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A new study shows that calcium does not prevent osteoporosis or bone fracture; in fact, a diet high in dairy intake does a body wrong.A new study shows that calcium does not prevent osteoporosis or bone fracture; in fact, a diet high in dairy intake does a body wrong.

Study Links Milk to Higher Mortality and Bone Fracture Rates

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Got milk? Too bad because the latest research shows that drinking dairy can increase chances of bone fractures and mortality.

A study published in the British Medical Journal followed 100,000 people in Sweden for 20 to 30 years and found that those who drank three glasses of milk daily were more likely to die of heart disease and cancer. For the women, milk drinkers had a significant better chance of suffering a hip fracture.

“This news should not come as a shock to anyone outside of the dairy industry’s advertising department,” commented Dr. Neal Barnard from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine on the organization’s website citing another study from 2012 that showed that girls who drank milk weren’t any less likely to suffer bone fractures than those who didn’t. “For strong, healthy bones, it’s important to have enough calcium and vitamin D. However, animal products tend to leech calcium from bones, yet plant foods do not have this effect.”

The Swedish study blamed milk’s negative features on a type of sugar called galactose, which is present in big quantities in milk. Yogurt and cheese have less of that type of sugar, which supposedly mollifies the dairy products’ impact on the body.

According to Barnard, however, a better choice to get the 1,000 mg of suggested daily calcium allowance would be spinach (with 245 mg in a single cup), collard greens (268 mg in a cup) or fortified orange juice or tofu.

And with Dunkin’ Donuts adding almond milk to its menu, who needs any more reason to ditch the dairy?

Via Forbes

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  • Deborrah Cooper

    Duh. There was a lawsuit back in the 1990s by citizens against the California Milk Advisory Board. They had an ad series that said “MILK IS GOOD FOR EVERY BODY.” Oh man, they quickly had to take that ad down because that stuff is disgusting.

  • Karl Malloy

    The study also showed a huge benefit for eating cheese and yogurt. As in up to 40% less mortality during the study.

    Study also had some serious flaws, especially since it wasn’t a controlled study. They couldn’t randomize people into milk-drinking and not milk drinking, they just did a cohort study based on what people already were eating/drinking, so heavy milk intake is correlated with other things. For example, the heavier milk drinking groups also had up to 33% more calories per day overall. And while they state that they tested sensitivity of other covariates, they specifically did not mention that one… so that blows up the study, to me. You can’t state that milk is clearly the cause of the higher cardiovascular disease and mortaility rates for people who are also eating a bunch more food in general.

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