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dolphin murdersdolphin murders

Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson Offers $20K Reward to Catch Dolphin Killers

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Remember those awful Gulf of Mexico dolphin killings we told you about earlier? They’re getting worse, with authorities now suspecting an individual or individuals may be responsible for the “rampage.”

In an effort to help bring the killers to justice, Captain Paul Watson, President and founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is personally offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perps responsible.

“I regard the killing of a dolphin as murder, and what we appear to have on the Gold Coast is a dolphin serial killer,” Watson said in a statement. “I want this sadistic killer stopped, and I have set aside $20,000 of my own savings to be paid out to any person who delivers the evidence to find and convict this person or persons. Any person coming forward with evidence may remain anonymous and can communicate with NOAA, NMFS, or Gulf Coast law enforcement officials with this information.”

Besides the incident of the screwdriver we told you about in September (as well as those shot earlier in the summer), a dolphin washed ashore last Friday with its lower jaw missing; while another was discovered with its tail cut off.

“In my 30-plus years in this business, I’ve never seen anything so heartbreaking, cruel and senseless,” Moby Solangi, director of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport, Mississippi told Reuters. “You hear about serial killers who chop up bodies and put the parts in the freezer. This is just as horrible, but involving defenseless animals.”

Watson’s reward adds on substantially to the original $5,000 offered by the Institute. If you have any information, visit the Sea Shepherd site here to contact them.

Photo credit: Shutterstock.com

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  • Beitz Evers

    I heard the dolphin killer is willing to turn himself in if Paul Watson turns himself in on the Interpol red notice he’s wanted on. I guess some people feel human lives are important too.

    • PokerRay

      And where did you “hear” this from?

      • Beitz Evers

        I can’t reveal that but it’s a reliable source. Watson should be willing to do this for the dolphins.

        • PokerRay

          He should be willing to succumb to blackmail to keep some douche from murdering dolphins? Son, I just got reamed on another topic for articulating my abyssmally low level of respect for the vast majority of Ecorazzi posters. So thanx for teeing this up for me in such a timely manner.
          And don’t hand me this, “can’t reveal my source” nonsense. You don’t have a source and your post and follow-up is nothing but self-enabling crap.

          • Beitz Evers

            Don’t think you can get an Interpol red notice for the purposes of blackmailing. It’s for people charged with serious crimes. You seem like a typical Paul Watson fanboy who only cares about defending their hero, not so much about really helping animals.

          • whitefish

            Why should Watson turn himself in for a bogus charge leveled by a corrupt nation and her conspirator? Do you support the dolphin killing sadist that is the topic of discussion?

          • PokerRay

            Yeah, and another banner day for Ecorazzi contributors. I couldn’t care less about Watson and have stated so many times. It’s the whales I care about. Sorry you’re late to the party on that one. Show me someone else who makes a material difference in the preservation of the species and the oceans in general, I’ll take notice.
            And don’t think for a second that you’re off the hook for your “source” about the dophin killer. Until you have something real to contribute, instead of bogus claims, go back to your Halo 3 and asking mommy for another juicebox.

          • Karl Malloy

            PokerRay, try not to get trolled so badly when attempting to establish your superiority on the internet. It’s a bit painful to watch.

          • PokerRay

            I have no idea what you said.

    • BParks1221

      Perhaps someone should do some investigating into you and what you have been doing with your time.

  • Lara Leigh

    The SAM SIMON just registred in AU and is sitting in Melborn now she was the NEW ATLANTIS before that the KAKO MARU#8 she is SLOW max speed 12.5 crusing at 10.5 knots..56 meters by 10.. IMO # 9053452 HAPPY DANCE.. so SLOW

    • Paul Watson

      Really! No kidding. That is absolutely amazing news there whoever you are posing as someone you are not. If you know, why does the media not know? Perhaps you should go to them with your incredible discovery and expose the Sam Simon for what it is and where it is. Inquisitive minds obsessed with trivial matters need to know. I’m sure they will be so interested but please give them your real name so that you will look like a fool when they check out your amazing lead and express admiration for your incredible sleuthing abilities. top speed 12.5 really? Now that defies logic. Why would Sea Shepherd pay $3 million to purchase a ship that can’t keep up with the Nisshin Maru. But yes I know propaganda tends to ignore logic and certainly ignores the truth. And trolls as always have little regard for truth and seemingly are blind to logic.

      • Anna

        Funny you Paul Watson mentions “trolls as always have little regard for the truth”…haha.. and that comes from a SS memember? I did not know you were a comedian

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