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10 Celebrities Who Love and Advocate for Their Pit Bulls

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When it comes to the canine kingdom, few breeds are as controversial as the pit bull. Often used as fighting dogs, pits have developed an undeserved reputation for being dangerous.

Unfortunately, this perception has been perpetuated by celebs like Kelly Ripa and Kate Gosselin, who have both gone on record as suggesting the dogs are unsafe to keep as pets. The good news is that pit bulls do have some fans in their corner. Read on to find out about 10 stars who are working to break the stigma surrounding the pooches through advocacy, awareness, and/or lots of adorable photos.

Kaley Cuoco

Pit bull advocate Kaley Cuoco starred in a PSA supporting the breed.The “Big Bang Theory” star is a huge pit bull advocate. The actress recently adopted her third and frequently tweets about misconceptions of the breed and how much she loves her own pups (and enjoys sharing silly photos of herself with her pooches, as evidenced by the shot above). She also partnered with Angel City Pit Bulls to make a PSA for the dogs, stating that she was “so proud” to work with the organization.

Not only that, but she was one of the first celebs to speak up when the dogs were publicly maligned by talk show host Ripa. On her morning show, Ripa referred to the dogs as dangerous and said, “But the gangster’s dog is uh, I mean if it’s a gangster it would have to be a dangerous, uh, Pit Bull kind of dog, right?” Cuoco immediately spoke up, saying that she was, “completely heart broken and disappointed.” She also tweeted, “I really hope @KellyRipa didn’t say what I think she said this am regarding pit bulls. #Please don’t be true.” Unfortunately, it was true, but perhaps all the protests she received — from Cuoco and others — helped changed Ripa’s mind.
Photo credit: Kaley Cuoco Facebook

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton owns two rescued pit bulls, Seamus and Marlowe.Kaley Cuoco wasn’t the only celeb upset by Ripa’s ignorant pit bull comments. Cuoco’s occasional “BBT” co-star Wil Wheaton also took to Twitter — and he blasted Ripa’s remarks. In his first tweet, he said, “According to @KellyRipa, Pit Bulls are ‘dangerous’ and ‘the gangster’s dog.’ Her ignorance breaks my heart, and will hurt Pits in shelters.”

He followed that up with, “I’m not a gangster. My friend @KaleyCuoco is not a gangster. My dog Seamus is not dangerous. @KellyRipa couldn’t be more wrong. Millions of people listen to @KellyRipa. When she spreads misinformation about Pit Bulls, it makes it less likely people will adopt them. I hope @KellyRipa will do some research, spend some time with a Pit Bull, and correct the misleading impression she gave millions of people.”

The former “Star Trek” star also took to Tumblr to defend the breed, pointing out that pits make great therapy, service, and search and rescue dogs. His wife Anne also joined in, tweeting that neither she nor Wil are gangsters or thugs. For the record, the pair have two rescue pits: Seamus and Marlowe.
Photo credit: Wil Wheaton Twitter

Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray makes homemade dinners for her pit bull Isaboo.Ray loves dogs so much, she founded a line of dog food (Nutrish) that benefits shelter pets. If you love your canine as much as her, you may want to have a look at a site such as https://www.jugdog.co.uk/best-dry-dog-food/ to find the best nutrition for your favourite buddy. Additionally, her pittie Isaboo has been her constant companion for years, long before Ray had a human significant other. And after Ray did settle down and get married, Isaboo continued to have free run of the house. Ray told People that she fixes Isaboo special dinners, and that the pooch sleeps in bed with the couple.

“I make a dog-friendly version of almost everything that we make for dinner, so she gets a lot of home-cooked food. She likes barley or orzo with chicken stock, carrots and parsley. She likes parsley a lot… We have a queen-size bed and the dog sleeps in the middle. John and I are sort of these little quotation marks on either corner. Isaboo starts out under [the covers], she gets too hot, then she comes back over. We haven’t slept well in six years,” said Ray. It doesn’t seem like she minds too much, though.
Photo credit: rachaelray.com

Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan uses pit bulls in his dog training demonstrations.Millan is famous for his dog-training techniques, and for years his companion in training was a pit bull named Daddy. Daddy’s mild temperament made him an ideal choice for helping to rehabilitate aggressive dogs, and Millan said of the pooch, “[Daddy] never made a mistake — never, never. He’s never displayed aggression or any other negative behavior. He’s just always helped me. I have never had a dog like Daddy. I’ve been astounded by his intuition, consoled by his affection, and awed by his silent empathy.”

After Daddy passed away in 2010, a new pit bull stepped in to take his place — Daddy’s pit bull protege, Junior. Millan adopted Junior as a two-month old puppy and relied on Daddy to teach the pup appropriate behavior. It worked, and now Junior is the official ambassador for large dog breeds. According to Millan’s website, “Junior [is a] representative of powerful breeds everywhere, from pit bulls to Rottweilers and Great Danes. He will not be a replacement [for Daddy], but a new face of calm submissive dogs at the DPC (Dog Psychology Center), showing the world that it isn’t the breed alone, but the human behind the dog that determines behavior.” In case you couldn’t tell, the Dog Whisperer is a certified fan of pit bulls.
Photo credit: Shutterstock.com / Phil Stafford

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel calls her dog Tina a Jessica Biel is so in love with her pit Tina that she’s created the hashtag #TuesdayswithTina just to share photos of the pooch on her Twitter and Whosay pages. The pair are often spotted around Los Angeles, where Biel proves that pit bulls make great companions — the active actress regularly takes Tina hiking and to the beach, the park and more.

