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"Whale Wars" to Return in December with 2-Hour Special

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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s crew returned to port after their grueling 2012-2013 Antarctic campaign, Operation Zero Tolerance, with damaged ships but hope for the whales. Sea Shepherd claimed victory in saving over 900 animals from the harpoons.

Photos of the dangerous collisions between the whaling fleet and Sea Shepherd’s much smaller vessels have had people waiting to see the next season of “Whale Wars,” which was reportedly delayed until this Fall or early next year. They don’t have to wait much longer, as Animal Planet reports that the show will return next month, but only as a one-night event.

Animal Planet announces in today’s press release that a two-hour special will air on December 13th at 9pm ET/PT. As Captain Paul Watson made the decision to step down as Sea Shepherd president to protect the organization from legal consequences, Animal Planet writes, “Leaderless and without Watson’s vast experience in aggressively engaging the whalers at sea, the Sea Shepherds are at a crossroads. Which one of the Sea Shepherds will take the mantle of leader and guide the group as they embark on their dangerous mission ‘to die for the whales?'”

Sea Shepherd, however, had four captains at the helms of their ships: Long-time veteran of the Antarctic campaigns, Peter Hammarstedt on the Bob Barker, Siddarth “Sid” Chakravarty on the Steve Irwin, Jean Yves Terlan on the Brigitte Bardot, and Luis Manuel Pinho on the newest ship, the Sam Simon. This year’s footage was shot by Sea Shepherd’s production crew, rather than Animal Planet.

Animal Planet says the special features the “most epic battle ever in the WHALE WARS series between the Sea Shepherds and the whaling fleet”:

If you’re disappointed that the new season will only be two hours long, you might be happy to hear that Animal Planet is accompanying the special with “a ground-breaking, immersive online experience that blends photos, video, interactive graphics and sound into a powerful narrative that tells the tale of Watson and the Sea Shepherds, while also offering the perspective of the Japanese whalers whom they confront.” That will hit AnimalPlanet.com/WhaleWars in early December.

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  • Bill Kauffman

    Beautiful! Shepherd on!

  • Joe Morgan

    Just a shame that Animal Planet are hosting all kinds of hunting/killing spree shows now.. Once it was a good channel about animals, now it more about killing animals..

    • Karl Malloy

      I agree. It’s sad that people get so much attention for things like opposing the taking of small numbers of hunted marine mammals, when the true destruction of our marine habitat is caused by the everyday actions of our own societies. If we all spent our time working on reducing coal burning for power and the environmental impact of mining, we would do wonders for dolphins and whales, who are being slowly poisoned by mercury resulting from these activities. Something like 40% of mercury is from coal, another 40% from mining.
      I can’t believe the people who trumpet the fact that the meat is contaminated with mercury to oppose the killing of 1,000 animals here or there without pausing to consider that the meat is contaminated because WE’RE POISIONING MILLIONS OF DOLPHINS AND WHALES CONSTANTLY WITH MERCURY. We are also poisoning ourselves. Work on that problem, a very, very real one.

      • take a stand

        humans need to draw a line and stand up for the planet. if whaling is where some choose to draw that line then kudos to them. right or wrong its a start. get off your keyboard and draw your line where you see fit.

        • Karl Malloy

          Let’s start with a line that will stop what even the head of the Int’l Commission on Whaling said doesn’t violate the convention or have anything to do with the moratorium. Bravo, well done, great line drawing.
          I draw a very simple line: activism should be legal activism, which has had tremendous success on environmental issues.

    • Karl Malloy

      I’m sure everyone is now super proud of the fact that Sea Shepherd Australia is accepting money and friendship from the Australian mob. “Mick Gatto teams up with Sea Shepherd”, the headlines blare. Great news for SSCS Australia! I guess once you get denied non-profit charity status you need to take any friends you can get.
      Just google Mick Gatto Sea Shepherd and then google Mick Gatto Wikipedia. Enjoy the reading.

  • richisnot

    They should run out there with a stencil of the Sea Shepherd Logo and tag the crap out of it!!!! that would be so cool!! what an insult, it would prove they rammed them.. weld their anchors up too, if you could get it still enough..

  • Karl Malloy

    I wonder if they’ll cover Paul Watson’s contempt of court case, the one he had to return to the US to face…

    I can’t wait for those posters to come into this discussion who say dumb things like “the regulatory authority has repeatedly called on Japan to stop the whaling”, referring to the informal push that couldn’t become a law so it became a request, when the same regulatory authority has CONDEMNED the actions of Sea Shepherd. That’s right the ICW, which governs whaling, has CONDEMNED Sea Shepherd. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals of the US has also seen them for what they are. The noose is tightening around Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson.

