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sea shepherd whale wars season 6sea shepherd whale wars season 6

Sea Shepherd Tasked with Filming 'Whale Wars' Action

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As the Sea Shepherd’s annual campaign against the Japanese whaling fleet gets underway in the Southern Ocean, some new changes to previous campaigns are coming to light.

While the SSCS has several initiatives throughout the year focused on saving threatened marine life, the action down under for the last five years has proven particularly effective in spreading awareness as shown in Animal Planet’s ratings monster “Whale Wars.” In the past, AP hired an independent film crew to document the Sea Shepherd’s efforts to save whales – but this year, the organization itself is going all “lights, camera, action!”

“Animal Planet will not have its own film crew on board with us this year,” wrote Sr. Media Relations Manager Lisa Agabian in an email.  “‘Whale Wars’ will, indeed, air in the U.S. on Animal Planet as expected, but our own professional production crew will be shooting the campaign this year. This arrangement provides us greater flexibility for distribution purposes, as we will own the footage.”

Unfortunately, it appears as if this arrangement was also something of a last minute decision – as the Sea Shepherd have been scrambling to fill a few still-needed positions on the film crew.

“Operation Zero Tolerance, promises to be our best year yet and we are still looking to fill a couple of positions on the film crew,” says one advert from Sea Shepherd Australia. “If you are a professional videographer, or producer and would like to join the campaign (we will pay your expenses) please send your resume to susan@seaShepherd.org.”

Another job offer, filed on RealityStaff.com, seeks a field producer; noting some kind of tragic accident befalling the previous employee.

“A tragic accident (he will be ok eventually) has left us with a space to fill. We are looking for a field producer to join one of our ships which will travel to the Antarctic to interfere will Japanese whaling operations this year. We may also need an audio technician. The need is urgent, departure date is November 27/28, 2012.”

In both cases, Sea Shepherd will cover travel expenses – but the time commitment may be steep for some – 14 weeks. But still, what an amazing opportunity for anyone passionate about marine conservation and looking for some serious resume padding.

“This promises to be one of the most exciting campaigns (Whale Wars) so far! We have a larger fleet than ever before and a Captain ‘on the run’ who will be joining the campaign at some undisclosed location!”

As for that “Captain on the run”, we fully expect Paul Watson to join the rest of the SSCS in dramatic fashion by appearing with the newly christened (and still very secret) M/V Sam Simon; the Sea Shepherd’s fourth new vessel. To the org’s credit, no one (not even the clever sleuths over on the International Whale Protection Forum) has yet to nail down the exact vessel the Sea Shepherd have purchased.

We’re looking forward to the big reveal. The Japanese – not so much.

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  • Paul Watson

    A pro-whaling troll posts an opinion that the Sam Simon is what and where and speculation and rumours fly like wildfire. First question, why would Sea Shepherd spend $3 million on a ship that cannot keep up with the Nisshin Maru. Not very logical but hey let’s not let logic get in the way of pro-whaling propaganda. The Sam Simon is NOT in Melbourne nor is it a slow boat from Japan. What it is and what it is capable of will be revealed when it is seen from the stern slipway of the Nisshin Maru where there will indeed be a slow but not happy dance for the whalers.

    • OldMacdonald

      Paul as you can see, the regular list of trolls is once again using MY name to prove they are lifetime members in good standing to the ASS brigade.

    • The Real Speed

      That is because you had someone else buy it and named it “New Atlantis” with the Tuvalu flag, then had the engine refitted and upgraded for speed. You wanted to use the fact that you have a Japanese research ship as propagandist even though the Kaiko Maru no. 8 was never used in the lethal whaling program.

      and the former Kaiko Maru no.8 wold have been an excellent choice to sail up close to Japan and catch the NM early since it wouldn’t stick out… but you insist on naming your ships flamboyantly so the yare easy to track.The Kaiko Maru’s speed doesn’t matter because you just need to to be able to stay with the NM which was your plan.

    • The Real Speed

      Since you are here….

      Could you give an explanation why SSCS is “Doing it themselves”. Why is Animal Planet and River Media (Lizard media?) producing and filming the show?

      And there WIll be an Animal Planet Whae Wars seasion right?

  • Paul Watson

    First the Sam Simon is reported in Melbourne and then it was reported in Fremantle and also at the same time it was reported in Brisbane and Cairns and one person swears he saw it in Sydney. There is a report that it is in Singapore. Now how is it that all the trolls know where it is but not a single media report showing the ship. I love this. The Sam Simon will be revealed when it is time for it to be revealed. As for hiding, I am in plain sight for anyone who knows where to look, most importantly I will be leading these four ships to the Southern Ocean and there is nothing Japan can do to stop me. Apparently the Sam Simon is here and there and everywhere! Now what does this say about the research skills of the ICR when they can’t locate the ship but every troll with nothing better to do than hunt for an elusive anti-whaling ship claims to know where it is, how fast it is, where it came from and what it is doing? Amazing! Keep the speculations coming trollers. We are throughly amused.

    • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

      The Sam Simon was made in Japan, evidence here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5VUX-XmsjA&feature=g-u

      • PokerRay

        Well, what a waste of 5 1/2 minutes that was. The origin of the vessel, let alone the prior registries have nothing to do with anything. Ever see a Carnival Cruise Lines commercial. “Ships are registered with Panama and Liberia.” Same thing.
        And I fully support SSCS using Japanese products to fight against the Japanese whalers anyway. So classify me as underwhelmed by your use of Google and Youtube.

        • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

          Thats not the point, the point is that many SSCS supporters urges others to not buy products made in Japan, but when their own idols, the SSCS, uses Japanese products such as Suzuki boat motors, they dont say anything at all. And now Sea Shepherd has a ship that is most likley made in Japan, at least according to international registry, check out the IMO number “9053452”

          • PokerRay

            So what? As we just saw in the American elections, “Supporters” can urge whatever they want. It doesn’t mean that the parent organization or other supporters have to follow the advice. I’m an SSCS supporter and I’m urging people to do whatever they want, as long as they are not supporting whaling. Travel to Japan, buy Suzukis, marry a Japanese; what do I care? In terms of SSCS, they are welcome to use whatever gets the job done. This is to include the M/Y Bob Barker, which was a former whaling vessel.

          • Kosuke Anayama

            The SS requires food to people.
            However, the Japanese food is included in that, too.
            Does the SS require it to people with a product made in China and a product made in Korea?
            It is China in the origin of Tofu, the soy sauce.
            But the Japanese soy sauce is a Japanese original style.
            The soy sauce made in Korea produces it in the factory which Japan made to the Korean Peninsula before WW2.
            (Watoson calls economic investment in Korea by such Japan cruel rule of Japan)
            If SS requires a product made in Japan, they do not have the courage to maintain their policy.
            The SS is given priority to money than their policy.
            Therefore the SS does not criticize a large quantity of accidental whaling in Korea which is a sponsor of the SS.
            (IWC investigates it)

          • I recall the South Korean Gov’t has talked about whaling too recently, and Sea Shepherd said they would oppose that as well. Not sure where it is going.

          • Kosuke Anayama

            SEIFU MARU was a ship owned by the Meteorological Agency of Japan.
            The existing ruling party removed a budget for such machine parts and safety management forcibly.

            SEIFU MARU seemed to be sold to the marine service company.
            The name changed it into “No8 KAIKOU MARU”. (all the ships of this company are such names)
            However, for the company, it was a big burden.
            Therefore the company sold it immediately.
            SEIFU MARU

  • Henry Marx

    There is a “Sam Simon” registered in Australia, though. It could just be a coincidence, of course.


  • PokerRay

    Seriously? Are we doing this again? I thought that the pro-whalers would have stopped their cowardly tactics of impersonating other people after I nailed one for doing the same. What a joke to humanity that pro-whalers are.

  • Magnus Petersson, Sweden

    I am happy to reveal that Sweden will increase the sealing quota to 40 000 seals, including species grey seals, harbor seals and ringed seals, and there is NOTHING anyone can do to stop us

  • Ari

    I can’t believe people are making such a fuss about this. Does it really matter what new ship they have or where it is located? If SS really wanted to keep this ship secret they would have kept quiet about the donation until the ship appeared in the SO.
    It is rather sad that someone is using another persons name to post about this. Not nearly as pathetic as Mr. Watson taking credit for Owen Lucks heroic actions at Wounded Knee but still pretty sad 🙁

  • Joseph Kool

    Paul the coward watson still hiding like a little pussy. I’d love to beat the living shit out of that turd and his pussy followers who secretly want to have sex with whales

  • I can see the reason that the SSCS would want to have more control over the filming, but I worry this may be tactically smart but have a drawback. On the one hand, it gives more control over the filming and coordinating the message. On the other hand, having independent contractors film before brought a lot more sense of objectivity to things. In my opinion that objectivity and strength of reputation in having a third party is invaluable, and with controversial events like the damaging of the Brigitte Bardot in the last whaling season and the follow up response to the crisis, plus the sinking of the Ady Gil, I think having a third party on scene documenting makes the best sense for everybody. It is a lot harder for anyone to protest what is filmed and documented by an outside third party. In my opinion, keeping Animal Planet contractors could also help relations with the network. I understand the tactical reasoning of wanting that hands on involvement, and wanting to keep these things all “in house,” but the third party objectivity of the past arrangement is a powerful asset and one I would not want to give up.

  • Tyler stoltz

    Huge fan Paul keep up the great work I hope to volunteer right beside you one day.

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