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President Obama ends laws that discriminate against pit bullsPresident Obama ends laws that discriminate against pit bulls

President Obama Speaks Out to End Pit Bull Discrimination

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Although President Obama recently stirred up controversy among animal lovers by opting not to adopt his new family dog Sunny, it seems that he is making an effort to make amends. In addition to a donation to the Washington Humane Society in Sunny’s honor, the President is also speaking up against breed-specific legislation, including laws and regulations that discriminate against dog ownership by breed.

Breed-specific laws have long been in place against dogs that society labels “dangerous,” especially the misunderstood pit bull. Adding special laws to pit bull ownership has had a devastating effect on the dogs and their owners as pit bulls are more likely to be fined, removed from their families and discriminated against.

After receiving a petition signed by 30,000 people asking for breed-specific laws to be outlawed at a federal level, the White House issued a statement agreeing that “breed-specific legislation is a bad idea” and supporting the stance taken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the CDC, “research shows that bans on certain types of dogs are largely ineffective and often a waste of public resources… As an alternative to breed-specific policies, the CDC recommends a community-based approach to prevent dog bites. And ultimately, we think that’s a much more promising way to build stronger communities of pets and pet owners.”

Although the White House’s support of ending breed-specific legislation is a step in the right direction, there are still many changes that need to take place before pit bull discrimination can end. For example, pit bulls are still banned from U.S. military housing and other installations.

Lisa LaFontaine, president of the Washington Humane Society, said “I really, really hope that the military takes note that the Commander in Chief has made this statement about there being no place for breed-specific legislation.” There is “nothing more difficult,” she says, than seeing families have to part with their beloved pets when situations change and they need to move into housing that bans a certain type of dog.

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  • Really?

    The President likes pit bulls so much he got the family another gorgeous Portuguese water dog.

    • Dean Smith

      Pretty much. If a president adopted a pit bull how awesome would that be!

      • bluethunder25

        That wouldn’t be awesome. It’d make the breed even more popular than it already is – the Vick case brought light onto dog fighting…however it also made the breed even more popular…because everyone went and got one…and weren’t prepared to own a pit bull…or a dog in general. This poor breed has been put through the gutter. Funny some of you talking about putting a bullet through a dogs head – I’m sure that’d be a better death anyways compared to the gas chambers that thousands of dogs are dying in everyday in our country and pit bulls are the top breed being euthanized because they’re so many – hope that makes your day sickos.

    • Tanya Nuncio

      What’s wrong with that? I prefer pitbulls, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t stand up for ANY breed of dog.

  • bluethunder25

    Pit bull breed is not for everyone – that’s what most people also don’t get – you need time and dedication to train and socialize a dog that has much strength – People get these dogs because “oh I saved a pit bull” – then don’t take the time to do all of thee above..they end up in bad hands because they’re given “free to good home” or in shelters/rescues..where their euthanized by the thousands in pounds. I have a pit bull, he’s 7 years old. Never shown aggression to one human – it’d be ridiculous for me to have to pay extra insurance or muzzle him on walks – when the neighbors smaller terrier has attacked people, has gone after the mail man – etc.- but has no breed specific regulations to him. And also sad military people can’t own what breed they choose – “old enough to fight for our country, but not old enough to have a beer” – now they can put down their lives but can’t even own their breed of choice. Not to mention Staffordshire Terriers a.k.a. American pit bull terriers have served as military dogs in history – Sergeant Stubby. I could care less if Obama doesn’t like pit bulls personally – but it’s the right of a dog owner to have their breed of choice. Heavy fines $$ to dog bites or dogs escaping their yards would make a person think twice about even owning a dog – regardless of breed.

    • WestNY

      I up voted that because I agree with most of it, but I disagree that dogs adopted from shelters are much of the problem. Humane Society and CDC figures agree that around 90% of serious dog attacks on people involve unaltered male dogs, and no responsible shelter adopts out non-neutered dogs. Certainly there are examples of shelter adopted dogs going bad: but the US is a huge country where even a fair number of examples of something doesn’t make it statistically significant. The dangerous dog problem, besides not being about any particular breed, or pseudo-breed like ‘pit bull’, is not mainly about what people do with dogs they get from shelters. Our 5 yr old ‘pit bull’ type dog, from a shelter, is like yours: zero human aggressive tendencies without any exception I’ve seen, even strangers fooling around, drunk, loud, running, fast hand movements, stepping on her tail by accident, boisterous kids, whatever. Serenity around people is obviously hardwired into her at a very deep level,

      • bluethunder25

        I didn’t mean shelter dogs- In general since the Vick case especially – people seem to think they are some kind of hero or good Samaritan because they own a pit bull. That’s when certain dog breeds end up in wrong hands – or maybe better put unprepared hands.

        • Dean Smith

          Yes, not everyone should get a pit bull just because of it’s strenght. It takes knowledge and ability to make sure you can be a responsible owner. Prepared hands.

    • Nickie S.

      Shit bulls are awful dogs.