All that activity apparently takes a toll on the pooch, who has developed a reputation for sleeping in unusual spots. Although Biel was quoted as saying, “I promise I have an actual dog bed for her,” Tina seems content to nap wherever she sees fit. When the dog isn’t happily snoozing away in the actress’ potted plants, the pair cuddle on the couch together (above), and Biel even referred to Tina as her “55-pound blanket.
Photo credit: Jessica Biel Whosay

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart owns two rescued pit bulls, Monkey and Shanksy.

The “Daily Show” funnyman is such a canine fan that he occasionally lets dogs fill in for him at work (see above). Additionally, he’s a dad to two rescued pits, Shamsky and Monkey, and has gone on record saying that, “pit bulls are very nice dogs.” His most famous observation about the breed happened during the 2008 election cycle, when Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin said that the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull was lipstick. Stewart countered with, “One is unfairly maligned in spite of evidence that it is no worse than any other dog, and one is an artificial demographic that is no better or worse than any other mom.”

According to dogster.com, “The Daily Show” is an extremely dog-friendly workplace (a fact that’s confirmed by The Bark). The site reports that, on one particular day, “at least four different [dogs were] roaming around unsupervised. Apparently staff members can and do bring their dogs to work every day.” And during the Michael Vick dog-fighting scandal, Stewart had no qualms about ripping into the quarterback on air. “He calls [dogfighting] a sport! I’d like to cover him in liver and let the dogs see if he’s as fast and elusive as they say he is. My guess is no.” Well said.
Photo credits: The Daily Show Facebook page

Linda Blair

Linda Blair is so passionate about pet rescue that she formed her own organization, the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation.She may be best known for her pea-soup-spewing role in “The Exorcist,” but these days Blair devotes her time to animal rescue — particularly for pit bulls. The actress is such a huge advocate that she formed her own rescue organization, the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation. Not only does it train, socialize, rehabilitate and work to find homes for pets in need, but the Foundation also provides interesting tidbits — such as Blair’s collection of vegan recipes. Additionally, the organization works to clear the misconceptions about the dogs.

Blair is very open about her love for the breed. “The first dog that I came across that followed me home was this big brown and black brindle pit. Now, the new media said, ‘Run, It’s going to kill you,’ and so I was terrified, like many are still today. The dog that followed me home was asking for help. And he changed my life forever. I gave him a helping hand, and in turn, he healed my heart,” she says.
Photo credit: Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation Facebook page

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone's pit bull Butterfly is the

Silverstone is mom to three pound pups, including a pit bull named Butterfly (also known as “The Pig”). She says that Butterfly has long been the “princess of the house,” and tends to get spoiled the most. “I’m obsessed with her belly,” Silverstone says. “I love rubbing her belly. It’s so soft.” Silverstone has been advocating for pit bulls for years, in part because she thinks the breed is misunderstood, and that it’s the people who train them to be aggressive that are the problem.

In addition to using her website, The Kind Life, to help aid adoption for shelter pits, she also uses it as a forum for pooch pampering. In 2011, she featured a post on her dogs’ plant-based diet, saying that they are healthier than ever now that they’ve gone meat-free. “Since our dogs have been eating this way, they have stopped getting fleas, hot spots, and their coats look so nice. They are all super healthy with perfect blood work. People always think they are younger than they really are. Feed your animals grains, beans, and veggies like you would eat and you will absolutely see a difference in their health,” she says.
Photo credit: The Kind Life

Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson rescued an injured pit puppy from a shelter and now takes him on movie sets.Last year, the “Hunger Games” star made headlines when he rescued a pit bull puppy. The dog, now named Driver, had been dropped off at a kill shelter with a broken leg. A rescue organization saved the dog, and Hutcherson took him home as soon as his leg healed. “[Driver] sat in the shelter for 11 days with a broken leg, and the injury was already about a month old. He’d been sitting in a great deal of pain,” said a rescue worker.

Fortunately, the dog’s life has vastly improved. Not only has Hutcherson provided, “a full stomach, warm bed and a loving owner,” but Driver — who has grown substantially — even gets to accompany his owner on set. It seems that the movies are in the dog’s blood — Hutcherson said his name was inspired by Ryan Gosling‘s character in the movie “Drive.” It looks like the pooch will be hanging out on sets for the foreseeable future.
Photo credits: Hands Paws Hearts and Shutterstock / Joe Seer

Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple postponed her music tour to stay home with her dying pit bull, Janet.

Fans were excited last year when Apple released her first album in seven years. Unfortunately, her tour plans in support of that album were interrupted by her dog’s severe illness. Apple adopted her pit bull, Janet, when the pooch was just a puppy. At the time, she found the four-month-old in L.A.’s Echo Park with a rope around her neck and bite marks on her body, indicating that the puppy had been used in dog fighting. That was fourteen years ago, and the pair have been inseparable ever since. “She was under the piano when I wrote songs, barked any time I tried to record anything, and she was in the studio with me all the time we recorded the last album,” said Apple.

