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A strict vegetarian diet might be good for the earth and animals, but a new study suggests it might be harmful to your mental health.A strict vegetarian diet might be good for the earth and animals, but a new study suggests it might be harmful to your mental health.

USC Study Says Vegan Diet Helps Most with Weight Loss

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A recent study at the University of South Carolina shows that people lose more weight while on a plant-based diet — as if we needed another reason to go vegan.

Researchers wanted to study which kind of diet was best for losing weight, and it turns that a strict vegan diet — cutting all animal products, including eggs and dairy — is most effective for weight loss. In fact, a completely plant-based diet proved even vegetarian diets don’t quite cut it, either.

Overweight adults were assigned different diets over the course of six months. Diets varied from vegan, to vegetarian, where you cut out only animal meat, and two other forms of vegetarianism; one that eats no meat except seafood, and one that will occasionally eat meat. Another group could eat whatever they wanted.

All participants had the same access to support groups, diet education and healthy recipes. Overall, the ones on the vegan diet lost the most weight by an average of 4.3 percent, or 16.5 pounds.

Other than weight loss, another plus side to embracing a vegan diet (besides environmental and humane reasons) are the carbs, which might be a good thing for our carb-phobic society (yes, you can lose weight while eating pasta!).

We’re happy to have a study validate a vegan as healthy and sustainable — something we’ve known for a while, as well as countless celebrities.

Via The State

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  • James M. Bryant

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  • Rebecca Candler

    Best diet is one you stick too FACT!! Im doing the ethosien diet and its almost exclusively veggy , ive dropped 34 lbs in about 4 months. Apart from the weight loss my skin iss better and im sleeping way better. Thinking i could go full veggy, not vegan tho its a step to far for me

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