      • toms

        Yes kill them and their ghetto owners

        • bluethunder25

          I didn’t know ghetto included having a Bachelor’s degree and career.

        • Jacob

          Yep I have a J.D., am a member of the bar, and live with mine in my ghetto on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Tell us all how much you know about some other topics while you’re here.

      • Jennifer Garcia Chafin

        all I have to say is its probably a dumbass like you that poisoned and killed my 2 pit bulls, but yet my lab mix is fine. I am white and middle class have raised many pits in my life. close minded people need to do your research the highest and most decorated k-9 in the military and the first I might add was a pit bull in wwII

      • Susi

        From a well educated person and responsible Pitbull owner;
        Ignorance is the kindest word I can think of regarding your pathetic words above.

  • Kim Loggings

    Pit bulls should be shot on site.

    • WestNY

      I think you mean ‘sight’, moron.

  • Kim Loggings

    A ghetto president supports a ghetto dog. Big surprise!

    • Jacob

      Racism ^^^

  • Shirley

    OH My GOD!! This bastard cant do anything right. Figures he would want to ban guns but let a dangerous ass dog go free.

  • Shirley

    Obama , You need to leave my guns alone for sure now because i will need it to blow away as many pit bulls I can.

    • Scott taylor

      Yes n id blow you away if you shot my dog you stupid bitch

  • toms

    Throw battery acid in this dog’s face and eyes

    • Nickie S.

      I know, It sounds harsh(LOL) but when i think about all the children this breed has mauled and disfigured then I do NOT have sympathy for this breed.

    • Scott taylor

      Your a sick idiot that needs jail time to get them sick twisted ideas out of your head ,throw acid in a pits face ,then youd piss it off n youd get mauled ,then youd cry like the pussy tom you are bitch

    • Samantha

      You are a disgusting human being and should be ashamed of yourself, I hope something worse happens to you.

  • toms

    Shoot this dog an chop it up and make 0bama eat it. He likes eating dogs.

    • Nickie S.

      Yes Look at this.

      the US and Canada from September 1982 to January 2012: http://images.bimedia.net/documents/Dog+attack+stats+with+breed+2012.pdf There is a persistent allegation by pit bull terrier
      advocates that pit bulls are overrepresented among reported dog attack
      deaths and maimings because of misidentifications or because “pit bull”
      is, according to them, a generic term covering several similar types of
      dog. However, the frequency of pit bull attacks among these
      worst-in-10,000 cases is so disproportionate that even if half of the
      attacks in the pit bull category were misattributed, or
      even if the pit bull category was split three ways, attacks by pit bulls and their closest relatives
      would still outnumber attacks by any other breed.

    • HumansFirst

      I’m ready lol Lets do it.

  • toms

    deeth to niqqer obongo

    • Nickie S.

      Leave it up to Obummer to get things backwards. He’s like “ban guns but save this shit breed”. Obamma is a terrible president .

  • Angie Truman

    This ugly dogs head is the right size for a bullet,perfect aim. Pit bulls are killers for sure and i wouldn’t hesitate to blow one away.

    • Dean Smith

      You would do better to worry about the owner more than the dog since I feel the same way about you.

  • bluethunder25

    All these negative comments sound ridiculous & childish and kindergarten level. Funny you call pit bull owners ghetto yet you’re on here ranting sounding like a complete uneducated fool. – That of course however, is what you all are, statistics will show you there is no blame on the pit bull breed. The most abused dog, over bred dog, and unfortunately popular due to Vick’s case. Take away the pit bull breed..dog fighters will resort to other breeds…People in general are the problem, some people are naturally violent and like disturbing violence and something as ruthless as dog fighting, it doesn’t stop there, there is also cock fighting, and even horse fighting in S. America..and then beyond that in Asia fight “siamese fighting fish” better known as the betta. Leave it to humans to destroy anything they can, and leave it to the uneducated to support myths and media and irrational comments.

  • LarryC2

    Wow, judging from most of the comments and votes, this article really got the crowd from the trailer park agitated! But at least it demonstrates that, except for a few eccentric anti-pit bull activist/spammers, rank and file support for BSL comes from people who think ‘pit bulls’ are mainly owned by blacks, and who just don’t like blacks.

  • toms

    I hope a pit bull rips the face off of 0bama’s daughter. Especially the younger daughter, you know the short ugly one. A pit bull attack might actually improve her looks.

  • Monet Ingalise

    It is really sad to see some of the comments left on this site people r so ignorant and the media is the reason pitt bulls are so known as being dangerous u know how many dog bites happen yearly n how many of those r even reported if its not a pitt bull? Get ur statisti right people….ANY dog can be dangerous given the right circumstances….

  • Jennifer Garcia Chafin

    all of you racist ass people. your racist against people and animals. a person like you poisoned 2 of my 3 dogs. both pits. my 6 year old brindle dies in my daughters arms as she screamed and cried as her best friend died an agonizing death as we rushed to the er vet. people make bad and mean dogs. just like people kill people not guns. same thing every time you discriminate against a dog or person you are showing just how stupid and close minded you really are.

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