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Farm sanctuaryFarm sanctuary

A Gosling and a Goat Become Best Friends

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Ryan Gosling has an unlikely new companion who everyone should know about. The way they met, and the unlikely friendship that developed will melt anyone’s heart.

Okay, so this Ryan is really a “gosling,” and his companion is an orphaned baby goat named Hemingway. Like many strange animal friendships, these two may not share the same species, but they do share one heck of a bond.

This spring, staff at Farm Sanctuary’s Northern California Shelter discovered a forsaken six-week-old baby goat at their front gate, which had been dropped off by an anonymous rescuer. The little ‘kid’ was malnourished and infested with fleas. Weak and in poor health, it was obvious that he had been neglected at his previous home.

According to Farm Sanctuary, “Hemingway is a Saanen, a breed that is popular for use in dairy production, so it’s possible that his rescuer saved him from a stockyard. Sick, injured, and dying baby animals are frequently found at such auction facilities, where farmers try to make a few extra dollars by selling livestock they’ve deemed useless or unfit for production: the weak, the exhausted, the sickly, and the unwanted offspring of dairy cows and goats. These languishing animals receive no treatment or aid. The ones who are sold are doomed to slaughter at a young age.”

The staff at the Farm Sanctuary nursed Hemingway back to health, but the poor baby goat craved more than food. The little fellow desperately needed affection and companionship, and would cry if he was left alone.

Almost as if it was written in the stars, Farm Sanctuary had also welcomed Ryan this spring to the sanctuary. The timid gosling was brought to the sanctuary after he was dropped off at a shelter in Los Angeles. Staff reported that “the young bird had unusually large, bowed joints, which are likely the result of a congenital condition. He has some trouble moving around but he’s becoming more active, and we look forward to him leading a busy life, full of all the things geese love to do.” Ryan was very friendly with everyone, but he too was afraid to be alone.

Because Hemingway was still too small and weak to join the goat herd on the farm, and Ryan was not yet ready to become part of their duck and goose flock, they were both deprived of friendship, and were feeling very lonely.

Although the idea was a bit unorthodox, the sanctuary decided to try moving the two in together. It was not long before Ryan and Hemingway became best friends, providing one another with the kind of security each young animal craved. Hemingway no longer cries because he is lonely, and Ryan is no longer anxious. Apparently, the two have become a pair of very content babies. Ryan and Hemingway do not care if they look, or sound different from one another. They accepted each other as friends, and are happy that they have someone to console them when they are lonely or scared.

Farm Sanctuary wrote about their wonderful bond: “Through one another, Hemingway and Ryan are experiencing friendship, safety, and peace for the very first time.” The pair will live out their lives at the sanctuary where they will be treated with the kindness and respect they deserve.

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