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Leonardo Dicaprio Demands Action on Climate Change

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Yesterday, the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released what some consider to be the “most authoritative, unequivocal scientific report ever on climate change.” The report says that “human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming,” due in large part to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions since the 1950s.

“Human influence has been detected in warming of the atmosphere and the ocean, in changes in the global water cycle, in reductions in snow and ice, in global mean sea level rise, and in changes in some climate extremes,” the report says.

Today, environmental activist Leonardo Dicaprio urged people to sign a new petition encouraging leaders to take action on climate change through a post on the actor’s Facebook page:

“The science is in: climate change is real and man-made. The debate is over. Spread the word and demand action.”

The petition reads:

“We call on you to respond to the unequivocal findings of the IPCC report with ambitious action to stop catastrophic climate change. It is up to you to lead a ‘BIG fix’: B — Big oil and polluters out of politics, I — Invest in cleaner and smarter energy, G — Global, ambitious and binding deal to cut emissions. Global warming is the most significant planetary crisis of our time and it demands courageous leadership. We call on you to meet this historic responsibility.”

John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State, responded to the report by saying, “The risks and costs of doing nothing are so great, only a deeply irresponsible government would be so negligent.”

So far, the petition has received more than 558,000 signatures.

Photo Credit: cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com

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  • stateofnatchez

    ROTFLMAO!! How many of these signatures came from tweens who just finished rolling thru the last few DVD’s dude was in?

    Yeah Leo, you were pretty good in “Inception”….I guess.

    Now STFU…….

  • So, why doesn’t that overpaid, underworked, glorified court jester pony up some of his dough to fight “climate change”?

    • gunnerv1

      Because that’s not the Liberal way, they won’t use their money.They’ll take your money (or Taxpayers).

  • Angelo Todaro

    Did I miss the part where Mr. DiCaprio vows to stop flying wherever and whenever is his whim? Will he be living in an 800 square foot dwelling and stop staying in 5 star hotels wherever he goes? Or will he simply continue to whine that the rest of us – who actually work for a living – should be paying some form of higher taxes, so that he can continue to enjoy the freedom to consume more energy than 100 average Americans?

  • gunnerv1

    That’s OK, I Demand action on his crappy movies.

  • Ron Bockman

    and I demand that Leonardo Dicaprio shut up and entertain us

  • CaptainPlanet

    Science? Where? How can a scientist, or 400 of them, be 95% sure of something and call it fact? Just completely stupid. Really. When I see DeCaprio give up EVERYTHING he has that might contribute to this said problem, I will think twice about my own position – but he is so full of his own fame that he thinks his own WORDS are going to help save the world (which is doing just fine and tolerating us).

  • Mark Albino

    Leonatdo who? Never heard of th guy. Must be another crack pot liberal!

  • SayHi2YourMom4Me

    Well if Leo DiCaprio says so … I guess I’ll support climate change. But only if he calls for it in a really dramatic fashion like in the movies.

  • elwap0

    well we must be doing really good the temp has not gone up for 17 years

  • king and slave

    So? Get back in the studio and do what you know.

  • climate warming came right at the time, just before the winter!

  • laurie66bay

    Did he issue the demand from his private jet?

  • Mendell Schelin

    Worried about CO2 levels? Just go plant a tree & leave the rest of us alone!

  • 3billy123

    Bite me Leo. Why should anyone listen to you? Because you’re an activist?

  • Sparafucile

    Leo: you missed the part where, despite “Climate change (being) real and manmade”, climate change is of minimal proportions, and is on-balance a benefit to life on Earth.

    Look, Leo, I promise not to pretend to act, and you promise not to pretend to understand science or strategic economic or energy issues. Deal?

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