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Cher took to her Twitter to denounce NJ Governor Chris Christie for rejecting a bill that would have banned the use of gestation crates for pregnant pigsCher took to her Twitter to denounce NJ Governor Chris Christie for rejecting a bill that would have banned the use of gestation crates for pregnant pigs

Cher Lashes Out Against Chris Christie on Gestation Crates

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You can count Cher as one of those who’s hopping mad with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s recent veto on gestation crates.

The pop icon took to her Twitter to denounce Christie for rejecting a bill that would have banned the use of gestation crates for pregnant pigs, and in true Cher fashion, she didn’t hold back.

IOWA FARMERS,WHY MUST U TORTURE [PREGNANT] PIGS? U PUT THEM IN CRATES & LOCK EM DOWN SO THEY CANT MOVE! C. CHRISTIE,UR DESPICABLE BULLY 4GET POTUS,” one tweet read alluding to what Bill Maher had suggested in an October New York Times opinion piece: that Christie would veto the bill so he could win votes in Iowa for a possible Presidential run. 

“Would give anything 2C The Owners of this Company dragged 2 THEIR Pig Torture Chambers & LOCKED INSIDE. ITS SUCH A GOOD THING IM NOT YOUNG,” another tweet read from Cher. 

Gestation crates carry pregnant sows for their entire lives until they are taken to the slaughterhouse. The crates are no larger than their body size, which immobilizes from lying down or turning around. Nine U.S. states have already banned the practice of them, and a slew of celebrities, including Edie Falco and Danny DeVito, as well as 93 per cent of New Jersey, were hoping the Garden State would join them.

Unfortunately, it looks like politics probably were a factor and Christie vetoed the bill as he did back in 2013.

This week Joaquin Phoenix said in a video blasting pig torture that the simplest way to end animal cruelty is to simply stop eating them.


Photo: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

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  • Thank God for people like you Cher and you Joaquin!!!

    This issue has been on my mind forever but now there is someone that realizes the hell these poor intelligent animal go through all around the world and is using his fame to lever this issue in the public eye. NJ governor Chris Christie recently refused to sign bill S998 to outlaw gestation crates in his state for obvious political reasons…coward. The fact that there are real women and men left like you who care, gives me hope!

    Animals deserve dignity and to be left alone!

    Calling all humans: To evolve to a more noble level and stop the abuse of animals!!

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