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David Carter of Oakland Raiders Goes Plant-Strong

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David Carter, defensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders and a powerlifter, is a perfect example of the term “plant-strong.” This fierce athlete recently went vegan.

Carter was familiar with the benefits of a plant-based diet, mostly learning from his vegetarian wife, but he assumed he couldn’t be vegan and keep his weight for football. An eye-opening documentary changed that assumption, though.

“One night my wife and I were watching Forks Over Knives and I realized that all the effort I was putting in to get big and strong for football was actually killing me,” Carter said. “After being vegan for only two months I can honestly say that being vegan is not the only most efficient way to be full body strong, it’s also the most humane; everyone wins.” In just two months, Carter has seen some small, lingering injuries heal after many years, including tendinitis, arthritis, nerve damage, and muscle fatigue.

When asked by PlantBuilt.com what drives him to compete, Carter answered, “At first it was just my love for football, but now that I have made the lifestyle change of becoming vegan I feel like I am fighting for a better world. I play the biggest baddest positions in one of the biggest baddest sports in the country. I feel that a successful vegan 300 pound defensive lineman will make people think twice, and begin to create some important discussions.”

Going vegan has clearly changed Carter from the inside out. Injuries have healed, his recovery time has improved, and his endurance has gone up. He has a new website coming soon, called The300PoundVegan.com. Making all these changes for the benefit of his health, the environment, and for animals has Carter also feeling gratified. When asked what he’s most proud of today, he replied, “Having the balls to be completely vegan.”

Photo credit: PlantBuilt.com

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  • Natalie Lenka

    I’ll take this guy over Michael Vick any day! Good job!

  • Awesome!

  • moconnor_yup_me

    Thanks Dave Carter!! It always amazes me when meatheads say a vegan cannot get enough protein. The mighty rhinoceros and gorilla seem to be pretty strong vegans. As are horses, cows and even the largest dinosaur… Apatosaurus.
    I wish we could convert all meatheads.

  • UC-VEG

    David: Best of luck to you, brother. No doubt it’s gonna be an uphill battle in a circumstance like yours, but you’re helping pave the way for our athletes of the future (and for all humanity). Having played college ball, I have some inkling (be it a small inkling) of what you’re up against. I wish you all the strength, compassion and courage to persevere!

    You’re definitely my new favorite football player since Ricky Williams retired.

    God bless 🙂

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