Sadly, Janet suffers from Addison’s disease, so when the dog’s health took a turn for the worse last November, Apple postponed her tour. In a four-page letter posted to her Facebook page, the singer explained her decision. “She’s my best friend and my mother and my daughter, my benefactor, and she’s the one who taught me what love is. I can’t come to South America. Not now. But I know that she is coming close to point where she will stop being a dog, and instead, be part of everything. She’ll be in the wind, and in the soil, and the snow, and in me, wherever I go. I just can’t leave her now, please understand,” she wrote. She has not released further updates on Janet’s condition.
Photo credit: Fiona Apple


It’s clear that these 10 stars have found loving companions in their four-legged friends. We bet they will continue to advocate for the breed, showing how wonderful, loving and non-aggressive the dogs can be. Perhaps Blair’s comments on pit bulls say it best:

“The misconceptions, the prejudice, and the misunderstanding of this breed… This is the original American hero…There’s a history, and if you get into it, you understand they’re an amazing dog. But it is all in how they are raised.”

Here’s hoping more people follow in these celebs’ footsteps and raise them as the gentle pets they were meant to be.

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  • No Sophia Bush???

  • janettabass

    You guys forgot Kevin Bacon and his dog Lilly!!!!!

  • Clare

    Pit bulls can be awesome. There is no saying that they are or are not dangerous. They are all individuals. I have to say though, Rachel Ray makes her living killing animals and cutting them up and cooking them. Also she looked all over the country for a pit bull Breeder!!!!!!!!(when millions die in shelters) to find a pit bill that looked exactly like her dead dog. And now she has been sued at least twice because her dog has attacked other dogs on the street, the last one she tore the ear off of as it attempted to walk past on a leash. Boo on bad press for pit bulls, and i wish Rachel ‘s. love extended to all animals.

    • Creepy McSteezerson

      I was never a big fan of Rachael Ray really. She mispells my name (Rachel). It bothers me.

  • 123tl78

    Nice story. Thank you.

  • sulfurself

    Great story! Love good press for pit bulls. Rainn Wilson, Jessica Alba and Ira Glass are a few more. There are so many. It seems I learn of a new pit bull-loving celebrity every week!

    • RoxanaL

      Ira Glass’s pit bull “Piney” has attacked at least seven different people, including at least two children, and has bitten both Ira and his wife on multiple occasions. You can hear all about that on the “Animal Sacrifice” episode of This American Life.

      They acquired Piney as a puppy and presumably “raised him right” and yet the dog is dangerous as hell, to the point where he attacks his owners, they can’t have visitors, and the dog must wear a muzzle anytime they take him for a walk.

      In a 30-year period ending in 2011, pit bulls were involved in about two thirds of all serious attacks and just under half of all fatal attacks in the U.S., even though they represent between 3-7% of the U.S. canine population, according to multiple estimates. In 2012, pit bulls accounted for nearly two-thirds of all serious and deadly attacks in the U.S.

      • sulfurself

        Why do you presume that Ira Glass “raised him right”? Because he’s white and educated? Lots of people raise dogs improperly, not just thugs and dog fighters. If he is attacking people, it goes without saying that he was almost certainly not raised properly.

        Do you have a valid source for those statistics? And no, Dogsbite dot org is not a valid source.

        Here are some valid sources that refute your points, regardless of whether your stats are accurate or not, from unbiased organizations that not only do not stand to benefit from falsely claiming that pit bulls are not inherently dangerous but actually would have a lot to lose by making such a claim if it were untrue:

        Pit bull breeds have better temperament ratings than the majority of dog breeds by the American Temperament Testing Society.

        Here’s one from the American Veterinary Medical Association. https://www.avma.org/KB/Resources/Backgrounders/Pages/The-Role-of-Breed-in-Dog-Bite-Risk-and-Prevention.aspx

        “Owners of pit bull-type dogs deal with a strong breed stigma, however controlled studies have not identified this breed group as disproportionately dangerous.”

        It also gives a thorough list of reasons why pit bull-type dogs make up a more significant number of reported serious bites, and concludes that they do not support targeting this breed, or any breeds, as a means of dog bite prevention. It is also extremely well-documented that breed specific legislation does not have an effect on dog bites. But read the whole thing. It’s full of great information.

        All that said, if you have decided to demonize pit bulls, there is a very small chance that anything I say or do will change your mind. More than anything else, it is my own experience with pit bulls, of whom I know dozens, that proves to me that they are just dogs. They are powerful dogs for certain, which, along with the stigma, is why there is a great responsibility that comes with caring for them. There are some bad apples, just like any other breed, and we only have ourselves as humans to blame for that. The vast majority are sweet and loving beyond measure, even more than any other breed I’ve known. I’m sorry that you don’t get to experience that because of your prejudice and fear, because you are truly missing out.

        • Desiree Michelle McArthur


          • Bella’sHuman

            T H A N K Y O U! my Isabella (Bella) thanks you.

      • Plan B

        RoxanaL did you pull these stats out of your butt? Go to the CDC website where dog bites are reported by medical professionals and find accurate info before you spout nonsense just because you “googled” it.

        • Fayclis

          Roxanal is probably part of the BSL Lobby Group. Every single short haired medium sized MUTT is a “pit bull” to them.

        • Desiree Michelle McArthur

          lol you go plan b:)

        • Katy Wilkerson

          They say trying to identify a breed based on a visual inspection is the worst way to id dogs. My aunt has a dog that is a lab/hound mix and she looks like she is part pittie. BSL does nothing to reduce the number of dog bites in a city, plus it’s costs are astronomical.