    • Guest

      NHK and TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting, not Turner) took video of the proceedings.
      AP is obviously in bed with SS, and they’re likely next on the docket for ICR to sue. Aiding and abetting criminals tends to be illegal. I would also imagine that profiting off of criminal activity is illegal.

      • Ramtane Lamamra

        Where can one access this video?

  • Karl Malloy

    Paul’s empire crumbling… only two hours of footage this year. This will hurt donations. Not that SSCS can use American contributions in the south seas anyway, due to the court injunction against them. All your contributions will go to pay the fines from upcoming legal proceedings.
    Actually Paul testified that he was on one of the ships as they approached the Japanese, so we’ll see if he’s shown at all, he may be. He also seemed to take a lot of personal credit in the recent 60 minutes interview – I wonder if that was brought up in his contempt case?
    Word has it that the US District Attorney’s office sent a representative to watch the proceedings – could this mean even more legal trouble?

  • Bill Everson

    I’m tire of the Japananssee thinking of an illegal loop hole to break the law.

    • Karl Malloy

      I will add “illegal loop hole” to my list of oxymorons.

  • samiam

    wow, only 2 hrs? oh well,

    Best of luck Sea Shepard, the oceans need you.

  • dsatterfield

    The Nisshin Maru seems to be a pirate vessel that are illegally taking whales. Why can’t all the country’s navel forces take up the cause?

    • Karl Malloy

      The former head of the International Commission on Whaling said that what Japan does is entirely in line with the rules. Countries that disagree have taken a case to the International Court of Justice. If the court decides against Japan, we may see some enforcement, but short of that I don’t think there is agreement that it’s against the ICW rules.

      • PokerRay


        The commission made note of the fact that the catches took place in the IWC established Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and that improving management of whaling in a sanctuary is unnecessary. The 2007-1 resolution on JARPA is one of several calling on Japan by majority vote to suspend its lethal research.

        Disagreement over the value of the research, the use of lethal methods and the sample sizes continued in both the scientific committee and the commission. In 2005 and 2007 the commission passed resolutions by majority urging Japan to stop all lethal research in JARPA II.

        As with JARPA, the IWC issued resolutions calling for Japan to cease issuing permits for the take of Minke whales citing concerns over the need for lethal methods such as the 1999-3 Resolution on whaling under Special Permit.

        In 2000, 2001 and 2003 more resolutions were passed by the IWC urging Japan to cease issuing special permits for whaling and limit research to non-lethal methods.[100][103] The most recent Scientific Committee review was conducted in January, 2009.

        • Karl Malloy

          All of which pretty much proves that it’s not against the law to conduct such whaling – if it was there would be no need to make a request, they would simply begin enforcement action. The police don’t “issue a resolution calling for” bank robbers to stop robbing banks.

          • Karl Malloy

            E v i s c e r a t i o n
            C e r t i f i e d !

  • Ramtane Lamamra

    Will they show Sea Shepherd ramming that fully laden fuel tanker in the Southern Ocean? That was definitely a highlight of the season!

  • Hart Noecker

    Curious why the one time special instead of the full season with this epic of footage. I can only guess this new film crew simply didn’t get enough coverage to pull off a full season. There’s no way AP/Discovery wouldn’t run one of their highest rated shows to it’s full ad revenue-delivering capacity otherwise.

    • Karl Malloy

      The answer is obvious: declining viewership.

      • Hart Noecker

        lol you don’t read the ratings, obviously.

        • Karl Malloy

          Animal Planet was Press Releasing all of the numbers through mid-2012, just after they started to dip down. They didn’t release a single number from season six. Are you betting the numbers went up? Viking shores tanked after a strong premiere, hurt the brand to have people who could speak English and present another side of the story.

          • Hart Noecker

            Those people sounded even more barbaric and backwoods than the Japanese poachers.

          • Karl Malloy

            To you, and Hindus view Americans who eat steak the same way. It’s all relative.

          • Hart Noecker

            Anyone who eats steak is barbaric. It’s not relative.

          • Karl Malloy

            Your moral certainty sounds the same to me as that of everyone who ever murdered someone over religion.

    • Barbara Lovett

      If you read the article, you will see that AP did not do the filming.

      • Hart Noecker

        That’s the point I’m making.

    • asus3000
    • asus3000

      Legal pressure. Google “How Animal Planet Was Forced to Step Down”

      • Hart Noecker

        Thanks for the tip. As I suspected for some time, the reality was that hiring their own less experienced film crew resulted in tech issues and far less usable footage.

  • Katia Kat

    I agree I never watch shows where they kill animals. I worship the humans on the Sea Shepherd, though. Thank you all on the Sea Shepherd for all you do.

    • Ramtane Lamamra

      That’s slightly disturbing. Why don’t you find better people to admire (or worship, if you must)? There are plenty of decent and upstanding people around, rather than these violent and attention seeking thugs.

