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Ricky Gervais Renames Hunters as 'C*nters'

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Get a sheet of paper and a pen because actor, Ricky Gervais has a vocabulary lesson for you today via Twitter:

“New Word..C*nting; verb. The act of cowardly hunting. ie Hiding behind a bush with a rifle when the animal has no gun and can’t get to you.”

To further clarify the word’s definition, refer to Gervais’s other tweet:

“Sport is fair. If hunting was a sport the animal would have a gun too. If it doesn’t you can’t call yourself a sportsman. Just a c*nt.”

A c*nting c*nt, specifically.

Any questions for Mr. Gervais? What do you think of his new word? (And remember, he’s English. The word is used more frequently on that side of the pond.)

Photo credit: Ricky Gervais / Facebook.com

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  • WickedCats

    Sounds pretty good to me.

  • Jody

    Love his new term. As a vegan I agree with him completely.

  • Maleficent

    Love him! He is never afraid to call it like it is – and that is a rare quality in a celebrity, whose reputation is on the line.

  • akamat

    I like Ricky but I do not like his choice of words to describe something as despicable as hunting. Cunt is a derogatory term for a Vagina. Vaginas are life giving and strong so it doesn’t fit. I’m surprised that Ricky being such an animal lover would not be a friend to a Vagina. show some goddamn respect. your road into this life started though a Vagina. Find a better name one that fits. Asshole comes to mind.

    • raindancer

      vaginas can not exist without assholes.. no offense ; but any namecalling involving body parts is misanthropic for the same reason “cunt”/douch/dick” etc are sexist.. peace

  • Scott Nathan

    What a hypocrite. Paying someone to do his killing for him then judging outdoorsmen. Hunting is the single LEAST cruel way man can eat animal protein. Those animals lives have meaning. A chicken shot up with growth hormones and antibiotics that’s born & dies in the same cage? Now THAT’S cruel. He thinks it’s not sporting? Try outsmarting an animal in it’s own backyard. He will come home empty handed for YEARS without experience. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.

    • louisehaig

      There is no need for hunting to take place at all unless you live in a place with no bloody shops/markets and you have to rely on hunting to live. idiots like Michelle bachman and co who hunt for ‘sport’ are who he is referring to. People like her are just pond scum….

      • Disgustedwithidiots

        Right, because that meat at the shop/market was so much more humanely raised. Not all people hunt for sport. I do it because I don’t want to buy mistreated electrocuted meat at the market.
        And meat eaters will always exist…ALWAYS.

      • RUKidding

        Little food for thought, this is where your “Market” meat comes from. http://youtu.be/6g4fBc_ofY8

    • Dingosbaby

      Is trapping humane? Letting an animal suffer until you walk up and club it or shoot it? In Wisconsin, we have the lovely wolf hunt — that is merely for sport — and the hunters post sadistic pictures of the poor animal. Most are caught in steel leghold traps – is that humane? They also sprinkle Xylitol on food piles to kill wolves — really manly and heroic. Sorry but people who trap/hunt for sport (aka fun) are C!@#S and that is a word I hate but I word I’ll use for trophy hunting, blood thirsty thrill killers. Sorry – but hunting is the equivalent of walking into my family room and shooting me as I’m minding my own business in my home. Cowards. Trapping is hardly outsmarting an animal. Sitting in a treestand waiting for a deer to walk by – hardly outsmarting an animal.

  • Joe Morgan

    It’s all good… Hunt rhymes with cunt…

  • Samuel Henderson

    Well im a vegetarian, and completly disagree with him. Wildlife needs management to preserve some habitats, especially with the species that are not native to countries. If swarms of rabbits invaded football pitches or golf courses im sure alot of people may change there views to management.
    Alot of the deers that are shot this way, may end up on your plate, from a “waitrose” venison, the management is not much the same as animal farming, cows, pigs, chickens are slaughtered everday to feed people, why is it different to shoot rabbits, deers, foxes etc to protect a forest/farmland A.K.A your income?

  • LAbradford

    That word just about sums them up!

  • Sercout

    What is really sad is the bobble that some of you leave in will burst at some point and the truth is, you are the ones carrying the needle. Humans spend most of there existence to become top predator and that will not change sorry.

  • Amy ‘Dessain’ Scavezze

    Regardless on his opinion on hunting for sport, shame on him for hiding behind an opinion to use such a worthless and derogatory word. I could think of a word to describe how I think of him…. but then I’d be stooping to his level. So I think I’ll just choose to disagree and hope I never have to meet this person.

  • Tracy

    I have never understood how in the eyes of our society people that kill other people are nuts, yet people that kill animals are somehow not? There is something wrong with anyone that likes to kill anything. Hunters are just as psycho as people that kill people.

  • Troy

    Interesting to read all this hate and disrespect from people
    that consider themselves on the liberal left; Tracy gives us some indication what
    kind of person we are dealing with. I
    imagine it’s the same as arguing Evolution with an Born Again Christian. We are talking about a matter of belief:
    Animal Rights dressed up as environmentalism.
    Incidentally, the particular venom unleashed by these “Animal Lovers” is
    every bit as nasty as that of any rightwing demagogue. How is it that we all cringe when Rush Limbaugh
    makes despairingly remarks about Sandra Fluke’s birth control but when Ricky Gervais
    calls a female trophy-hunter the “C word”, it’s all good?

    It seems ignorance, intolerance, and hypocrisy is not only a
    trademark of religious fundamentalists and their rightwing conservative overlords;
    it is also well and alive among the politically correct urban elite. Comfortable in a lifestyle that would have
    been impossible before that age of Oil, Nature has to Homo urbanensis become a Theme
    Park. Much like a display in a Natural History Museum, you can look, but you
    had better not touch anything, and absolutely no killing.

    The concept of animal sacrifice has been around since
    the dawn of time; but rather than intentionally killing an animal, I’m afraid
    we are talking about a mentality more willing to forfeit someone else’s rights.
    You see the poor unfortunate creatures
    run over and inadvertently killed as these people travel to work interest them
    not. Neither does the huge carbon footprint
    or extensive environmental impacts associated by conventional African ecotourism,
    all they care about is their belief that hunting is immoral. As such, you can try to point out that wildlife
    on private lands in Southern Africa thrived because trophy hunting and that the
    same used to be true for Kenya,
    before they outlawed it, but this FACT will mean nothing to a closed mind.

    • shutyourcunt

      closed mind? why don’t you try closing your legs. And your argument is all over the place and nearly impossible to follow. You must be doing meth.

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