          • concerned citizen

            The AKC identifies breeds visually. So does everyone in the dog world. BSL is aimed to reduce serious maulings and DBRF. Not dog BITES. None of you seem to have a clue.

        • concerned citizen

          The CDC stopped tracking dog attacks by breed in 1997. Who’s spouting nonsense?

      • Creepy McSteezerson

        You forgot to mention how “Pit Bulls” are misidentified 70% of the time. Also, way to copy and paste from dogsbite.org! You realize Crazeen Lynn is a wingutter correct? Here’s some info for your ignorance:


      • Ellen Bingham

        Most likely, pit bull “lookalikes”–most likely lab mixes–the only two serious facial bites in my experience were pure-bred labs. I own a pit bull lookalike (boxer/whippet genetically tested), but everyone who doesn’t know her or me immediately says she’s “definitely a pit bull.” Your statistics are not proven.

      • Katy Wilkerson

        The dog may have had a biochemical imbalance. That kind of thing arises when the animals are inbred for certain characteristics (with pitties, the “blue” (gray) coat color is extremely popular) so irresponsible breeders who care more about making a buck than the health of the dogs breed two dogs who are too closely related together. That kind of inbreeding can have extremely negative consequences on the puppies. Often, the symptoms don’t show up right away, and when they do, people think the dog is just “mean” or can’t be trained. A normal pit bull is very rarely human aggressive. You have to train them to be good around small animals and other dogs, and it’s not hard to do (my two live with an akita mix and two cats), but they need training and guidance, just like any other dog. There is (or was) a breeding line of golden retrievers who behaved in the same way as the dog you described above. It can happen in any breed, so claiming all pits are bad is just the ignorant and lazy way to handle the situation.

      • zxcgaodi

        i guess one dog defines the breed? In that case, The only dog that ever bit me (true story) was a Cocker Spaniel so therefore all Cocker Spaniels are unsafe dogs. There, did I get that right?

  • Chris
  • Being a star does not make you the authority..In fact..most stars you read about today are notorious for making bad decisions..

    • marksmomma

      And not being a star does not make you the authority either. And “most” stars are not read about as making bad decision. It’s just that the few who are and do, make it seem as though it’s most of them. Maybe a little research on both subjects would do you some good.

  • Refreshing to hear something positive about pit bulls. I’m sure there are many more celebrities that own pit bulls. Thanks for the article

  • RoxanaL

    You forgot to mention a few things.

    Rachel Ray’s “Isaboo” ripped another dog’s ear off.

    One of Linda Blair’s rescue dogs brutally attacked a pig.

    Ira Glass’s pit bull “Piney” has attacked at least seven different people, including two children. Piney routinely attacks Ira and his wife.

    Cesar Millan on pit bulls: “This is a different breed…the power that comes behind bull dog, pit bull, presa canario, the fighting breed — They have an extra boost, they can go into a zone, they don’t feel the pain anymore…So if you
    are trying to create submission in a fighting breed, it’s not going to happen. They would rather die than surrender…If you add pain, it only infuriates them…to them pain is that adrenaline rush, they are looking forward to that, they are addicted to it…That’s why they are such great fighters…You’re going to have these explosions over and over because there’s no limits in their brain.”

    Pit bulls were responsible for over 60% of all fatal attacks in 2012 in the U.S. Over a thirty-year period ending in 2011, they were responsible for 60 percent of all serious attacks and just under half of all fatal attacks.

    “There is a persistent allegation by pit bull terrier advocates that pit bulls are over-represented among reported dog attack deaths and maimings because of
    misidentifications or because “pit bull” is, according to them, a generic term covering several similar types of dog. However, the frequency of pit bull attacks among these worst-in-10,000 cases is so disproportionate that even if half of the attacks in the pit bull category were misattributed, or even if the pit bull category was split three ways, attacks by pit bulls and their closest relatives
    would still outnumber attacks by any other breed.” http://www.dogsbite.org/pdf/dog-attack-deaths-maimings-merritt-clifton-2011.pdf

    In fact, when one does the math, one can assume that 9 out of 10 — 90%! — of all pit bull attacks “don’t count” for some reason or another, and pit bulls would still account for about twice as many serious attacks and four times as many fatal attacks as labradors and golden retrievers combined.

    Further reading:




    Compiled statements from animal experts on pit bull aggression: http://thetruthaboutpitbulls.blogspot.com/2012/10/no-one-can-be-great-thinker-who-does.html

    Compiled quotations from medical experts on injuries caused by pit bulls:

    You may also enjoy the [The ASPCA Guide to Caring for Pit Bulls in Shelter Environments: http://www.scribd.com/doc/14396422/ASPCA-Guide-to-Handling-Pit-Bulls-in-Shelter-Environments – Written by an ASPCA veterinarian, this publication contains such charming statements as “pits don’t always give the traditional signs of warning before they bite,” “experienced handlers who had developed good relationships with the dogs over a period of months still being attacked without warning or obvious provocation,” and “although [biting] may occur with any breed, a pit bull bite will cause more damage.” It also recommends that shelter staff always work in pairs with pit bulls, and install panic buttons in areas of the shelter housing pit bulls. Panic buttons. Let that sink in a moment. This guide also warns that pit bull bites do “increased
    muscle and tissue damage” and that pit bulls can “break down conventional cage doors.” and destroy conventional steel bowls.

