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Phoenix Jail Goes Vegetarian, Saves Money

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio is making a big change to his jails in Maricopa County, Arizona. In an effort to save big money, the jails’ menus are ditching meat.

Arpaio is replacing beef with soy, a switch that he says will save $100,000. FOX 10 Phoenix was invited into the jail’s kitchen to see how Arpaio makes what the inmates call, “slop.” While the Sheriff was enthusiastic about using soy chips in a stew, the FOX news anchor was apprehensive. See for yourself what the soy-based stew looks like in the news clip.

Perhaps they should consider changing their attitude. For health, the environment and animals, many institutions including hospitals and schools are offering more vegetarian options. Once the chefs perfect their use of soy, hopefully the inmates will think differently about veg foods.

Photo credit: Shutterstock.com


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  • Similarly, in 1983, when a government report found vegetarians live longer than meat-eaters, As It Is, a newspaper on perspectives on common culture put out by the Krishna Consciousness movement was advocating that the government get out of the meat business entirely:

    …stop funding the meat industry; stop serving meat in the public school, hospitals, prisons, etc.

    Even today, these political positions are considered radical. And As It Is wasn’t even calling for strict veganism!

  • Brittany Ballard

    I think this idea is great, I am a vegan. However, I don’t think it is fair that they force the prisoners to eat only GMO soy as an alternative. A lot of people have intolerances to soy, or at least they form one after consuming too much of it. I know first hand that suffering from an intolerance to a food like that is truly miserable and can cause painful inflammation and digestive problems, not to mention the high estrogen levels. No one deserves that, they are already being punished. If they are going to get rid of meat, they need to have a varied diet of plant based proteins, not just soy.

    • disqus_Q0uKiwoGOO

      I agree. Just replacing “meat” with GMO soya is not fair to the prisoners. They should get a healthy, varied diet of vegetables and should ideally be involved in their own nutrition.

  • Kenneth Burns

    I think it’s wrong for innocent animals to be abused, exploited and murdered to feed people who break the law and are in jail…only kind, decent, compassionate people should be allowed to torture innocent animals to satisfy their taste buds.

  • disqus_Q0uKiwoGOO

    Soya mince tastes good. You can hardly tell a difference to meat and no gristle…

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