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deer at the zoodeer at the zoo

Zoo Shoots Animals, Feeds Them to Guests at Restaurants

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We probably didn’t need another reason to dislike zoos, but one in Zurich is giving us the sentiment anyway.

A wild animal park in Switzerland is killing deer and boars and serving them as entrees at the zoo’s restaurants.

“Is this not an April Fool’s joke?” asked Suzanne M., a visitor at the Langenberg wildlife park in Langnau am Albis. “I can hardly believe it, this surprised me very much.”

Animal rights activists were also baffled by the news, but the spokesman for the park, Martin Kilchenmann, confirmed that “guests of the Langenberg and Sihl restaurants can consume wildlife and livestock meat from the park’s animals.”

The reasoning behind it is that over the course of a year 100 new animals are born at the zoo and there’s not enough space for everyone so some of them must be killed. If it’s a bison or horse that is euthanized, the park follows the horrid example of the zoo in Denmark and feeds it to other animals like lynx and wolves. The deer and boar become “deer cutlet” and “braised wild boar roast” on the restaurants’ menus.

But not to worry, Kilchenmann added that the meat is “very ecological” and shows visitors the animals’ “natural cycle” so that “the consumer understands the way from animal to meat on the plate.”

This “ecological” process involves shooting 49 deer and 10 wild boar just in 2012. Now animal lovers are trying to get the word out so visitors can stop supporting the zoo and its terrible practices.

“It appears that the general public and visitors to the zoo are having the same reaction as World Animal Protection: we are appalled,” said Neil D’Cruze from World Animal Protection.“People go to zoos because they love animals and they want to see them and to know that they are part of an active conservation program, and they are actually helping to protect wild animals in the world. I’m sure if they are aware that the animals actually ended up on their plates at lunchtime, then they’ll vote with their feet and won’t go to the zoo.”

Perhaps the most disturbing part of all this is that killing the zoo animals and serving them is a completely legal practice.

“It is allowed by general law to kill zoo animals such as deer or pigs and deliver the meat obtained in this way to restaurants,” said Andreas Rüttiman, of the Foundation for the Animal in the Law. “There is in my opinion no reason why the slaughter of zoo animals should be reprehensible in ethical terms as the slaughter of pigs, cattle or other so-called farm animals.”

Uhm, we disagree.

#GoVeg #BoycottTheZoo

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  • ACH369

    “It shows visitors the animals’ ‘natural cycle’…what’s natural about killing the animals???

  • Kay Warner

    Well they have a point of over population. If they are slaughtered humanely, it is natural for other animals to be consumed in the wild. At least they didn’t set them loose in a lion’s cage to be killed. Hopefully they do tell patrons what is being served. I don’t eat meat simply because of the cruel insensitive way they slaughter them.

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