    The bulk of the pit bull advocates’ crib sheet of talking points is based in total and absolute fiction. Pit bull “advocacy” is a truly fatuous fad and it just can’t die soon enough.

    • sulfurself

      It’s funny that you mention that Ira Glass’s pit bull “routinely attacks Ira and his wife.” I haven’t researched it, but I believe you. But this disproves your argument that pit bulls are dangerous killing machines. He routinely attacks Ira and his wife, and yet they are not dead, or even disfigured. This pit bull obviously has aggression issues. No one would deny that. Any dog breed is susceptible to aggression issues based on several outside factors. The AVMA article I already linked to very thoroughly addresses the statistics about aggression, breed and dog bites.

      You primarily link to three sources, all of which are discredited, notoriously biased and full of fallacious information. If you were writing a research paper, for example, none of these sites would qualify as valid sources, while those I linked to above (the AVMA and the ATTS) would. Dogsbite, Animal People, and “The Truth About Pit Bulls” are dedicated to banning and otherwise eliminating the breed. The AVMA and ATTS are independent, credible and have no motive or bias either for or against the breed. They are research organizations, only interested in facts, with no reason not to be.

      Dogsbite also has plenty of beef with the ASPCA, claiming, among other things, that they change the breed of dog bite reports to protect pit bulls: http://legal.pblnn.com/pro-bsl-experts/dogbiteorg/100-dogsbiteorg-sees-aspca-conspiracy-in-cane-corso-killing

      So which is it? Is the ASPCA a reputable veterinary resource showing that pit bulls are dangerous (a viewpoint they don’t espouse or support in any way, by the way: http://www.aspca.org/Pet-care/virtual-pet-behaviorist/dog-articles/the-truth-about-pit-bulls
      “Like people, all dogs have unique personalities.”
      You’ll be pleased to see that this fact sheet also addresses a lot of your claims, like pit bulls being bred to fight, pit bull bites doing more damage, etc. I don’t think anyone with half a brain would claim that a pit bull bite doesn’t have the potential to do more damage than a Chihuahua bite, so I don’t even feel the need to address this point. The argument is not whether or not pit bulls are strong, it is whether or not they are dangerous.
      “In reality, the overwhelming majority of Pits and Pit mixes are sweet goofballs who have gotten a very bad rap.”) or is the ASPCA in on the conspiracy to unleash dangerous monsters on society by defending pit bulls?

      Cesar Millan is the most preeminent, prolific and successful dog trainer and behavior expert of our time; probably of all time. Not everyone agrees with his methods, but it is undeniable he is an expert when it comes to dogs. He is also 100% pro-pit bull, he owns pit bulls himself, and his model behavior dogs are pit bulls, so your quoting him to suit your argument is incredibly misleading and disingenuous. He would not agree with a single one of your points.
      “Before the mid-80s, stories of pit bull attacks are practically non-existent.”
      “Yet it only takes a brief look at the history of pit bulls to realize
      that the dogs are not the problem; the humans who misuse them are.”
      “What kind of message does it send to our kids when we say “we love dogs” but then reject certain breeds of dogs? Just as I wouldn’t want my sonsto be seen wrongly because they’re Mexicans, I wouldn’t want my dog to be seen wrongly because he’s a Pit bull. I want people to evaluate them based on the actions they take and what they do for society—not what their breed or race attaches to them.”

      You could probably go through every one of these links and cherry-pick quotes that support your claim. The difference is that my sources, in addition to being valid, all support my point in their conclusions and in their entirety.

      • concerned citizen

        “Just because a certain percentage of a certain breed fail, this does not necessarily indicate aggression… If you look at our statists just from a perspective of aggression or non-aggression, they can be very misleading.” Carl Herkstroeter one of the founders of the ATTS test… Parameters are different for every breed. The ATTS test is not designed to measure aggression, but rather rewards boldness. AVMA and ASPCA have a monetary interest in pit bulls and are notoriously bias. What’s next AFF?

        • sulfurself

          I’m sorry that you don’t get to experience these wonderful, loving dogs because of fear and judgment. I truly hope you’re able to open your heart and find peace someday.

    • sulfurself

      Also, can you present a valid source for that Cesar Millan quote? I can only find it on anti-pit bull websites, but am finding no interview or news source where it originated. I’m curious since Cesar has trained many bully breed dogs, including his own dogs Daddy and Junior, to be the epitome of calm and submissive, and his entire career is based upon the idea that no dog is untrainable, so the idea that he would say something like “So if you are trying to create submission in a fighting breed, it’s not going to happen” is incredibly suspect to me.

      Here’s him saying the exact opposite of that:
      “As I was browsing the news this week, a headline caught my eye: “Romney Takes Pit Bull Approach in Florida.” I looked at Junior and wondered if the journalist meant that Romney was going to become a calm-submissive presence, devoted to the American people.”

      And as fate would have it, as I was writing this very comment, a commercial came on TV featuring Cesar Millan, who will be appearing on the Jeff Probst show on Wednesday to talk about pit bulls. In the clip he says: “It’s not the breed. It’s the human behind the dog.”

