous people. A husky mauls and kills a newborn it’s adopted right back out, a pitbull mauls and kills a newborn (same situation both dogs are in) the pitbull is killed. Is that fair? Bottom line is no. One dog has been released back into the public to potentially harm another person, where as another dog is killed instantly. Sounds pretty hypocritical. Until all dogs and humans are held accountable appropriately to each actions, than no dog is safe, no human is safe. It’s time for a proper dog owner law to be put into action that effects ALL breeds. I’m sick of seeing these dog attacks just like the rest. But let’s face it the people that dropped the ball get a smack on the wrist, the animal pays for it, and the people are free to get another dog, that may or may not have behavior issues. Prime example. My neighbor has owned multiple different breeds, and these dogs have chased, and have on occasion bit people. All dogs were raised the same way. And all dogs had behavior issues, that were not addressed and proper care was not taken to keep the public or animals safe. A family member ended up taking one of their dogs due multiple reports and it bit the mail man, i believe it was some sort of border collie mix. You know that dog through proper care ended up turning into a great dog? That in itself proves it’s the human not the dog. But nobody would ever believe it when it comes to a pitbull cause apparently all pitbulls are inherently dangerous. Might wanna tell the nice people that did the behavior test’s that than, since multiple pitbull type breeds scored higher than your lab and golden retriever. Go figure. Yes i am a pitbull owner, but at least i brought legit facts to the table, and did not go on about how my dog is fantastic and would never hurt a fly. Let’s face it if you have in your head that every dog can and if pushed will bite, you’re more capable of preventing headlines from hitting the media airwaves, and that goes for ALL breeds.

  • Lisa Morgan

    One shouldn’t loose respect for someone just because of what she said. I, myself, was hesitant of pits until I got my first 15yrs ago. Having had dogs my entire life, both aggressive & non aggressive breeds, a pit scared me slightly from hearing the news reports. When Baxter entered my home at 6wks old I couldn’t let him go so I kept him. I had him for 12yrs. Now I have two. I got Chester 2yrs ago as a rescue from a gang who was turning him out to the streets because he wouldn’t fight, he was about 3-4months old. Just 5 days ago we rescued Remi who is 3yrs old. They are both lovers and are great with our 6yr old son. All three have been on the floor wrestling these past few days.
    Kelly – if you’re reading. You really need to experience a pit bull and their love, adoration and devotion to the families they belong to. They really are an awesome, intelligent and fun breed.

  • LesleyC

    Every breed of dog can be taught (encouraged) to be aggressive It’s time to stop blaming the WRONG end of the leash!

  • nassar

    :s this world is fucked up, now you cant complete a sentence without insulting someone, shes a comedian for gods sake!!! and shes just joking around, stop acting like she raped your daughter with a broomstick!!!!

  • Pittsarebetterthanripa

    How dare she. That’s dog racism. Her ratings are v low since R left the show. Take her off the air…… bitch

  • PitBulls & Me

    I’ve never watched her show, probably never will. However, if I did watch her show…….well, I still wont eat at McDonalds….Just sayin’.

  • Matthew Blake

    Of Course it’s people like her that gives the dog a bad name. Look I’m sorry that you are a sheep and follow the mass media when 9 times out of 10 the report what they want and it’s usually over exaggerated or fake, but not all pitbull’s are bad. But, I guess it’s the case of some bad apples ruining the bunch. I am the Owner of a APBT, and he is as sweet as sugar. He wants nothing but your love and affection. He’s always there for you when you’re feeling down, sick, upset, or hes just there to listen to you talk (yes, sometimes I talk to my dog about my problems). My dog has even went as far as almost getting himself killed (he was seriously injured) trying to save my life because a stupid mistake I made when I was 14 (crossing the road without looking both ways). That is a shining example of the pitbull. Along with the other comments. But, watch. Some pitbull hater is going to come through here and read all the comments and call us all “pitnutters” or “shitbullers” because they are idiots.

  • Jacob Riley

    Sorry folks…but these dogs can kill. And I used to own one. It bites and its grip is a hard one to get it to release. I know any dog can bite but not like a damn Pit! It is truly a killer dog!!!!!!!!!!!


    @Kelly Rippa…..until you know pitbulls for yourself and get to know the breed…you shouldn’t judge them!!! I was a fan of yours until I heard about your comment on pitbulls. I am an avid pitbull lover to the max and I am hurt by your commet. You should be ashamed of yourself!! Get to know pitbulls, then judge for yourself!!

  • sawee

    It wasn’t that bad people!

  • HarveMorgan

    Too bad this broad hasn’t bothered to express anything to any of the pit bull victims. Her priorities are somewhat off base. Pits are mauling and killing in numbers unlike any other breed in history. People need to show concerns for the victims rather than these canine mutants.

  • She is a talk show host not a person to look up to anyway! You need to find your role models somewhere else!

  • the are dangerous.and dumb

  • The dogs are dangerous.and deadly and you can keep all that other crape
    i know better.the owner are as stupid as the dog that’s why they can’t tell
    their pet is something dangerous waiting to happen.