      As a general rule, if your hero is constantly fleeing from the law as a fugitive criminal, it’s probably a good indication you need a new hero.

      • Karl Malloy

        Hear, hear! You can be an activist without being a violent vigilante. Many have successfully agitated for positive changes through legal means, idolize them, not those who pose.

      • asus3000

        It’s the other way actually. Most of the greatest game-changing people who ever lived were outlaws and persecuted: George Washington, Gandhi, Galileo, Dalai Lama, Jesus Christ, Machiavelli, Susan B. Anthony, many others…

  • romika3

    This season’s Whale Wars will be only 2hrs long because all Watson did was steam down, set up a collision for the cameras and then steam back. It’s all about raising money and nothing more…..

    • Ramtane Lamamra

      Sad but true. Fancy masquerading as a “conservationist”, but then making all your money by ramming fuel tankers in the Antarctic.

    • Kyle Russell

      and save over 900 whales

      • Hiroyuki Masanobu

        Hey Kyle, how do you feel your bunk movement is coming along?

        • Kyle Russell

          What are you on about

          • Hiroyuki Masanobu

            Your irrelevant movement – the one that’s currently in court on contempt charges. How do you feel it is faring generally?

  • AnimuX

    Great to see that Sea Shepherd Australia’s greatest success against Japan’s government funded whale poaching operation will finally be shown to viewers on Animal Planet.

    The whalers were sent back to Japan with the lowest catch total since they started pretending to kill whales for science back in the 1980s. Thus proving the effectiveness of direct action against even a giant example of bureaucratic corruption and misuse of taxpayer money like Japan’s ‘research whaling’.

    Of course, this really should be a full season of Whale Wars with some informative background on Japan’s long history of regulatory violations — even before the existence of Sea Shepherd. Like exceeding quotas, killing undersized whales and protected species, hunting in off limits areas and out of season, and even hiring foreign poachers to kill whales illegally in secret and smuggle the meat to Japan off the books (pirate whaling).

    The producers should explain that Japan also kills whales in the North Pacific and annually slaughters up to 20,000 smaller cetaceans like dolphins annually. Every year, Japan kills endangered fin whales, endangered sei whales, vulnerable sperm whales, rare Bryde’s whales, common minke whales (many from the threatened J-stock), and Antarctic minke whales.

    The show’s creators can also interview experts on Japan’s long history of abuses like Dr. Sidney Holt, marine biologist, formerly an IWC scientific committee member and adviser to the U.N., governments, and environmental NGOs. Not to mention Australia’s outstanding legal team which dragged Japan before the International Court of Justice over this summer for failing to adhere to the ICRW in good faith — specifically by undermining the International Whaling Commission and abusing Article VIII of the ICRW as an excuse to continue killing whales during a moratorium on whaling.

    There is so much more to the story than eco-activists blockading whale poachers from a whale sanctuary while the regulatory authority for whaling repeatedly calls on Japan to stop killing whales.

  • The ONLY really good show, Whale Wars, is now down to a 2 hour special, and you show all of these other animal murder shows now? We no longer watch Animal Planet… BOOOOO

  • Heather Spong

    I would like to wish the Sea Shepherd all the be for the season ahead. I thank the camera crew for them showing the truth on what happened down south. As a mother of a crew member I wish you all well and a safe and successful return in March.

    • Ramtane Lamamra

      Heather, you have a child who has taken up the cause of piracy?

      Why did you not raise your child properly so that he/she might appreciate the differences between right and wrong, violent and non-violent, legal and illegal?

      How would you feel if it was your child on the receiving end of those bottles of acid?

      • Mark

        For starters, the “acid” is rotten butter. Not dangerous. Unlike the stun grenades the whaler’s security guards throw.
        Secondly, are you so naïve that you think legal is always moral and illegal is always immoral? Are you at all familiar with what went down during the civil rights movement? There was lots of so-called “illegal” activity by oppressed African Americans during the time and a lot of it was morally justified. Taking the global financial meltdown as another example, virtually all of the actions taken by bankers which caused the collapse were legal!
        The Japanese government is using it’s political clout to get their way on this issue. Sea Shepherd is taking action on what it believes is a morally indefensible act (whaling in the sanctuary) that many including myself support, because there has been absolutely no political will to confront the Japanese government (Australia’s recent action aside).
        We need more people to confront injustice, not less. Heather, you raised your child well.

        • Karl Malloy

          It’s butyric acid, as Sea Shepherd has noted many times. Here are some quotes from chemical safety data sheets on butyric acid:

          “Danger! Corrosive. Causes eye and skin burns. May cause severe respiratory tract irritation with possible burns. May cause severe digestive tract irritation with possible burns. Combustible liquid and vapor. May be harmful if swallowed. Harmful if absorbed through the skin.”