      • Katy Wilkerson

        LOL I love that quote about the baseball player! I said something similar to my insurance agent. I had just added my fiance’s car to my insurance plan, and had mentioned I was looking for a house. He said that his wife was a realtor and was a real “pit bull” about getting deals. I looked at him for a sec and said “so she’s going to wiggle her butt, jump on people, and lick their faces to get me a good deal?”. He looked a little taken aback by that, then I told him I had a pit and that’s what he did to everyone (btw, State Farm is great for pit bull owners. They don’t discriminate against dog breeds:))

        • Brianna Lynn Smith

          I’m so glad I saw your comment lol I have two shelter rescue pits and my boyfriend and I are currently looking at houses and every insurance company has been an asshole about us having pit’s and I refuse to use a company that’s anti pit!! Hadn’t looked into state farm yet! I hate peoples pit hating! It’s one thing to not like the breed and make a choice not to own one but that doesn’t mean they should be discriminated on! Love my dogs hate most people! Lol

    • Anne Croft

      No it isn’t a fad (or a “fatuous fad” whatever that is supposed to mean). This is a beautiful breed with many people championing the dogs because pitbulls are exceptionally sweet and loving dogs. Thugs breed, fight, neglect, then abandon the dogs–leaving people that care to try and work with dogs who have been damaged and abandoned. Due to this disastrous breeding population’s practices, dogs are being sold and used to replace masculinity, used for fighting, and not being given any kind of secure and consistent training whatsoever–set up for failure by being placed in situations that they can’t discern from when they are expected to fight. Pits’ sense of loyalty, their desperation to please, and their physical power are exactly what is exploited against them. I work with pitbulls in rescue. I have never been bit by a pitbull, I have been bit by a poodle, st. bernard, dachsund, and recently, a mix with long ears. You clearly don’t know the breed and your talking points are the same ones that other ignorant, inexperienced pit-haters use. Get some experience and/or first-hand knowledge or back away from the keyboard. Clearly, you feel it’s your calling to disparage dogs you have no clue about. That is just as irresponsible as the those breeding and inflicting the damage on these animals.

    • Grrlzrule

      Tyler Jett is yet another child to die this year. These people can argue however they want but the fact remains in 2013 8 people have lost their lives to these dogs. Most of them children. Rottweilers and german shepards, labs and beagles, on and on not one death between them. How its raised? no, more like luck of the draw.

      • Tara

        No more like how its raised. You are ignorant so I suspect your parents were as well as a result of the way you are speaking.

        • Creepy McSteezerson

          Tara, even if they are raised poorly, they can still have a chance at life. Thats the only reason I disagree with that statement. Otherwise, yeah. These animals maul, attack, maim, and damage because they’ve had the same happen to them.

      • marksmomma

        What an ignorant person you are. And a sad one at that. Tell me, are you being paid by the BSL people to demonize this breed? Because you are advocating the cold-blooded murder of innocent dogs. And people who do that should burn in hell.

      • Creepy McSteezerson

        You forgot to mention how the “breed” is misidentified 70% of the time. Just saying.

      • Ellen Bingham

        Oh boy, there certainly IS news–lots of it–about deaths caused by other breeds, most notably the huskies. But reliable research is not most people’s strong point.

      • Creepy McSteezerson

        How can you honestly sit there and list those breeds and then say that none of them have never been involved in any deaths? You really need to check your facts before posting these things…

    • All About Animals

      I once owned a well trained, even mannered Dalmatian, it took-out a neighbor dogs eye. Does that Make ALL Dalmatians “BAD” in The Ever So Correct Book of “LOBA ART”? I think not. We ALL must remember, they Are ANIMALS More people kill and permanently Mame than Pits in a Year! Sometimes misinformation can cause Horrific results! Check yourself, before you wreck a truly Awesome breed!!

    • heavyheavysyrup

      Ridiculous. What a crock of crap. Just for starters, if you are stupid enough to believe that pits only make up 3-7% of the total dog population in this country then I suppose you can convince yourself that all your other ignorant stats are true too. That incorrect number may be the REGISTERED purebred pitbulls but considering all the unregistered dogs, and the fact that so many people view any dog with pit features a “pitbull” then for all intents and purposes the numbers are much much higher. I’m willing to say that pits make up about 1/5 of all the dogs I see in my neighborhood.

      Second, there is no way you can convince me that aggressive dog behavior from other breeds is as reported, logged and tallied as pitbull aggressiveness. Unfortunately, my friend’s sweet looking 80lb lab mix just bit a woman on her hand. Will she report it to the authorities? My guess is no. As a pitbull owner for the last 23 years can I take a gander at what the outcome would be if one of my dogs bit her? Judging from a few of the ridiculous and semi hysterical behavior that I’ve had to deal with from people over the years, I’m amazed my dogs HAVEN’T gone ballistic on them. Once my dog ran up to some folks about to start a ball game at the park. It’s a dog-friendly neighborhood where dogs are allowed off leash. They bashed her on the head with an aluminum (thank god) bat and sent her yelping in sheer terror running back to me. Another time a woman bragged about chasing my dog onto a busy street when I had just brought her back from the shelter and she was scared of everything. My dog, and a friend’s dog, had accidentally managed to get out of the side yard when my friend’s daughter unlocked the gate. Instead of calling this to my attention, like a decent neighbor, the woman and her daughter grabbed a pipe, chased my dog onto a very busy thoroughfare, called the police, claimed she was bitten (but later recanted when she could produce no marks or evidence), and accosted me yelling madly about my dog and BRAGGED that she had chased her away into traffic. This idiot breeds German Shepards.

      No, I don’t denigrate them at all. Nope, I give the vast majority of pitbulld 5 fucking huge thumbs up for dealing with the shit they have to deal with and still being the best, most loyal, intelligent and loving dogs a human could ever want to love!

