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Al Gore Explains How He Lowers His Carbon Footprint

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Former Vice President and climate change crusader, Al Gore, was in Los Angeles yesterday for “24 Hours of Reality: The Cost of Carbon,” an annual live-streamed multimedia show dedicated to sparking action on climate change.

He took a break from the action to answer some questions on Reddit AMA, where he was asked:

“What specific things are you doing in life to lower your personal carbon footprint? And what is the biggest one specific thing I as an individual can do to reduce mine?”

Gore responded by saying, “I use only carbon-free electricity. Have 33 solar panels on my roof, seven deep geothermal wells under my driveway, LED lights and highest-grade energy-saving windows, max insulation, hybrid plug-in car, etc. No fountains, btw. What you can do? Make smart choices for low-carbon options in the marketplace, make sure you divest from carbon-intensive stocks; be a smart and active citizen! Let politicians know the climate crisis MATTERS to you — A LOT — that you will WORK and contribute to candidates who really champion solutions — and that you will seriously work hard to DEFEAT candidates who ignore climate or take the wrong positions on climate. Help put a price on carbon in the market and put a price on denial in the political system.”

He also urged everyone to assess the carbon pollution risks they’re exposed to by visiting www.thecostofcarbon.org.

Photo Credit: stocklight / Shutterstock.com

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  • ew_3

    How does he fuel the private jet he uses to travel to and from eco conferences all over the world ? Where does the electricity come from for his hybrid plug-in car?

  • cristo52

    And if we all had a billion dollars . . .

  • Abaraxas

    People still believe this guy? Before the internet he could get away with this, but now, everyone knows where he lives, what he drives, and the massive carbon footprint he has (and the not investing in carbon heavy stocks is a joke, the guy just made a billion dollar business deal with the Saudi Royal Family- the biggest polluters in the world). He is like a cult preacher who tells all his flock being poor is good and to give him all their earnings while he drives a caddy. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/17/photos-al-goree-new-8875_n_579286.html#s91230

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