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Vegan environmentalist Suzy Amis-Cameron discusses why she and husband James Cameron (of Titanic and Avatar fame) maintain a vegan diet.Vegan environmentalist Suzy Amis-Cameron discusses why she and husband James Cameron (of Titanic and Avatar fame) maintain a vegan diet.

Suzy Amis Cameron to Design Vegan Clothing, Shoe Line

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As award season 2015 rapidly approaches, Suzy Amis Cameron is working on a vegan shoe line and clothing collection that will make the red carpet more environmentally friendly.

James Cameron’s wife, philanthropist and former actress Amis Cameron started her mission of greenifying the red carpet in 2009 when she co-founded Red Carpet Green Dress. The competition had designers making a sustainable dress for the biggest night of the movie industry: the Oscars. Now, Amis Cameron is taking Red Carpet Green Dress to the next level, partnering with different companies to make a range of affordable formal sustainable dresses and completely vegan shoes. She is also designing a line of sustainable casualwear.

“Red Carpet Green Dress really isn’t just about a beautiful dress,” says Amis Cameron. “It’s nice to have a pretty sustainable dress on the red carpet at the Oscars, but we all need clothes every single day. So we are looking at creating a line of clothes that is sustainable and that is in a price range for people to be able to afford because it’s so difficult to find them.”

The line will be available online while the animal products-free shoes will be a collaboration with Beyond Skin, an English vegan shoe retailer. And all of the ventures will benefit Cameron’s sustainable and vegan school, MUSE in California, which she plans to expand, opening new campuses around America and internationally.

“It is slow because people have a hard time changing,” she explains of how only a few celebrities like Anna Hathaway and Natalie Portman have jumped on the green fashion bandwagon and promoted sustainable designs at award shows. “People get paralysed. They think it might be too expensive or that it’s going to take too much effort. And frankly they just don’t even know the first step to take.”

Cameron is hoping her new forays into fashion will help people get started living in a more eco-friendly manner. She joins the likes of Stella McCartney, John Bartlett and Vaute Couture who already create very popular designs completely cruelty-free.

“I think it just comes out of one of those ‘a-ha’ moments that we need to do something. We need to make a difference.”

Via The Guardian

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  • Cameron

    I am glad to hear this. However, Jill Milan has been making vegan, and fair trade handbags for the red carpet for years. Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Poehler, Carrie Underwood, Anne Hathaway, and Miranda Lambert are just a few of the celebrities who have carried them. The bags have to been to the Emmys, Golden Globes, as well as major movie premieres such as “Django Unchained.”

  • Van Alicia Tran

    Great news! Good to see collaborating with another vegan label from the UK. Do check out Bourgeois Boheme http://www.bboheme.com for other great vegan shoes.

  • Shelley Petlansky Watkins

    Suzy and her husband, James Cameron, have already created the first all-vegan school! I’m looking forward to her line of clothing and shoes! It’s so unnecessary for animals to be killed for unhealthy food, clothing and shoes.

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