      • Tara

        If someone hit my dog with a bat I would probably be in prison right now for the retaliation inflicted upon that person. You are a nicer lady than I. But well said to your point. I don’t have a pit, but I love them. Some of my most favorite dogs ever are pits.

      • Creepy McSteezerson

        Actually, “pit bulls” are misidentified 70% of the time. So I believe the number is probably that small as far as true APBTs go. However, when “statistics” are created for dogsbite.org (and others), they mix that small population number with the amount of attacks that mixed breeds with similar physical characteristics (who have no APBT blood whatsoever) commit. So, that’s how dogsbite.org makes the breed look worse. The More You Know….

    • marksmomma

      And you forget, Roxanal, a chihuahua can tear your throat out, and will attack a person more quickly than a pit bull will. You should take off your hood and do some more research.

      • Creepy McSteezerson

        She probably refuses to check the stats on the ATTS website. Sad…

        • marksmomma

          Yes it’s very sad, because she has already made up her mind that she hates this breed. She probably hates all dogs, so she’s a lost cause anyway. She will never know the joy of having the unconditional love of a furry friend.

          • Ellen Bingham

            And since a closed mind is a dead mind, let’s leave mindlessness out of this conversation. Since I got my pit lookalike, dozens of total strangers have made a point of coming up to me and saying they love pit bulls. This gentlest of breeds would not deserve to live with RoxanaL thinkalikes.

    • Raeme Guthery-Barrett

      Then there must be something wrong with my two pit bulls then. Because I have them in conventional cages at night and when we leave then house and they have never broken them down. Their bite causes no more damage than any other dog. Get your facts from a reliable source and not a biased one that is trying to destroy our beautiful dogs like dogsbite.org. Oh, by the way, I have two children that are living with my two pit bulls as well! A 4 year old and an 8 year old. And they LOVE their pibbles! My dogs would never dream of harming my children! Get your facts straight before you start bashing my four legged family members!!

    • Eric

      pit bull agression on other animals has ZERO to do with their love for people.
      any informed pit bull owner knows this.

    • concerned citizen

      Nice research, RoxanL! We don’t see much of this from the short sighted pit bull pushers. I would like to add that Cesar Millan had a pit in his care for about a year before it killed another large dog IN HIS FACILITY.

  • Michelle

    Really love this article. There are so many more that you didn’t list, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that this breed is finally having their voices heard through us.

    I advocate for Pit Bulls daily. My own Pit, Roxy, is my heart and I will never stop fighting for her freedom against the ignorance of the very small percentage of people who do nothing, but listen to a biased media instead of educating themselves with actual facts.

  • Plan B

    My family has always had Staffordshire terriers (commonly called pitbulls). They are the best dogs in the world! Loyal and take a lot of abuse from kids. We could jump on them, pull their ears and they loved every minute of it. No mystery why they were called the “Nanny” dogs. They are good kid caretakers. There are more warm and fuzzy stories about pitties than bad ones, but, of course media is not interested in those. Not sensational enough to garner ratings. To own one is to love one. I have two other dogs who are not pitties and those are the ones I wouldn’t trust around kids. They do not have the patience or tolerance.

  • Fayclis

    Great article thanks for posting it. There are millions of “pit bulls” living peacefully with responsible caring families throughout North America but one will NEVER find that information in usual mainstream “news”. What media has done by targeting these dogs is shameful. Breed Specific Legislation is passed by politicians pandering to media hype and innocent animals and non-discriminating dog owners are paying for it. Time to END this modern day “witch hunt”.

  • If you live in Los Angeles the go to person about pit bulls is Dog Man – http://youtu.be/RwHW_VyxpSE

  • Melissa Wolfmann

    And Bill Burr!

  • Julie Martinez Birmingham

    All I can say is this; I owned an American Pit Bull Terrier for 12 years, from the time he was a 6 week old puppy, until I had to let him go because cancer took over his body. He was the best dog I’ve ever owned. No aggression issues, and he was accepting of every other dog and cat, no matter what the breed or size, I ever brought into my house. He loved children and was beyond gentle with them. All you nay-sayers can say whatever you want, but I will judge by my own experience. Oh…did I mention that I’m a veterinary technician and have a ton of experience with this breed? All good?

    • Eric

      the best reply:
      don’t spread ignorance until experiencing the love that pit bulls have to offer.

  • Nick O’Neil

    forgot to add Danny Trejo !!!

    • Creepy McSteezerson

      Too bad he’s also a racist.

  • Sarah

    There’s no way Jessica Biel owns such an ugly couch.

  • The Name

    this list is bull shit because bill burr isnt on it

  • greenfrog329

    I was discouraged to see as many anti-pit bull comments as I did. I encourage those of you who wish to malign the breed watch “Beyond the Myth” to clear up your misconceptions.

  • Tyler

    dont forget ian somerhalder. he is a big pit bull advocate

  • Bunny Hopper

    I’ve had two Pit bulls in my life…both sweethearts that thought they were 60 pound lap dogs. Sweetest dogs I have ever had in my life. It’s funny how no one ever mentions what breed of dog that most people get bitten by…get ready to be shocked…it’s Cocker Spaniels. No ever says anything about their bites only because their jaws are no way as strong as a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, or Doberman so there aren’t usually any major injuries. The reason for so many bites by that breed…they look so sweet, cute, and innocent that people with just immediately go up to one they do not know without giving it a second thought of doing so…and boom, they snap at you!