  • Valerie Melango

    People say things all the time about Pit Bull’s, so because she is a celebrity and has a forum to speak her mind, she is unforgivable? So silly…Boycott her show, send nasty emails…Who cares! I will continue to watch her show (when I catch it of course) and I will not make any other comments besides this one! And YES….I DO HAVE A PITBULL! His name is Smokey and he will be 7 in March. He is the big baby of the family! P.S. It is not about the bred of the dog, but how it is trained and raised! I have friends that have little dogs and they are nasty! So people really need to stop giving Pitbulls a bad name, but I am not going to stop watching a show because of a comment that was made.

  • Sara

    I almost think it was “thuggish” of Kelly Ripa to speak that way of all pit bulls. I have a Pit bull Mix and a Rottweiler and they are the two most loving, playful and sweetest dogs ever. Kelly Ripa needs to read up and educate herself on the character of the Pit bull. Blame the owner not the dog. Dogs are all born loving and sweet, its people like Kelly Rip that give them a bad name. xoxoxoxo To All The Dogs In Our Lives NO MATTER WHAT BREED!

  • Kristi Kennedy

    Kelly Tips is just ignorant!

  • steph

    Never could stand her anyway.

  • No Name

    She disgusts me. Has for a long time. Just an ignorant bimbo who has been lucky in her career. Anyone who would make such a coment about a particular breed is just simply sickening.

  • ZOSO

    It was always obvious that Kelly Ripa has an IQ of about 39 on a good day! We fight for the rights of Pit Bulls! The most misunderstood Dog in the world! When a CLUELESS Moron wrapped in an Idiot like Kelly makes a statement about Pit Bulls, that she knows nothing about, and 10 Million people will see it! That tears down the work we have done to explain that it is an HONOR TO OWN AND HAVE THE LOVE OF A PIT BULL!!! A Proud Regal Breed! Kelly, why don`t you mention a story like the time a stray Pit Bull came to the rescue of a Mom and Daughter that was being assaulted! Then just waked way when she was safe, asking nothing! Now that’s a Hero Kelly! You better apologize about being clueless, and do a show devoted to the truth about Pit Bulls, and other working dogs! Look at “Sharky” the Pit Bull on You Tube Kelly! I work in Film/Music so you are no big deal to me! I will keep writing about you Kelly where ever I can till you do the show! HOOYAH, HORNET!

  • Steps to Success Learning Cent

    Chris, I have to agree with you. One bad does not fix another. The same way she was wrong for making the comment, many of you are wrong for the things you are saying about her. I have not been a Kelly Ripa fan since she left All My Children, but she is still a person. I love dogs, and I have owned a Pit for 7 years, but that was only after I learned about them. When I was a preteen, I say a neighborhood kid get attacked by a dog, and guess what kind….a Pit. Now, after seeing something like that and hearing the things I did about them, I was under the impression that all of them were like that. It wasn’t until I was able to get beyond what I witnessed and learned about that breed (and others) that I realized that I was wrong. You cannot teach someone by bashing them. If she is not taught, then she will continue to make ridiculous comments like that. What really bothers me is I don’t see PEOPLE come to the defense of other PEOPLE as they do for dogs and other animals. I find something truly wrong with that. Michael Vick was 1000% wrong for what he did, but once again, PEOPLE who kill other PEOPLE are treated better than he is for what he did, We as a society have to find something wrong with that. These words are coming from someone who loves animals, but I have to be honest, If I had to choose between my mom, my brother, my kids, my husband, or my dog….I choose them. As much as I love my dog, I love my FAMILY (PEOPLE) more. Just sayin…

  • Sarah

    I am more afraid of the ignorant people in society than people are of my pitbull.

  • I personally think that was a very ignorant comment someone in the spotlight can say, she seems like such a blonde bimbo for even saying this disrespectful comment, I have a beautiful red nose pit bull and she is the biggest baby that just wants love and a hug every time she sees me. she just got a whole lot of people mad,she is an IDIOT.

  • Elizabeth Aspen

    My brother has three pit bulls and they are the sweetest animals. One of them is humongous when he stands on his back legs and whenever you walk through the door he just tackles you with sloppy kisses, not bites. Stupid Ripa.

  • Dianne Hanchey

    I will be 65 in a few days and I have had Pit Bulls in my family for over 35 years. I would gladly come on Ms Ripa’s show and discuss these lovely animals. I would like to enlighten her on a subject that she seems to know nothing about…..

  • Sherry

    oh come on people. Years ago they were thought of as very dangerous dogs. Now people are trying to help & protect them and they are what you train them to be. People on air say things before they may think about them, and so what if they do say something believe..it’s their opinion!!! Now someone even said you’re racist if you talk about a particular breed of dog being dangersou…………lollllllllllll I’m so tired of having to watch every word you say “being politically correct for everyone” so you don’t OFFEND someone. People say stuff that offends me Every DAY & I’m still here… They have their right to say it & I have my right not to listen to it or disagree with it..

  • Coco

    There are many reasons why I never like this woman, now I can add Stupidity and Ignorance to the list.

  • MyGunIsNotPrejudice

    They are dangerous, a golden doesn’t do as much damage as a pitbull. All ypu asshole dog lovers rather see a kid be mauled than a put be hurt. I hope your kids suffer the same faith as those victims. Serves you right. Understand the true naturepitbull, they are dominant dogs.

  • StillStandingNow

    Crock of crap! And how many kids mauled since this?? Kelly doesn’t owe you or any dog a dang thing. These are DOGS & by far the most dangerous ones at that. Truth is now spilling out over the sides of life flight and coroner gurneys everywhere.

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