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Kaley Cuoco Says 'Bizarre Foods' Is Cruel to Animals

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“Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco took to her twitter account yesterday to bash the Travel Channel’s show “Bizarre Foods”. What’s the problem? Cuoco thinks the food show is cruel to animals.

She wrote, “I dnt thnk Bizarre Foods on travel,should b allowed on air.It’s gross and involves animal cruelty. Dnt care if my tweet receives “backlash”.

What kinds of “bizarre” foods are cooked on the program? Raw pig’s testicles, a frog’s beating heart, lizard, fertilized duck eggs, baby chickens, cobra including its beating heart and dried bones, calf testicles, lamb’s head and lamb heart, guinea pig, pigeon, armadillo, impala, wildebeest, and water buffalo. That’s just to name a few.

Not hard to see why Cuoco thinks the show should be off the air. Some of these animals aren’t even dead when they are eviscerated. How else would one eat a beating heart?

If you agree with the actress, you can get in touch with the Travel Channel here, and tell them what you think of “Bizarre Foods”, a show that could just be called, “Look at all the strange animal parts I can eat.”


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  • Nikki Dolgener

    Why the hell do we have to eat every creature on this planet??
    Seriously this is sick. I’m with Kaley on this one.

  • NuriaRodriguez

    I agree. I can’t stand this show and the host. I mean, how can anyone be so happy and giddy at eating the beating heart of an animal? I’ve been wishing that show to be cancelled for years!

    • watermark0n

      Is it really better than throwing the offal away like we self-righteous assholes do in the west and wasting it because it disturbs our delicate palates?

  • Valeria0606

    Disagree. What may seem “cruel” to us, is in fact how different cultures and civilizations eat on this planet who do not have access to Whole Foods and the like. Instead of only eating the palatable flesh that Westerners eat, they make use of all parts of the animal in order to nourish themselves and their families. In fact, many of those practices like eating heart, etc have long standing medicinal roots in many cultures. The show, whether you enjoy it or can tolerate it or not, is meant to show us these differences. What may seem gross and inhumane to us is how people in different corners of the globe have lunch and dinner.

    • Sarah C.

      That may be so, but cultures evolve over time. Just like how it is unnecessary for Taiji, Japan to continually slaughter thousands of dolphins every year and feed their school children “whale meat” (read dolphin meat contaminated with extremely high levels of mercury). As new technology emerges and becomes more readily available to areas where it had not been before, it gives people the means to not have to do things they did 100 years ago to survive. There is nothing wrong with using the entire animal, in fact that is much better than letting most of it go to waste after getting the “good” meat, but I really don’t agree at all with pulling a beating heart out of a living creature just for some quack “medicinal” reason.

      • Valeria0606

        That’s absolutely true for places like Japan, which are a great deal more easily accessible. However for more remote places, it is not, and those primitive ways are still a way of life. Just because there may be new and emerging research and technology does not mean every civilization is going to jump on board. That is half the battle anyway, research and technology does not always make it everywhere.

      • watermark0n

        I’ve never seen him eat a “beating” heart, that’s ridiculous. The animal is always killed cleanly beforehand.

        • Stephanie Turner

          You’re wrong. I have seen him eat live animals. He bit the head off live fish last week.

    • Minnie

      Inhumane is inhumane, doesn’t matter what culture.

    • daytrip

      Valeria, really! Long-standing “cultural roots” are usually nothing more than primitive myths. That’s why elephants are going extinct (ivory), rhinos the same (horn, 90% gone), tiger parts, and many other animals whose parts are cruelly and viciously obtained; often to magically bolster the flagging libido of (mostly) Asian men. The show, Valeria, is meant to get high viewer ratings. They don’t give a s**t about showing us cultural differences except through the shock value of what Bourdain is doing. It is despicable and shameful. Another big myth you are perpetrating is that Westerners eat “palatable flesh.” Tell me, what is that and where can you find it without cruel and inhumane circumstances? …………….. …………………… I thought so. “What seems cruel to us…” Flash: …is cruel under any circumstance. Cultural practice is not an excuse. It’s always about money. Why do you think they are trying to pass AG-Gag laws right now? They don’t want us to see how we obtain our meat and dairy products. As heinous as any other culture. Please stop trying to make this ok. Do you work for the Travel Channel methinks?

    • m

      Check out this explanation… http://www.travelchannel.com/video/beating-frog-heart-moments “…not in a fear factor kind of way…”

  • A.N.I.

    We’re growing so insensitive as a human race to other creatures on the planet.. Imagine if there was another race that would have done the same to humans.. Would we not suffer the pain, the anguish, the fear..what these meek creatures will feel.
    As if destruction of their habitat was not enough reason..Decapitating a live animal..that is just Inhuman.. & All that ONLY for the taste in your mouth.. which will go away in a few minutes. & you take a life so cruelly for it?

  • Rachael

    Just saying that there is at least one fallacy in this article. The article says “Some of these animals aren’t even dead when they are eviscerated. How else would one eat a beating heart?”

    Now, obviously eviscerating a live animal is one way to eat a beating heart, but not the only one. As someone who grew up on a farm, I have seen animals slaughtered for food in the most painless and humane way one can kill a living creature, and the heart still be beating 30 minutes after the head has been removed and the heart and organs taken out of a body. So how else would one eat a beating heart? By processing your own meat or being there when someone does, with the animal well dead and killed quickly, and the heart still beating long after death has occurred, that’s how.

  • KellyMarie

    I’m sorry, but you guys are missing the point of the show. It’s sad how you can sit there and talk about how other cultures eat, hunt and gather their food. Yeah, as Americans we can see some of the foods eaten around the world as weird and how animals are butchered/killed as “inhumane” but that doesn’t mean it is. How can you sit there and act like you’re better then other cultures because you feel it’s wrong? Because you think the food is “weird.” You guys obviously don’t watch the show, you’d see that many of the animals killed are actually killed humanely. The point of the show is to open your mind about other cultures through food, many of you obviously missed that.

  • Stephanie Turner

    Every time I’m at the gym, this show is on the TV in front of the Stairclimber. It’s revolting to me to see them eat live animals for shock value. Last week, they tore the heads off live fish with their teeth. They’re constantly boiling things alive.

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