  • josh
  • Eric

    not only does alicia silverstone share my birthday, but she is a pit bull lover, too.
    too cool!

  • Fayclis

    So many stars missing but this is nice to see anyway. The tides are changing but as usual mainstream media seems to be the last to acknowledge it. It is happening but it is slow. Especially for responsible owners who see their great dogs sitting on death row due only to breed discriminatory laws.

  • Alicia

    I am

  • Alicia

    I am guilty of being terrified of any big “dangerous” breed. All the pictures and media posts about these dogs can really brain wash a person to fear these animals. My best friends brother had two ginormous pit bulls and I was always standing like a statue in fear as they sniffed or licked me. I thought I was a gonner when another friend’s massive (yet the most beautiful pit bull I have EVER seen) pit bull knocked me onto his bed and proceeded to lick my entire face! I was ready to have my face torn off but instead I was getting a bath of licks lol after doing much research I have found how wrong I was to be so judgmental of these dogs. I am excited for another encounter with this breed and hopefully I wont be such a scardy cat this time 🙂 Maybe even own one someday <3

  • Katy Wilkerson

    Chaning Tatum has one, too

  • cooki2581

    The photo of Jessica Biel reminds me of how a pit bull I fostered would lay on me when I napped. Best dog ever. I would have kept him if I didn’t already have 2 other dogs.

  • Darlene Rankin

    Hello everyone. Humane Society of Broward County is the place to adopt Pit Bulls. We have great dogs available Please help this breed find a home by calling 954-989-3977 or stopping by 2070 Griffin Road Fort Lauderdale Florida 33312


    best dogs in the world!

  • ViSuvius

    you also forgot Tia Torres of Pit Bulls and Parolees and Villalobos Rescue Center. There is no bigger advocate for the breed! She has literally put her own life in danger to rescue abused and neglected pit bills!

  • ViSuvius

    Also I’d like to add…my family has had Pit Bulls as family members since the 1970s. They are the most loving and loyal dogs I have ever had!

  • Colleen Elvidge

    Ripa is a moron! So stupid not to seriously think about the adverse consequences of a ‘personal’ opinion, especially on a widely watched television show! She really does seem to be an ignorant, judgmental asshole on the show anyhow! No surprises there! She should be a personality on the view.

  • Roxann Watson

    Certainly you did not forget Rebecca Corey and Angel. She helped with the DC walk for pits. A great comedian. Love her, and her Pup.

  • Renee

    John Stewart, how disappointing. He ought to know better.
    But I guess that some people just don’t care that pits KILL more people, pets, and livestock, than ALL other dogs combined, and this year have killed a person every 9 days. Or that they send someone on a life flight in critical condition 2x day.
    What are a few maulings to the love of a particular breed, right?
    (But I am SURE he is outraged by GM and their lack of care when a few deaths occurred…..pits can do no wrong, though…)

  • concerned citizen

    The fact that Rachel Ray’s aggressive beast made it into this article is amazing being that this pit has attacked several times.

  • HarveMorgan

    Idiots, each and every one of them. But they have the money to pay off all those victims when there are attacks. Like Rachael Ray’s Isaboo with her five attacks under her belt. Or Linda Blair with her pig attacking pit bull. Or Jessica Beale whose pit killed her other dog. Or Cesar who is so nutz he wanted to kill himself over his pit. Idiots.

  • Denise Duirway

    Two full grown pit bulls were attacking her son, Lane. They had him pinned against a shed when Kristin bolted to her boy and pried him from the dogs.

    “I was screaming at the dogs to get out of here, and I was kicking at them, and they just were relentless and lurching at us,” she explained.

    She thought they were in the clear until the dogs pounced on her daughter, Evy. “But they started attacking us again, and my daughter was still in the pool. One of them jumped in the pool and bit her on the thigh. So I just grabbed up both my kids and huddled down and started screaming, and one of them bit me on the arm and was tugging and bit me on the side,” Atwell said. “And then my husband heard what was going on. He ran outside and was able to scare them off.”

  • Denise Duirway

    I am not for blanket bans but BSL protection laws which most people don’t understand due to the profiteering pit bull mafia propaganda.

    That is what I keep telling these rescuers but they all seem to think it means family dogs will be swiped out of their loving arms and culled like in Biblical times with Moses, lol.

  • Denise Duirway

    Sorry but there are only 3.5 million pit bulls out of 78 million pets and they disproportionately kill more companion animals (10,000 farm animals, 23,000 dogs, and 33,000 cats) each year than all 340 other breeds combined as per FACTS at Dogbitelawcom

    • Danno

      Cool completely fabricated numbers. Really driving home your point.

  • Amy Villebrun

    I have had my baby Trixie for almost 4 yrs. I am sad to say I might have to get rid of her because of our landlord. We have been looking at houses for sale so we can keep her but to no avail. I wish I had $55,000 so we could get the cheapest home we looked at.

  • Pm

    I’ve adopted mutts since I’m 15 years old. Then I saw a 4 year old pit who’d been scarred from abuse. I took her home, and loved her for 5 years until cancer took her. I decided then I would never adopt anything but a pit bull ever again. I now have a 6 year old blue nose, also abused and traumatized. She is the joy of my life and now wakes up every day happy and loved.

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