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Kaley Cuoco: NYC Horse Carriages 'Dangerous and Cruel'

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Kaley Cuoco is often speaking up for animals, from changing the public’s view of pit bulls to calling for animal cruelty like on “Bizarre Foods” to be off the air.

Yesterday, Cuoco turned to Twitter to speak out against New York City’s horse-drawn carriage industry. The star of “The Big Bang Theory” (@KaleyCuoco) tweeted, “Love everything about NYC but the horse drawn carriages. It’s dangerous and cruel. Aren’t we beyond this ridiculous tourist attraction?”

Cuoco joins a list of celebs who have joined the campaign against horse carriages, which have long proven dangerous to both the horses and humans. Lea Michele, Pamela Anderson, Kristin Chenoweth, Adrien BrodyAnjelica Huston and others have all asked New York City to put an end to what they call a cruel tradition.

NYCLASS, a non-profit organization campaigning for the horse-drawn carriages to be replaced with horseless ones, explains the danger and cruelty involved. “The 220 horses (68 medallions) routinely work at least 9 hours a day, pulling a vehicle that weighs hundreds of pounds, on hard pavement, while breathing exhaust from cars, buses and taxis. Unaccustomed to the urban environment, horses can be ‘spooked’ easily and cause accidents that inflict great damage on vehicles, drivers and most often, the horses themselves. There were more than 18 accidents in the past two years alone,” they write.

The organization adds, “At the end of the day the horses return to their tiny stalls in stableson the far West side of the city, or as Jon Stewart once called it, ‘The sad-eyed horse carriage district.’ The cramped space doesn’t allow these enormous animals to lie down or to move about freely. Nor are they afforded any turn-out or pasture time that equine veterinarians agree is needed for horses to live healthy lives.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, at the end of their time pulling carriages through the city streets, the horses are often sent to auctions where they will be bought to be killed for meat.

NYCLASS says the public can help bring an end to NYC’s horse-drawn carriages by contacting city council members, signing their petition, reporting accidents or cruelty to carriage horses, and voting for “humane” NYC candidates in tomorrow’s election. The organization released a scorecard rating the mayoral candidates on several issues including “phasing out horse-drawn carriages, building animal shelters in the Bronx and Queens, requiring fire sprinklers in pet stores, and protecting tenants’ right to have pets.”

Photo Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

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  • iderbus

    NYCLASS inst non profit. The horses stalls are HUGE, they get more than 5 weeks of vacation in the country, They do not work 9 hours a day, There havent been 18 accidents in 60 years much less two years. I assume this is allowed because this is a gossip blog full of down right lies. smh geeze at least pretend to check the facts! By the way any one can tour the stables when they feel like it, they arent hiding behind anything or pretending to be non profit, or that they care about animals like all the organizations that shout in the horses faces all day long.

  • Alan Rochette

    There are 1,000’s of horses who don’t have such a well cared for home, as do the NYC carriage horses.
    The ones who do not receive no proper medical care, feed, farrier and veterinarian service.
    The 1,000’s of horses in need of adoption, who generally wind up en-route to slaughter…
    And you wonderful folks ignore those, and continue to protest against well cared for horses.

    Yes, the carriage horses are “extremely” well cared for. By and with all
    the professional services listed above, and more. And those services
    are recorded by date, and maintained on file.
    There are no allegations or citations of any services not rendered, nor of
    poor care within the stables. The stables are clean, well ventilated,
    stock full of hay, grain and whatever supplements are required for the
    horses by individual need. They are protected by a complete sprinkler
    system, and with 24 hour in house personnel. Stall are cleaned
    meticulously, as needed. Yet any horse resting or asleep are not
    required to, nor bothered – to have bedding changed until they are up.

    Rest & sleep are well respected and allowed. And speaking of used
    bedding, all used bedding and manure gets green-recycled into organic
    farming… Hay & bedding delivered, and packed barrels of used,
    kept in a secure & clean area, is then removed by the same
    contractor and taken away. Consistent fresh water, free choice hay
    supplied, all stalls kept clean and refreshed as needed with bedding…
    There are no health problems with the stables, nor any sort of lack of
    care. And this has been shown, time & time again to visitors and
    the media.

