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Sam Simon in Taiji to Expose Dolphin Slaughter

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American writer, producer, and director, Sam Simon is now an honorary Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian for “Operation Infinite Patience,” and has travelled to Japan to document the final week of the bloody and massive dolphin drive hunt, in Taiji’s Cove. Accompanying Simon to Taiji, are actresses Alexandria Paul, and Missy Hargraves.

Simon’s goal is to raise awareness about the slaughters that take place in this region every year. “As a member of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian team on the ground, Simon will remain in Taiji for three days to witness and document the inhumane capture and slaughter of entire pods of wild dolphins,” Sea Shepherd explains. “He will also tour Taiji, participate in live streams, conduct interviews and otherwise use his voice of compassion to shine a spotlight on the crimes of nature being committed against these intelligent mammals who have never shown anything but kindness to humans.”

Simon and the actresses are in Taiji to document the brutal dolphin hunt, so that the atrocities will not go unnoticed by the rest of the world. “We are honored to welcome dear Sea Shepherd friend, Sam Simon, to Japan to witness the end of Taiji’s 2013-2014 dolphin drive hunt season,” Cove Guardian leader Melissa Sehgal said. “He is a powerful and dedicated voice for animals everywhere and we know his presence will help us spotlight the extreme inhumanity of these hunts and killings.”

From on the ground, Simon tweeted:

While in Japan, Simon hopes to visit “Shoujo,”  – “the Japanese name for “Bambi”” –  the baby albino dolphin, whose mother was either slaughtered for her meat, or died from the stress of the capture. Shoujo is presently being held captive in a filthy tank at the Taiji Whale Museum, and is waiting to be sold to the aquarium that is willing to pay her enormous price tag. Sea Shepherd estimates that the killers could get as high as “$500,000 USD” for her.

Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians are eager to see this years dolphin slaughter come to an end. The annual hunt in Taiji begins September 1st and usually continues to March 1st of the following year. They estimate that this season alone there have been “1,365 – 1,463 dolphins driven into the Cove. Of those driven in, an estimated 800+ have been killed, 164 have been taken captive, and there have been 12 known incidental deaths. Last year, Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians estimate approximately 1,486 were driven in, 899 were killed, and 247 were taken captive, and there were 15 known incidental deaths.”

Thanks to the continuous efforts of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s, “Operation Infinite Patience,” the barbaric capture, and slaughter of dolphins in the bloodied waters of the Taiji Cove, is exposed to the world every year, through the media. It is time for people everywhere to pay attention, raise their voices, and demand an end to the suffering of one of the earth’s most gentlest and intelligent creatures. There are many reports of dolphins saving humans. Is it not time that we return the favour, and save them?

Photo Credit: Sam Simon / Twitter

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  • Alyson_Fernandez

    Even during his life threatening cancer illness, Sam Simon made the long trek to Taiji, Japan. Sam Simon shows his overwhelming compassion, drive & wish to see the slaughter end forever. If we could only clone Sam Simon, We need thousands with his giant heart, Morals, Ethics, drive, dedication & ambition to speak for the suffering voiceless. Sadly, there is and will only be one Sam Simon, but millions will follow in his footsteps forever. <3 Respect & Love to Sam Simon

  • – ric

    A prince of a man!

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