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how betta fish are shippedhow betta fish are shipped

Pet Shop Employee Shows Cruel Way Betta Fish Are Shipped

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Many people want to buy betta fishes to put them in a proper betta fish tank, not the small ones they’re kept in at the pet store but now it’s come out that the way they’re transported is even worse.

A user on reddit posted detailed pictures under the title: “I work for a pet store. This is how betta fish are delivered from the vendor.”

Prepare yourself.

How betta fish are shipped

betta 2

betta 3

Many commented on the post asking questions like how many survive what appears to be a horrible and stressful shipping process. The original poster responded, “It’s true that DOAs are rare. But during the coldest/warmest months of the year, I’ve seen anywhere from 5-75% die days after from stress-induced fungal infections.”

To those who are wondering how a fish can survive in such little water, betta fish have the ability to breathe atmospheric air due to an organ called the labyrinth. This organ allows them to live in the wild in areas where other fish would not be able to thrive like large puddles, slow moving streams and drains.

With everything, if you are not too familiar with something, the first place to resort to is the internet. Everyone can do with learning something new, especially when it comes to looking after new pets.

Sadly, these fish can be seen at most large pet stores and are kept in tiny bowls with usually no other form of enrichment. A quick look on Petco shows that most are sold to consumers for under $5 (many of them on sale for $1.40). We assume the shipping methods are in place so that the animals can be mailed as cheaply as possible, no matter how stressful or cruel the process might be. However, some fish stores and fish keepers do care for them properly. It is believed that substrate creates a pleasant habitat for your betta, which is why some pet stores have substrate in their tanks to make it more pleasant for the bettas they hold. They also like to have plants in the tank as a way of finding shelter, or a place to create a bubble nest nearby. If you decide to care for a betta, ensure you research how to properly care for one before making the jump.

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  • I hate people.

  • Wanda Lee

    I hate seeing them in the plastic glasses, people need to know they are just like other fish and should be treated as such, they for the most part can be in with other types of fish just not another male beta…. Just because they are found in small puddles, doesn’t mean that is the ideal environment for them.

  • Colleen

    I’m not really an expert on the subject, and do personally hate how bettas are treated in large pet stores, but a lot of what is happening here is actually okay. Like the author said, bettas can survive in little water because they actually do breathe air. That of course doesn’t mean they should live in small amounts of water their whole lives, but for shipping purposes I don’t see the problem. Another thing, as you can see the water they’re in is sort of blue-ish. From what I’ve read it’s a chemical they use to keep the fish from over stressing during the trip. Puts them in like a lethargic mood. It’s probably similar to clove oil, which is actually recommended when traveling with bettas. Finally, though rather obvious, they are kept in individual bags because they would fight and kill each other otherwise.
    The only real cruelty I can gather from this article is the fact that bettas are shipped during cold and hot weather. I don’t know if the trucks they are shipped in are temperature controlled, but if not then that is extremely cruel.
    Honestly the care they are given during shipment is loads better than how they are treated once in the store. Not enough time is allotted to employees to care for them.

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