          “Very hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of ingestion. Hazardous in case of eye contact (irritant), of inhalation.”

          “Skin contact may produce burns. Inhalation of the spray mist may produce severe irritation of respiratory tract, characterized by coughing, choking, or shortness of breath.”

          “The substance is toxic to lungs, the nervous system, mucous membranes. Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage.”

          The safety score for this chemical is 3-2-0. 3/4 for health risk per text above. 2/4 for flammability (it can blow up if ignited). 0/4 for reactivity (no dangerous chemical reactivity).

          So… it’s immoral for Syria to use chemical weapons, but it’s OK for Sea Shepherd to do so?

        • Pávido Návido

          Maybe Ramtane is blind, and he didn’t know until now that he’s black. He must be traumatized with all those things about civil rights. 🙂

          • Karl Malloy

            Racism will get you everywhere, thanks for your contribution to centuries of awfulness. It makes your position on the other issues so much stronger that you choose to be a racist.

          • Pávido Návido

            He’s black and some people fought for his rights breaking the law. This is a fact. The only ones full of hatred and awfulness are you, the far-rightists.

          • Karl Malloy

            In which country was that, Sergi, because you seem awfully certain that you know what happened in Mr. Lamamra’s country’s past, while I’d bet you don’t even know his country? And please do note that he explicitly calls out violent vs. non-violent. Non-violence was a core principle of the American civil rights movement, and given the success of that effort over the years, shouldn’t Sea Shepherd agree to conduct itself non-violently as well? Courts in the US consistently found in favor of American civil rights efforts over the years, and they are consistently finding against Sea Shepherd. Just this week an Australian court denied Sea Shepherd’s request to be considered a non-profit. Donations to fight this battle in the South Pacific are not even tax deductible!!!!

    • Nunya Bizzness

      Heather, please ignore idiots like Ramtane Lamamra. You’ve raised your son well, my dear! XOXO 🙂

      • Karl Malloy

        Raised him to be taken in by a confidence man who couldn’t get along with Greenpeace so he started his own violent vigilante cult. Plenty of people like Pete Bethune have had their eyes opened to the true nature of the cult – see the story linked to on this very page “Sea Shepherd treated me like a used condom”. Read up a bit Heather so you’re informed to give your child advice.

        • Nunya Bizzness

          I bet you’re loads of fun at a party.

          • Karl Malloy

            If you can’t speak to the issues, try to win by attacking the person. That usually makes you look really good in the argument and sways people over to your side. I guess it makes you uncomfortable that Sea Shepherd has made so many enemies FROM WITHIN for so long. I wonder if Heather would enjoy knowing that Australia rejected today a bid from Sea Shepherd to be a non-profit charity? Oh, yes, you didn’t know – you can’t actually donate tax-free to the efforts going on in the southern Pacific. Sea Shepherd Australia lost its tax-free status, and Sea Shepherd US already can’t be involved in the effort under court orders – and may very well be next on the list to have its nonprofit status stripped. Party on!

          • Nunya Bizzness

            You’re so cool.

          • Nunya Bizzness

            Actually, cool guy, I wasn’t talking to you in the first place so I don’t feel the need to explain anything to you.

          • Karl Malloy

            Nunya, I love ya but don’t kid a kidder.
            “Nunya Bizzness -> Karl Malloy” is the post I replied to.

          • yaya

            loser. same kind of guy that thinks the world should have just “asked” hitler to stop what he was doing. lol

          • Karl Malloy

            Yes, it’s a fair comparison to equate the murderer of six million Jews, and a man who started a war that killed 20 million people to the hunting of 900 non-endangered minke whales per year, which at least half of the world considers legal. Well done, you are not at all disgusting to anyone with a soul.

  • mrtrent

    So a two hour infomercial then? This year’s footage was shot by Sea Shepherd’s production crew, rather than Animal Planet.

  • jmm

    Apparently it’s not against the law to have an IQ of less than 70 or all of these guys would be locked up. It should be against the law to threaten the lives of humans by blindly making life threatening decisions to save an animal that would eat them in a second if they had the chance! I’m not exactly anti-animal (I won’t even swat a fly), but I am disturbed by the mental incapacity of most of the people that support this.

  • AMP2020

    It would be nice to find out why the entire season is only 2 hours… 1.5 with commercials… Ugh.

  • dkajut

    The Japanese should have disabled the Sea Shepard ships. These Sea Shepard people are nothing but ecological terrorists. Shame on the network for trying to make them up to be heroes. One day, the Japanese will sink the Bob Barker, and part of the blame will lay with this network. I do not understand how the Captain of the Bob Barker can retain his license.

  • I just hope this 2 hour special is available on itunes, as I rarely watch any TV and will 100% miss this, especially as I’m in Malaysia

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