    Turnout is not needed, when a horse
    has such a regular routine as the carriage horses. That is their time
    out of the stables, and to which they are use to. It is their routine.
    And “Routine” provides consistency and a level of comfort. A carriage
    horse that is not allowed to go out, is one that quickly becomes
    uneasy… Actually wondering what happened to the “Routine”? They are
    able to be with one another, walk the same circuit and maintain a
    positive accomplishment and enjoy the people. And yes, horses enjoy
    people, especially in a routine. In a pasture setting, most horses will
    come to a fence line to see people… And, pastures are used, to allow
    horses out of stalls. Yet after some time, horses can become very
    bored with just pasture time.They want something to do… They look for
    humans and look for that routine.

    It’s about time to arrest a few more protestors, for abuse
    of the drivers of carriages, and for the safety & well being of
    the actual horses, to which they instill fear and cause

    And I am so tired of the fabrication of untruths.
    I can list factual web links for anyone to explore, to the exact sources themselves.

    And NYClass is for sure, not an exact source.
    They are activists
    & protesters. They refuse to have commentary, no matter how
    factual it might be, placed upon their walls. They will not rationally
    debate, nor be open minded.

    NYClass has No involvement in the care of horses.
    They do not rescue, nor do they donate to helping any rescue with any substantial donation to my knowledge.
    Prove me wrong on that…

    And for the like of their own cause of horses in traffic, under bit, in downtown NYC…
    Why is it, they do not protest in all fairness, against the NYC Police Mounted Patrol Unit?
    Those horses breath the same air, have to deal with congestion & traffic.
    And spent shift hours on duty.
    Are placed into stalls. And basically have the same care, feed and services to them as carriage horses…
    Oh, some did mention they have an exercise ring…
    the carriage horses get their proper exercise, and maintain a very high
    level of health from their work. As good working horses literally do!
    And…. could it just be:
    That if one where to wave signage, yell & protest in raised voices to a NYC Police horse, just one might get arrested?
    And to all those motorists, that horde of driven congestion in NYC.
    Have they some special wavier that I am not being told about?
    For, By Law:
    “Horses Have The Right Of Way” on any public road within the United States of America, unless restricted.
    And those restrictions are usually for limited access highways such as Interstates and toll roads.
    Those laws have been in place for many years, and are also common sense laws.
    And as a horseman, I am not going to allow, my right… and the right of my horse, to be taken away.
    Those rights of the road were earned with decades of hard work and acknowledgment to a partnership with man and horse!
    And that is to include individual horses & riders, carriage horses, mounted patrol horses, and more.
    And there are also Laws on the books, to which anyone found to “Spook” a
    horse(s) may be found either civilly or criminal guilty.
    And, it’s about time all of these Laws, both Motor Vehicle / Road laws, and Civil & Criminal were enforced!

    As For Being “Open & Honest”
    The New York City Carriage Horse Association is nothing more than that.
    “Critics / Activists” say their stable are not open to the public.
    I say that is Totally FALSE.
    Here is the Open Invite, which again will take place in March of 2014.
    Folks may come and learn first hand.
    This annual event is even larger, more detailed, than last year’s.
    … but yes there is a catch. You have to behave, you have to register.
    In plain terms, NO… you just can’t walk into a locale-of-business, and protest.
    I know of no operating business that would allow / endure that.
    But, the invite is there, many have gone in the past, from throughout
    the country. And anyone may register, until the maximum amount of
    people have filled the quota.
    A complete tour. “Q&A’s” session. Take your photos. See every horse
    and examine the whole daily routine. And understand, while you are
    doing this, horses & carriages are going out and returning. The
    daily routine does not stop just because a tour is at hand.

    My personal album has been public for over a year. I went, I did the same as the
    President of “Mane ‘n Tale” did. I got the facts first hand and was overwhelmed
    by the truth of the matter. And I have found the people, the families
    and the owner / operators of the World’s most famous Carriage horses are
    to be admired. Their care and love for the horses is just so…
    because of the unjust and daily grind, of protests and taunting. Does
    one really wonder at times why a temper flares… When a driver /
    teamster is suppose to concentrate on his duties, and the activists
    continually interfere… Are they not making the inherent risk factor
    so much more, of making both horses & drivers wary?

    Everyone should really see this album:
    Clip Clop NYC 2013 385 photos of first hand knowledge:

  • noname

    These people have to destroy everything, from free speech to historical tradition.

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