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bowdie played nana in peter pan livebowdie played nana in peter pan live

A Rescue Dog Played Nana on NBC’s Peter Pan Live

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Last week, NBC showed a live broadcast of Peter Pan that drew in solid ratings but the real star of the show wasn’t Allison Williams as Peter Pan or even Christopher Walken as Captain Hook. It was a rescue dog named Bowdie playing the Darlings’ dog, Nana.

The two-year-old poodle mix was the first real dog to be used in a Peter Pan production ever and stole the show performing every action on cue, barking, moving and even helping to tuck the kids in at bedtime at the exact right times.

“He knows the cue within the line and he does it over and over again pretty consistently,” said Kelly O’Hara who played Mrs. Darling and tried to spend a little bit of time with her furry co-star every day on set.

While animals used for entertainment can be a tricky subject, Bowdie’s story is a good one because it involves animal trainer William Berloni.

Berloni has been rescuing shelter dogs and other animals for 35 years and carefully training them to become super stars like Bowdie. He trained the dogs used in the upcoming ‘Annie’ movie and the currently on tour Broadway musical for the same story among many others. He can be seen in action training Bowdie in a video NBC released of the behind the scenes rehearsals with the dog.

“I am seriously in love with Bowdie, who plays Nana in #PeterPanLive,” tweeted Minnie Driver, who played Wendy all grown up in the NBC special, along with a photo of herself next to her co-star.

The love for the four legged actor (that’s right, he even has a headshot) was echoed by the whole cast and the press. If we may share one of the brightest reviews Bowdie received from The Oregon Live:

“Nana, the dog: The furry member of the Darling household was a total pro. Not only did this canine turn down the missing Darling children’s bed — hey, Nana, if you’re looking to make some extra cash, there are hotels that would value your services — but the dog barked on cue. Give this animal an Emmy!”

Via Inquisitr

Photo Credit: Minnie Driver/Twitter

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  • Denise Sarett Connolly

    I enjoyed the show and loved the dog! Back in the 1980’s, my rescue dog, an Old English Sheepdog, Astro, played the part of Sandy when the local HS did the show “Annie”. It’s great when REAL dogs are used and not actors in a dog costume 🙂

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