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Anne Hathaway Wears Vegan Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes to Oscars

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Anne Hathaway went home with her very first Oscar last night. The star won best supporting actress for her role as Fantine in “Les Miserables”.

We especially love that as she has gathered awards this season, she’s highlighted vegan footwear. Last night, to go with her light pink Prada dress, the actress wore custom vegan Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

The strappy silver heels went perfectly with her dress. We were happy that she had the peekaboo back so we could really get a look at those shoes.

Previously this awards season Hathaway has worn vegan Jimmy Choo and vegan Aldo shoes. It’s nice to have that kind of star power. Any designer in the world would be willing to offer a cruelty free version just for you. Now, if only they’d make their vegan creations available to the public… Considering Giuseppe Zanotti shoes run from $600 to over $1000 per pair, we’re not sure how many people could afford them anyway.

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  • april gold

    but she wore a silk dress. so i guess the footwear is a great start but let’s be careful not to tout vegan celebrities if they are not all the way vegan.

    • Sandra Jean Kilpatrick

      I’ll tout anyone I want to tout. Half a loaf is better than none. Why not give people credit for doing the right thing? Wearing vegan shoes isn’t good enough, she should ‘ve done this and that! She’s obviously taking action to spare animals suffering and for that I thank her.

      • april gold

        people make such a big deal about celebrities doing something, anything that is perceived as good for their image so in this case, hathaway is getting the vegans on her side. whatever. i’m just saying it is annoying that she is praised for something that many regular vegans and people trying to be vegan are doing. it just seems like spent a lot of time this awards season cultivating the perfect persona and the omg it came true sweetness that just comes across as false and obsequious.

  • Carmel Ballhagen

    Where does it say that the dress was silk? I just read that it was a Prada design.

  • Eleanor J

    Being vegan isn’t a purity contest; it’s about making the best choices possible for animals. If it were about being “all the way vegan,” none of us would pass muster (there are animal products in car tires, etc.). No matter the material of the dress, Ms. Hathaway is making a good step in choosing cruelty-free shoes and in sharing that choice with the public. I only wish celebs looking for cruelty-free shoes would choose shoes from completely vegan brands like Novacas, Cri de Coeur, or Olsen Haus!

  • Jessica

    I have a problem with her choosing a designer that mostly makes leather shoes. She is not supporting a vegan designer. She is simply having a designer not use leather on her shoes, but still uses leather in all its other creations. I would like to see people choose designers who truly care about cruelty free fashion.

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